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We Went to an ASMR Spa and It Got Real Intimate Real Fast

– [Narrator] Before I knew what ASMR was, I already experienced it, I just didn’t know how to talk about it because there was no name. The more people explore their senses, the more they open themselves up to that world and the more they are able to discover all these individual sensations. When you come for Whisperlodge, first you’ll be greeted by our host on the street where we will blindfold you, with consent, and then bring you inside the apartment. best foot massager for neuropathy  Once you’re inside, you go through a series of group and one-on-one ASMR treatments, as we call them. And then at the end, we all group together again and then we send you back into the world. There is a scene called The Boudoir. You get your face splashed with makeup by choice. Usually, people who apply makeup are just like, putting it on, slapping it on, so that they can go out, and here, we are really using the brush in an enjoyable way, tracing the shape of your face, and while the guide does that, she also talks to you about her mixed feelings of ASMR or makeup. It’s a very intimate, sensual scene. -Focus. – [Narrator] There is another scene that we call The Tailor where you get measured with a tape measurer. And then you get to touch a bunch of different fabrics, imagining that you are creating a new suit for yourself. Eventually you put on a suit and you get brushed and kind of primmed up. Another really popular scene here is The Clinic. The Clinic, you experience an eye exam, an ear exam, so that means someone is shining a flashlight really close to your eye, raising a Q-tip to very gently stroke your ear, and then we’ll also use a tuning fork, give you some vibrations. I would say that Whisper lodge is a weird experience. best home foot massager  You’re entering a stranger’s home and you’re gonna be whispered to by another stranger. It is weird, but for me, that’s the interesting part because it is an exercise in intimacy and openness, and that really inspires me to keep making this work.


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