Weenie Crostini As Made By Alix // Presented by Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs

hi i'm alex from tasty we recently partnered with Oscar Mayer to create a recipe for the ultimate hot dog wedding to serve the ultimate hot dog lovers I just got back from the wedding and I can't wait to share the recipe with you the wedding was a absolute blast I was so excited to just be a part of their love Ali and Colin were an amazing couple they were so silly it was so fun to see how clearly in love they were everyone was loving the hot dog wedding the theme was OnPoint the decorations were unique there was mustard fountains and hotdogs ornaments laser-etched buns with all of our names for place cards the details were incredible so first up we have the caramelized onion and horseradish weenie crostini this one has a little bit of sweetness from the Carmelites onion and that kick from the horseradish for the tomato lovers I think we came up with the perfect recipe we've got a bruschetta weenie crostini kind of refreshing and light we really wanted to craft the recipe to match the newlyweds love of hot dogs but we also wanted to elevate the dish to fit perfectly as an elegant wedding appetizer I grew up eating hot dogs at baseball games and barbecues and birthday parties there's all different types of hot dogs all different kinds of toppings they're all customizable one of the reasons I love cooking so much is the joy that you can bring into people's lives and lastly an herbed ricotta and honey weenie crostini with a little touch of sweetness and that creaminess from the ricotta everyone can agree that the wedding was one of the most memorable weddings I've ever pinned to I mean the ring bearer was the Oscar Mayer weenie Rover how could you just not be happy when you're having this silly hot dog wedding now I want my own hot dog wedding I loved watching people's faces light up when they saw the weenie crostinis and took their first bite I just had the best time at this hotdog wedding it was so amazing to see this beautiful couple come together for the love of so we watched the wedding we cried some tears we ate some good food and then we danced our buns off pun very much intended oh yes


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