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Web Premiere:Kurn Hattin Home Music Director Nominated for Grammy | Connecting Point

Kernaghan homes provide the tuition-free
home an education for children in need from throughout New England including many current students and
graduates from the Western Mass area recently their music director Lisa
Bianconi receive the great news that she is one the only 10 finalist for the inaugural creamy
music educator award well she’s here with Connie centers in
the code is active director kern had homes who nominated her and
this is a very exciting time for current hand I’m sure but let’s
go to the very beginning how did this all come about Connie well it’s great to be here thanks for
inviting us among last spring I was just casually chatting with a a woman who helps us in marketing and I
said wouldn’t be creepy if there was a
national award that we could nominate Lisa for because
she’s hutch an amazing music educator and so dare to win by and get this phone
call from Christine our marketing person saying
cast what there is this inaugural a Grammy Award and so that’s how it started so you
didn’t tell each day your nominating her though that was hot right away okay and then Lisa how did you find out
and I receded email from the Grammy
Foundation saying that I was nominated and by
Connie and I had no idea and so I immediately
called her and said what did you do I who is very exciting and at first a tight it was absolutely you know and I love the box idea but
then the award was really well described and in
describe sellin’ has a passion for teaching and described
a lot of what I was doing a kind hand so I thought I was very honored and
humbled to be nominated by on it seemed like it was a great great recognition so I
was very pleased and talk about all the work that lisa
has an I want her to have to prey on ourselves to monitor the person but by
get her a little bit wensleys aprotic on hand at me her the
perfect person for this award I’ll she’s been with us Lisa spin with
Kernaghan for 28 years and a are you pushing 29 hirschmann and I’ve been there twenty six years
since I’ve known Lisa for a very long time she is arm to voted to a music education and devoted to what it can do for the
kinds have children that we serve she’s passionate she’s on patient and from I think that watching her work with
children year in and year out you can’t help but
admire home stand mazing town and love for
students netscape what has it been like working
at can hand the pass almost thirty years yeah Kernaghan on isn’t really a family have wonderful staff and wonderful
children and nestled in a beautiful environment in everyone there work together as a
team we have great administrators Connie as one of my
colleagues echo directors the other is Tom finer and he was also a principal
for many years so he helped guide me through on being a
teacher tiny help in so many ways to get I
thought we do almost you know 35 performances a year had amazing on teaching staff in residential
staff and every kinda staff and wonderful kids our
kids are really what make everything work we
have on there every one of them is in the music
program on and they all play and the older kids grades five through a are I’ll play an
instrument actually grades four through eight and so they’re all either singing are marching jazz band in on amazing program is inconsistent but really it
boils back to the support on from Kernaghan and this is the first
time at the Grammy music educator award is being given how and how perfect to be given to Lisa and the
impact that she’s having in this area tackle importance love music in a
child’s life especially in this western New England
area well I think from all the arts and and certainly
music incurring hands case but for children I think the ability to express yourself in perhaps
non-traditional ways is is very very important especially for
children like corn hand children who have low
self esteem and a traumatic childhoods having the ability to um to shine and express yourself and field
Troy arm comes through music in our program
it could come through drama or other kinds of Arts but we find it’s such an important component afar
program I’m very therapeutic and this Grammy
Award is the very fact that Lisa is one at the 10
finalists having how many 30 2009 OMA nations 30
2009 the nation’s nationwide and some several in the New England area
some from Lisa knows very well and a so we we say leases are winner already from no question no question me
now to 32,000 nominations to be the only one in the New England
area that has an impressive feat in another itself but that even that possibilities you never know the future
hold in the next couple weeks right you guys will find out if we find out in the next couple of weeks
and it is there’s no question its last few weeks
have been likely and when will we find out but
home but again a E knowing than it was 30 2009 the nation’s and um Lisa keep saying to me well it’s it’s
all about the team occurring Hatton but you know she’s one of the best music teachers out
there and whether the kids say dollars I’m sure the kids are gotta be over then No yet the camp that
are really really excited and when I went
from 30 2008 214 the school made a really big deal about it and then
when it went down to 25 it was amazing we had a full assembly
and the kids have been so excited and
they’ve written wonderful things and they it’s really all about all of us i
mean they’re truly the reason why I feel that I moving
forward they’re just wonderful wonderful kids on and they give their heart and soul to
everything they do and they really they love music they
love to be part of something that they can
express themselves with and have success that and so it’s been
really really an amazing year actually I love that the Grammy Foundation is instituting
this award because every musician a no matter how famous they are started
with a music teacher somewhere no matter what age in their
childhood and so I think it’s so are perfect that they have recognized
that and type love them for it try and
there’s so many amazing music teachers out there I don’t
feel like I’m batter than anybody else I’m just in a
very different situation on I think the longevity has certainly
helped me for it on the certainly the school they work at is totally amazing I’ve had amazing
assistance and volunteers to help support the whole program and are
amazing ministration that supports the program but on I think it you know they look at
our school and music is really really important and if we could share that with everybody
out there on to know the importance a really just being a good person as well as
academic success and there’s so many reasons to advocate for
music education but it’s really a lifelong journey ins music you can carry with you when you
leave Kernaghan have success in high school I at our
graduation on a good percentage for a graduation is
music words and then eighth-grader even leaves with
an instrument Decker had provides and to going to high
school that’s great last year the award winner
their instruments from Holyoke and it’s her birthday today so i mean
but it’s just your Intel impact so many so many lives around us and I’m sure no matter what
happens you’ll always be a winner and the kids
eyes I can imagine that they to them me you know you are the winner
and that’s what matters that were rooting for you that you’ll hear went up place in their Grammy Awards are
coming up since they all have to you have to keep us posted on what
happens way where thank you so much leasing on your joining I thank you for having a
pleasure to be here

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