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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #141 [CC]

Hi, YouTube, it’s Kathy, and this is my
Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for October 8th – 14th. This week I read 3 books, I watched 2 shows, I watched 1 movie, and I listened to 1 book. I’m back from BookNet Fest, and while I was away at it, my roommate actually rearranged the
apartment, so this is obviously a little bit different than it’s been before.
I now have a bookcase that’s behind this couch. I still have to move the furniture
around every time I film everything, but I like the setup as a whole. It looks
really good in here. He did a really good job of moving all of my books. None of
them are on the floor anymore, which is really important, so I’m really digging
my new apartment setup, even though, you know, it’s little so, it’s not like you
can move many things many places, but I really like how it’s set up now. Also,
Fall came early in the Pacific Northwest so this is the kind of lighting that we
have to deal with now for the next six months. I should really buy a ring light
but I don’t have that much money so we’ll see how this goes. First book I
finished this week was Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. This is a second in The
Diviner series, and I’m reading it for the Dividers Readalong. I missed the
live show this week, which was really sad, but I really enjoyed reading this book.
Since it is the second in the series, there’s not too much I can talk about in
terms of plot, but what I can say is this continues to be nice and creepy, which is
totally my vibe. I love that more people with powers are being discussed and
brought into the plot, and what that means and what that means for what’s
going on in this specific book. I love that relationships were strengthening
and developing and all of the things. I’m really enjoying this series. I’m really
excited to get into the next one. I really hope that my library has the eaudiobook for it, though, because it took me longer to read it as a ebook because
it’s like 600 pages, and it’s just so much easier if I can just listen to that
narrator do these excellent voices, which I was definitely hearing in my head
while I was reading the ebook, so I still had the voices, but it’s nicer if
somebody can just tell me the story while I’m on the bus to work. The second
book I finished this week was Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill. This was so
precious. I actually made a whole event of reading this book; this was the book I
read in my bathtub on Wednesday, because I read a book in my bathtub every
Wednesday. Then I also had a mermaid themed bath bomb as well as an aqua
themed beer and I just love doing baths where everything kind of fits together. This
book is about a little girl and her father who go to visit her aunt who
lives by the ocean, and there was recently a storm that did a lot of
property damage so they’re there to help clean up the town. It gets magical and
beautiful from there. The art is the cutest thing in the world, and now I have
holds on everything that we have from Katie O’Neill at the library because I
need to read everything else. You might remember that this is one of the books
that Jean sent me when we did a haul swap. I also received the third book in
the mail, finally, and I will input some clips of me unboxing that, that I did on
my Instagram, at the end of this video for those who are curious as to what the
third book was. The final book I read with my eyeballs was The Right Swipe.
This was actually the pick for the Dragons and Tea Book Club, I want to say
last month, but I couldn’t get to it because I couldn’t get it from the
library in time. This is a second-chance romance between an app developer and a
former football player. The thing that I like about romance is it doesn’t try to
pretend that it doesn’t rely on tropes. You can go into it knowing what kind of
romance that’s going to be. You know it’s going to end happily, because that is the
definition of a romance, but what really fills in the plot are the characters, and
what they discuss, and what’s important to them, and I felt that this book had
very solid protagonists. Rhiannon is a workaholic who’s best friend gave her
the seed money for the company after she left a similar company because her boss/ex-boyfriend was harassing her. Because of all that, she has trust issues,
and she was just really wants to succeed so she can prove herself better than that guy. Samson is an ex-football player who walked off the team because he didn’t
like how the league was handling people with sports injuries, specifically
concussion injuries, because his uncle and his father also were football
players and also died fairly young because of their injuries. For me to
really enjoy a romance, I need a lot of character development, I need a lot of
plot, and then I can get into the kind of the smutty stuff. If it’s just
straight-up smut, it’s not something that I particularly enjoy reading, and if
that’s not a reflection of me being demisexual, I don’t know what is. On the
recommendations of my friends who are doing the Latinx Readathon: they
recommended the TV show Pose, so I watched the first four episodes, and I am
really enjoying it. I don’t know why there’s been this resurgence of like
things set in 1989 New York that are queer, but I’m
here for it. Pose is all about the drag ball scene in 1989 New York. The cast is
mostly people of colour, and then when we do have white people show up, I just am
kind of annoyed by them. Those particular characters are just not very good people.
I love the extravagance, the elegance, the rivalries, the talking about
different things to do with body and what is accepted and what isn’t, and
people just wanting to be loved and thinking they have to change to acquire
that. Next, because I’m back in town, we watched a few more episodes of Fear The
Walking Dead. We’re still in the fourth season. I’m still upset about that death
that I talked about the last time I talked about this show. It seems like there’s
been another death that we just didn’t know about until now, although we didn’t
see that person die on screen so I’m still holding on to hope that they’re
not actually dead, because if they are, we’re down to one original character
from the first episode, and that’s weird. But I know there’s at least one other
season after this, and it’ll be interesting to see if it meshes up with
The Walking Dead, because there are crossover characters in this season from
The Walking Dead. The movie I watched this week was IT: Chapter 2, which I
watched on Friday the 13th, because that’s funny. I don’t usually go to the
theatres on Fridays, let alone Friday the 13ths, because I know they’re going to be
packed, but it was actually a lot of fun. I went with a partner. He watched not the
screen for the most of the time, because he’s very jumpy human, but he knows how
horror movies work so he didn’t have to see the scariest of things, and he was
happy about that. This morning, while I was scrolling Twitter, I did see somebody
who was upset that there weren’t certain trigger warnings, so I’m gonna go through
some of them for this. There’s a whole lot of homophobia, both verbal and
physically violent, also trigger warnings for suicide and domestic abuse. I also
believe there were strobe lights at some point, which I know is triggering for
some people. As I previously mentioned, the 1990 version of this movie was my
favourite movie when I was four years old, because I’m weird,
and then I didn’t get around to actually reading the book until about 10 years
ago, and I haven’t revisited since, but it seemed to be a fairly good adaptation of
what the original work was. Unless I completely missed it when I read the
book, they changed the sexuality of one of the characters, which I found
interesting considering they still kept in all of the homophobia, which they
didn’t really need to do. Especially because this is
set 30 years later than it would have been set back when the book was
originally written, I just really didn’t need that amount of homophobia in
something that is set in 2016. I know it still happens, but I didn’t need it. All
that being said, I thought the casting was great. There are a lot of great
one-liners that had the audience laughing, which, I love when you can have an
audience laugh and an audience scream within a very short amount of time. The
way it was shot was also excellent, it had a plot to it, which is not something I can
say for some other horror movies. Yes, elements of the book and therefore the
movie are trash, but as just a horror movie it is an entertaining time and I
had fun going to it in theatre. Onto the book I listened to this week, I listened
to A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult. I actually saw her talking about this book
sometime last year. I won a ticket to the event just very last-minute but
didn’t have a copy of the book, so it was interesting to hear her talk about the
book and then I knew that I would eventually get around to reading it from
the library, which is what I did. This is a book that is very much centered around
abortion especially in the southern United States, and this book is told a
named interesting format, because we started about five o’clock on the day
that this takes place, and then we go back to 4 o’clock, and 3 o’clock, and 2
o’clock. The majority of the book takes place in an abortion clinic where
someone with a gun is keeping people captive. There is a negotiator outside
trying to bring a peaceful resolution, but his daughter is also in the abortion
clinic. Because of the way that this book is formatted, we really get to know every
single one of these characters and all of their motivations for being where
they are, and we see the debate from so many different points of view. In the
author’s note at the end, there’s also a lot of statistics about abortions and
the violence surrounding abortion clinics, and the author knows that this
book isn’t going to bring a resolution to the debate. This debate will probably
always be ongoing. That being said, this book really humanized people on both
sides of the debate. If it seems like subject matter that you can handle, I
highly suggest picking it up. Before I go, I’m just going to insert the Instagram
stories clips of opening the third book that Jean sent me, because I know that
some of you aren’t on Instagram, so I just wanted to talk about it in both
places, because that’s what you guys indicated when I asked what I should do.
So a while back I did a book haul swap with my friend Jean and only two of the
three books had a shown up by the time I put the video out, but the
third book has showed up, so I’m gonna open it now, and see what it is. I think
the only way that I’m gonna make this easy is hold this down with my knee. Okay,
how do people do this? We could do it. We could do it. mmm Aaaaaand…
ooooh! I’m pretty sure that I remember Jean reading this and absolutely loving it,
and then I tried to see if my library had it and it didn’t, so now I’m excited
that I can read it because I now have access to it. Thank you, Jean!
I remember when Jean talked about this book, stopping the
video going to my library website, seeing if they had it, and being bummed that
they didn’t, so I’m very glad that she sent me this copy. That’s it for this
week. If you’ve read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me know about it down
in the comments below. On the way down to the comments, if you hit that
Subscribe button, that would be very nice of you. You can like and share this as
you see fit, and I will see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

  • 4:55 When you've finished this season of the Walking Dead, ever consider watching 'Derry Girls'? There's only 6 eps per season and they're less than 30 minutes each, really funny and really easy to binge watch. Plus it brought the 'Rock the Boat' dance into my life.

  • I just learned you can get free audio books from Amazon on Audible and from google play books. Its so cool. Just type free audiobooks into amazon or googleplay. Also if you have AmazonPrime you can use Prime Reading to read ten free books a month!?! Its so awesome.

  • Hell yes for demisexuals! I feel the same way about romance as you do. Ugh about the homophobic elements in IT chapter 2. I loved the 1990s movie as a kid and teenager. There are homophobic elements in the book but it would have been so much better if they had taken that stuff out for the new movies. I have A Spark of Light on my TBR, I've read and liked a lot of books by Jodi Picoult. I'm glad you liked it!

  • I loved The Diviners and I keep forgetting to grab the next book! Happy to hear you enjoyed it. The trailer looks so creepy for IT2, Im pretty hyped to see it, though Im really just there for the scares lol

  • I have "The Right Swipe" on my TBR! I think we have similar tastes regarding romance, so I'm looking forward to this one. "Pose" sounds amazing.

  • Yay for new set-ups! What sorcery did he do to get all of your books off the floor??

    I have been eyeing my room, thinking about how I can rearrange it, but there isn't really much I can do with what I have. Though I could probably stand to get rid of some stuff, which could make a difference. Who knows?

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