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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #146 [CC]

Hi YouTube, it’s Kathy, and this is my
Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for October 13th – 19th. This week, I read 3 books, I watched 2 shows, and I listened to 2 books. First this week I finished
The girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco. This is a book that is a retelling of
the original myth behind movies such as The Ring, although that’s something you
only really come to realize partway through the boo.k This book is narrated
by that spirit, but it takes a while before you come to understand that
that’s what’s going on. The setup of this book is pretty fascinating: there is a
boy and his father who have recently moved because of his father’s job, and
this actually means they’re closer to his mother, who is in a mental health
facility. It turns out that she has tried to kill her son many times. This also
means that they’re closer to the boy’s cousin, who is just 18 but is working as
a teacher’s assistant at the high school he’ll be attending. Essentially, a lot of
weird things happen in this plot but it all came together really, really well.
Trigger warnings for this one include death, mental health issues, child
abduction, exorcism, but if you’re looking for a creepy read narrated by an actual
spirit, pick this one up. Next, for the Disability Readathon, I read Run by
Kody Keplinger. This is about two girls and it’s told in both of their
perspectives – one of them has passed and one of them is current, which I found
fascinating. Both of them lived in this very small town. We have Agnes, who is
legally blind and her parents are very overprotective because of this, and then
we have Bo, a girl who is seen as being from the wrong side of the tracks and
her family is seen as absolute trash and nobody should hang out with them, so of
course Agnes and Beau become friends. At the beginning of this book, we find out
that they are running from the law and we don’t know why. Bo narrates the
current timeline, where they are running away from their small town, and Agnes is
the point-of-view character on the past timeline, figuring out how they became
friends. I really liked this format and how the two stories came together. You
got to learn certain things from each of their perspectives and you only knew
things when you were supposed to know them, which I always love. This also has
queer rep in it because Bo is bisexual, and it’s a friendship between these two
girls. So, don’t go into this looking for a love story because that’s not what
this is. This is a friendship between a straight girl and a queer girl and we
need more stories like that. Last but not least I finished Will My Cat Eat My
Eyeballs? Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death by Caitlin Doughty. This is her third book. I’ve read all of her books. I love her books,
and her YouTube channel, Ask a Mortician, which will obviously link down below.
This is exactly what it says on the tin. These are questions that she has been
asked by very tiny humans, aka children, about death, and then she answers them.
For an added bonus on this one, I actually read at least half of these to
my partner while we were driving up Island and then backed down Island
because, if you saw last week’s episode, I was at my parents house. This is a perk
in dating me: I will read you books while you drive me places. This book answered
some fantastic questions and I absolutely love getting my library to
buy things with titles like this, because I definitely requested they buy it, and
they did, and now there are a bunch of people on the holds list for it, and it
makes me very happy. On to the shows I watched this week. Obviously, some more Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think we’re somewhere in the fourth
season. Again, this is a show that I’m not like following along and being like
“these are the episodes I watched and I want to specifically talk about these”.
This is a fun show that is put on, sometimes in the background, sometimes
we’re actually paying attention to it, and for the most part I like it. Again,
there are still plot lines that include fatphobia that I’m really not here for,
but as a whole I enjoy the show. I also watched the most recent episode of the
39th season of Survivor, and this season is just so interesting. My roommate is
possibly the biggest Survivor fan I’ve ever met in person, and when a season
starts he creates a “boot list,” as in when people are going to be kicked off the
show, and two to three people he said we’re going to be in the final three are
gone. And he’s usually fairly accurate in these things. He doesn’t always predict
the winner, but he always predicts, like, the top five fairly well, so the season
is throwing a lot of wrenches in the works, and it is just so interesting to
watch. Onto the books I listened to, the first one being Grasshopper Jungle by
Andrew Smith. Brody – this is your fault. If you didn’t see the video, Brody and
Adriana and I were talking about queer books and this one just happened to come
up, and was talking about this book with these like giant grasshoppers and what
Brody didn’t mention is the fact that these grasshoppers are actually
unstoppable soldiers, and it’s this whole experiment thing that went wrong from the 60s is now happening in this very small town
in Iowa, and it was a lot of fun. This book was written in a very particular
way and had a lot of repeating sentiments, which I found actually pretty
fun to listen to. This book centres around three characters: Austin is our
main character, Robbie is his queer best friend, and Shan is his girlfriend. A lot of
this is Austin coming to terms with the fact that he’s bisexual. Because not only
does every other thing in this book make him horny, to the point where one of the
repeating sentences is “[blank] and I was horny.” It comes up so often, you guys. So,
so often. Quite often he was picturing having a threesome with his best friend
and his girlfriend, so yes definitely queer, and because it’s small-town Iowa,
there’s definitely some homophobia involved. In fact, near the beginning of
the book, the two of them get beaten up for being queer, which actually starts
this whole chain of events. Also, while I was logging this book in my Goodreads, I
found out that a sequel just came out last month, so you better believe that I
have a hold on it on the library. the book is currently on order and I’m
waiting for it to come in. This book seems like it’s going to be about small
town Iowa life, and it is, but it’s basically the start of the apocalypse.
If you didn’t see the video where Brody mentioned this, I will link it in places for you. And last but not least, I listened to Naturally Tan by Tan France.
This is his autobiography. He is obviously one of the Fab Five on the new
Queer Eye show, which I absolutely love, and cannot wait for the next season to
drop on November 1st. What I’m doing that day: working watching all the
episodes. That’s my plan. I feel like Tan put his whole heart and
soul into writing this book. He told us stories that his family members didn’t
know before the publication of this book, so surprise on all these things he did
when he was a kid, such as when he was 17, he and his friends said that they were
staying over at each other’s houses and went on a trip to New York – more than once. Keep in mind, of course, that Tan is from
the UK, so these were international trips. Obviously, if audiobooks are accessible
to you and your thing, I always suggest reading an autobiography
as an audiobook, because generally it’s narrated by the person who wrote it, and
that’s definitely the case in this one. Also, in this audiobook, there are a
couple of instances where Antoni, who is also on Queer Eye, comes in and talks a
little bit about the audiobook, so there’s a section in the book where Tan
is talking about meeting the Fab Five for the first time, and his first
impressions, and Antoni comes in and talks about what – basically what Tan
wrote about him, and talks to him about that and then at the end there’s a whole
kind of question/answer between the two about what it was like to record the
book, and the reading process, and making the audiobook, and all those types of
things, so those are little bonuses that you don’t get in the physical form of
the book. So again, if you’re choosing between
physical form and audio form, go for audio on this one. That’s it for this week!
If you’ve read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me know about it down in
the comments below. On the way down to the comments, if you hit that Subscribe
button, that would be very nice of you. You can like and share this as you see
fit, and I’ll see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

  • Check out 'Derry Girls' – it's a Netflix show set in catholic part of Northern Ireland in the 90s (I think the idea is that if you're catholic/irish-irish you call the town Derry and if you're protestant/English-irish you call in Londondderry thought that's more of a mouthful). Basically it's the last few years of the Troubles, and violence still runs rampant in the country, 'but for Erin and her friends, an even bigger problem is arising. It's the first day of term'. Its really funny, surprisingly moving in parts, easier to watch with the subtitles the first time round at least, I guarantee you you'll love Sister Michael. It's easy to binge watch as well, they're only 25 mins top per episode.

  • I have Grasshopper Jungle on my list for a sci fi comedy challenge. Sounds like it will fit the bill! I have heard it being criticised for being 'too kooky' – is there such a thing?!

  • I have Grasshopper Jungle here for an embarrassingly long time, I guess I heard some bad things about it or something (or maybe it was the all grasshopper thing bc insects) that I don't even remember anymore. but I'm definitely more interested now!

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