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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #134 [CC] #readingrush

Hi, YouTube, it’s Kathy, and this is my
Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for July 21st – 27th. This week I read 7 books, I watched 3 shows, I watched 1 movie, and I listened to 5 audiobooks, which means this must be the last day of The Reading Rush, and yes, it is. If you’ve been here for a while, you know I have a slight glitch when it
comes to readathons that started on a Monday because my reading weeks start on
Sunday, so I just and those readathons a day early, and that’s what I did. I still
read ten things, so good enough. Let’s start off with a physical book I
finished right before The Reading Rush, and that was The Nowhere Girls by Amy
Reed. I buddy read this with Melanie from meltotheany and we both absolutely
adored it, which came as no surprise because we tend to adore this type of
book. The Nowhere Girls centres around a small town of girls, but within that
small town, it mostly centres around three different girls who are kind of
outcasts in their school. One girl just moved there who has no idea the horrible
thing that happened last year. Another has Asperger’s and likes to keep to
herself, but one friend she can’t shake is the third character, who is a lesbian
and has a large extended Mexican-American family that she has
many obligations towards. It turns out the previous school year a girl accused
three of the boys at their school of raping her and she was basically left
out of town, so this book obviously comes with trigger warnings, and is very much
about rape culture. Something I really appreciated about this book is there
were so many characters and that was used to show a spectrum of different
ways that you could be good, or horrible, or in between. For example, there were
characters trying to do good but they were still messing up in the way that
they were talking about things, and this book seemed very able to open up several
different topics of conversation throughout these people’s lives, because
everybody was so vastly different. You had girls coming to terms with what it
meant for them to be sexual, and whether or not they wanted to be sexual, or were ready
to be sexual. It showed different values and how some values work for some people,
and some work for other people and that’s fine. This book was a fantastic
read; I’m so glad I got to buddy read it with Melanie, and now I need to move on
because this wrap up is going to be so long if I talk about all of the books this
long. First for The Reading Rush, I read Can You Ever Forgive Me? This was a
memoir about a literary forger; it wasn’t particularly well written which is funny
considering it’s about a literary forger. This was my least favorite
thing I read all week. I gave it two stars. I think it suffered from the problem of being way too short and I couldn’t really empathize with the main character/the person who did all of these
forgeries, and this is one of those rare cases where I’m pretty sure that the
movie is going to be better than the book. After that, I read Heavy Vinyl. This
is a graphic novel about these people that work in a record store but then
also something else they do together. I do not want to wreck it for you, but it
is a lot of fun. It’s set in the 90s, there’s tons of musical references, so if that is your
thing, there you go. It’s queer, it’s delightful, the girls kick ass,
what more can I say? Next I finished Artificial Condition by
Martha Wells. This is the second in the Murderbot Diaries, and it’s fantastic.
This is a quartet of novellas, but from my understanding there’s going to be
full-length novels after this, and I am excited because this main character is
really fun. This character really opens up what it means to be human, and letting
people into your life, and also I just love Murderbot because Murderbot just
wants to sit around watching their stories all the time, and can relate.
After that, I read the entirety of Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash in my bathtub. This
is a graphic memoir about her time at summer camp. The story is just smothered
in her learning that she liked girl,s and also Backstreet Boy culture. It’s a true
coming-of-age story and I’ve never seen something quite like it, so I very much
enjoyed it. After that, I read an e-book of The Remaking of Corbin Wale. This was
fantastic. I knew going into this has something to do with a bakery and I was
pretty sure that it was queer, and yeah it was. In the span of about 48 hours, our
main character Alex both loses his job and loses his relationship in New York,
and decides to move back to Ann Arbor where his mom is, and she’s been running
a cafe there for years, that she had started with her husband who died about
10 years previously, and she’s getting a little bit too old for it, so she signs
over the cafe to her son, and he uses it to open his own bakery. On the first day
it opens, this guy comes in and he has this immediate attraction to him. And
he’s the kind of guy that will just sit there all day just drinking coffee. It
turns out that he was a regular at his mom’s cafe, and he has no problem with
him being there because he thinks is cute. However, some people described
Corbin as kind of odd and the town “freak” and I believe that that’s because, even though it doesn’t say explicitly in the pages,
that he’s neurodivergent. This book talks a lot about boundaries and consent, and
there was a scene in it that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other format
where it’s been taken so seriously and, just, with such delight, and that’s a male
masturbation scene. I’ve never seen one depicted that wasn’t like played for a
joke, so that was a delightful surprise. This ended up also being incredibly sexy
and it was my favourite thing I read for The Reading Rush. Speaking of queer
things I read for The Reading Rush, I also read Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up
With Me. This was just kind of meh. The art style was very nice. The story was
just kind of crappy. For example, there wasn’t actually a point in this book
where Laura Dean broke up with the main character; she just kept cheating on her.
And at one point the book even opened up to talk about non monogamy and
how that can be a viable relationship format, That wasn’t really explored
enough for me to give the book that type of credit, and then the ending just
seemed really rushed and I didn’t really have many feels for it. Onto the shows
I watched this week. I said earlier that I watched 3 shows, but I watched
three different seasons of things. That’s why that happened. The first thing is a
few episodes in the second season of GLOW. The first episode we watch was very
serious and I almost wish we could have watched the next episode but we had
other things to do. It was just kind of a downer, not that I’m mad at the show
for being a downer, because it definitely needed to be, and I definitely wanted to
be mad at things after that, and that’s kind of what I want for my media. Then, on
Tuesday, we also finished the 21st season of Survivor we started the 22nd season
of Survivor, and Russell is back. For the love of God, why? This is also the season
that has a guy named Matt who is now an actor in things, such as GLOW, so that’s
weird. I recognized him immediately and after watching GLOW, my roommate actually
turned on an episode of Brooklyn 99 and he was in that, too, so it
was just he’s everywhere in our lives right now. It is so hot in here and I am so sweaty. The movie I watched this week was The Hate U Give, as part of the read and watch a movie adaptation challenge for The Reading Rush. I had
never seen the movie before, although I had read the book before, so listening to
it as an audiobook was a reread. I’m just going to talk about the movie and the
book together, even though they are very different
things. In fact, it was fun to sit down and watch the movie with my friend, who
had already read the books so I wasn’t wrecking anything, and just go “this is
different, and this is different, this is different” because it was so fresh my
mind because I just finished the audiobook. When I read this book in 2017,
it was a 5 star read for me. It’s a 5 star read for me again. The audiobook
narrator is absolutely fantastic, and after we finished the movie, I let my
friend know about how they had to replace the character of Chris after
they had filmed the entire movie, because the actor ended up doing something super
racist, so they had to bring in KJ Apa, and they had to reshoot literally every
scene that had Chris in it. I thought this was a great adaptation. I’m not one
of those people that gets mad when they changed things. Like, they cut a whole
storyline – that is fine. That would have been too much for this film. I think hey
really got the heart of this family that really cared for each other, I think that
they got the really important beats, so obviously I loved my reread and I loved
watching this movie. The audiobook that I finished before The Reading Rush was
Fix Her Up. This is very steamy. Georgie is the baby of her family, and to get
attention in her family she had kind of acted out as the clown, which is what she
actually became as an adult – she is a birthday party clown. Her brother’s best
friend was a professional baseball player but has recently left the league
because of an injury, and is back in town. She has had a crush on him since she hit
puberty and he’s going through a rough time. Eventually this becomes a fake two real relationship, and it is just so good. These people are just so delightfully matched. I loved the chemistry, I loved
all the steamy scenes. I especially loved listening to steamy scenes as an
audiobook while I’m on the bus in public, because nobody can tell that I’m
listening to very filthy things. This also has an adorably cute cover that
doesn’t look like it’s going to have filthy things in it, so it also has that
going for it. So if you like your smut to have a great storyline with solid
characters that you actually care about, this is one to pick up. After listening
to The Hate U Give, I listen to the first three books in the Bunnicula
series. That word is still really difficult for me. I kept saying it wrong
in my vlog and, whatever, it’s just funny. So I listen to Bunnicula,
Howliday Inn, and The Celery Stalks at Midnight. These are all books that are
narrated by a dog. He lives in a family with a dad ,a mom, and two little boys, and
then there’s also Chester, who is a cat, and now Bunnicula, who is a bunny that
Chester is convinced is a vampire, and then by the time we get to The Celery
Stalks at Midnight, we also have Howie as a new addition to their family. What I
liked about these is they’re very inventive, they’re very funny. They draw
on different literary canons, which I really enjoy. Obviously these books are
around 30 years old, so there are things in them that would just not be
appropriate to put in a book today. Like, for example, at one point they were
talking about gypsies and I was like “that’s not what they’re called.” Also, in
the second book, there was this whole, like, man wants to murder his wife plot
line that was just like so awkward for a middle grade book. But all that aside, the
narrator did a really good job of giving all these different characters great
voices and it was just something really fun to listen to.
I also vlogged my week of reading, so if you missed that, I’ll link it above and down
below. Definitely go check it out. I do lots of Walk and Talking, and you don’t
even see my bathroom until the third day, which is just weird. That’s it for this
week. If you’ve read, watched, or listened, to any of these, let me know about it
down in the comments below. On the way down to the comments, have you hit that
Subscribe button that would be very nice of you. You can like and share this as
you see fit and I’ll see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

  • I've just finished The Book Of Speculation, I found it be dark, and sweet just what I needed for a summer read! Also just finished both Persepolis and Persepolis2 they're graphic novels about Marjane a girl from Iran its beautiful, funny, and brutal! Tomorrow I'm reading Circe by Madeline Miller, its about a goddess turning men into pigs!

  • I could listen to you talk about books all day. I love that you’re honest in your explanations of star ratings. So many people are afraid to be honest on popular and/or new titles in fear of becoming part of cancel culture.
    Adore you 🥰

  • Im so happy KJ got the role. The director has said in interviews that he was his first choice but the riverdale filming schedule was in the way. I support all the white roles keneti james can steal from white actors. But i do hope that he is cast in Polynesian , Samoan or birachial roles in the future.

  • I have listened to a great deal of The Hate U Give. It was on my Reading Rush list but I
    still need to finish it. So far I’m giving it five stars too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I liked Honor Girl too. I loved The Hate U Give (the book) but I haven't watched the movie (yet at least, I'm not sure if it's on Dutch Netflix, shall have to check some time). I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Great video! I haven't been commenting on your videos a lot but I am still watching them :).

  • Interesting reading rush picks. I also pick apart movie adaptations and I used to be the kind of person who would let the differences ruin my enjoyment of the adaptation. Sometimes you just have to appreciate each on its own merit.

    I tagged you in my small booktuber tag video. I really like your narration style in your videos.

  • Haha listening to steamy things on the bus 😂 I loved this. Also, I 100% understand what you mean about the heat. Canada in the summer is crazy hot.

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