what do you got guys this Ben you bring another brawl stars video today we're gonna have a little bit of fun we're gonna troll just a little bit here we are going to be playing max brawlers at zero trophies so first and foremost this is a brand new account where I did some gem videos on where I have a lot of Max brawlers and as you can see I have zero trophies so currently I only have gem grab unlocked because I have zero trophies you get the high D here so I need to get her own thirty trophies to get to showdown where it's really gonna pick up so I don't know what brawlers don't want to use first off that I have max could we could try pipe we can try pipe for in this first gem grabs pink shirt spring-trap is not the brawler or the map that you want to use viper on but we'll see how this goes we're max level there probably level 1 this is my first ever match on this account oh we're gonna be facing bots i think so but yeah hopefully this is interesting to you guys at least hopefully you have a good time at oh my gosh we absolutely destroyed that you know what I could play Piper as I could play her as like a shotgun brawler I'm just running right up to them well like I said this is probably gonna pick up a little bit once you get to showdown we gotta get a couple of gem grab wins you know we haven't missed a shot just yet so teammate so pay all of that though let me know if you guys do enjoy this video hopefully supercells doesn't hate me too much Cole this is just so you guys have a good time and for your enjoyment of shredding the newbies hopefully it doesn't make them wanna quit brawl stars I don't know but we'll see how this goes right now you can see even just sniping them up close I think we are facing BOTS here so this first ever match nut doesn't really count towards much at the moment but absolute own edge there we go we got our Piper to 30 trophies we have scorch stone showdown unlocked here I'm gonna go in with one of that I think everyone wants to see right now and it is Frank Frank first power level one brawler's probably is going to be absolutely a monster I could not wait for this hopefully we get some awesome awesome studs I don't know but I don't even know if we're facing bots right now so our first-ever showdown match will have to wait and see I mean he probably would have ran away but the star power max Frank gonna come in hopefully like I said this goes okay we'll have to what you see oh my gosh Ellie oh my oh my gosh that shall I just got absolutely destroyed so we are up to almost nine power cubes not to mention we are probably nine or ten levels above these people here let's so we're gonna try and get a double stud oh my gosh we absolutely shredded them we literally what hit them oh my goodness I think we are gonna vote to be one hitting people if ours like if our star power is up come on stop running away do what we do at one shot this guy do I one shot him so not quite but my super probably would do one shot all right I have to find this other brawler and hit him with my super always have for power cubes oh I don't know if that's not enough to one shot him is it well if my damage boost it might be but there's no one else to kill so my damage boost is gonna run out right now see if this will even kill him not quite okay well he's stunned I guess that problem was a bot right cuz I feel like if it wasn't they'd probably be at least shooting me but we got to redo with that for Frank a goal should be get enough power cubes so I can just one shot people oh my goodness okay there we go getting a quick Shelli already taken out a Rosa alright well is anyone gone to the middle just yet not quite so I think I'm the first a mum will say we'll take care of these okay nice boxes coming to me I can can I won't hit her so how much do I deal on a shot so I deal 3024 right now probably around 3200 or something with nine power cubes so not quite but another power cube so we're getting close to being one shotting Anita oh my gosh with the boost 4200 jeez man this colt oh I feel so bad come on hi Stu quick come on all right we're taking a ton of damage a little leg there all right we are up to 12 for cubes so this cult they actually do not think I can 1-shot the Shelia the same with her I can to shot her okay now I can one-shot this cold I just gotta get quick enough yeah is a super and this guy somewhat seems like yeah I'm gonna let him heal up let him heal up see how this one goes oh he probably wasn't expecting that himself alright we might come back to Frank here soon we have to try Rosa we're basically gonna be trying the super strong of a super overpowered the brawler isn't absolutely destroy especially in early trophies I probably should try Shelley next – alright I'm going straight middle Rosa is gonna be ridiculous get the shield we'll probably get some crazy place here first victim here is the bolt no contest really bush camping okay finally he shows himself I think it is a bot though I don't know because he's got some weird movements he's not shooting me at all do we like one punch him one punch man alright even though I don't technically have them maxed with this star power I do have a max level we have to try Leah we have to see if we melt people these could be bots though I don't know actually no no oh gosh I need up seven power keeps a wood deck geez man how'd you get seven power cubes well that's almost as much as me okay well we have the power advantage on her gosh dude all right well I think we need to redo with that so we fight this road ahead on let's go for it power level one rose up no chance bar cube to primo getting those bar cubes there we go all right we know the Colts in here oh my gosh we won hit a cold okay primo what up ye did it quite a bit okay so we have ten power cubes I really want to try and fly inside this last person so what's a Shelly I'm gonna try and run away and try and blindside the Shelly cuz if she is brand new to this game oh gosh if she's brand new to this game she probably doesn't know that I've invisi as a super so I can't see how it reacts or surprising him that Bush over there oh she's she's following a quick but alright BAM it was like I do it though it wasn't a total one-hit blindside I cut actually almost killed me well got me like half HP and he stole a couple of my power cubes dan colt slowing me down alright Dinah Mike no chance Oh No alright so we hop in on the shell this seems like a bot you can kind of tell by the movements and if they're not moving from that definitely looks oh come on it means bolt yes he didn't get him okay oh go the wrong way it's alright take more I mean we got 412 Park years but obviously it's like not much all that's left once again is they bow so we to eat them oh it's not even fair we gotta do one more with curled Oh take like five shots to take a box if you hit all of your stuff now the poison out if I would leave it maybe not so much but uh okay still the box is intact in the middle that's what I like to see still ad some of my brawlers up that's what I like to see you got we got barley helping me all right there we go we have a Colt helping out as well you almost took care that one box take care of both of them come on thank you thank you Oh Rosa with the super though that is something we had to keep an eye on if she even uses it that's too late Rosa another Rosa what is this get away from me oh my gosh okay gotta take her out that Rose what kind of a game real troublesome if we would have been in line to get hits okay so our goal is to try and I don't know what do we want to do with this coats here hmm do you want to try and jump on him he was helping us out earlier he ran away though everyone to try and get my super assassinate him through my poison is almost actually taking him out oh bad spot here all right he does have a super though which can i okay and I mind what's he saying does that was super wish you could actually take money this guy just heal up does heal up I don't want to kill you with my next hit there you go yeah you kind of messed it up here I'll shoot you one more time okay just heal up after this it's gonna play ring around the rosey with you just heal up don't stand to the poison come on come on his heal up there you go well wasn't how I imagined it but it happened Fuli one my gosh I totally forgot we have to use BB she does so much damage on her main attack okay just give me a run for my money we just got owned come on take out the Rosa that was close I need to get this box though oh she had her super oh my gosh these Shelly's dude they are the nightmares I think someone's right here isn't he I think we won't hit this cult odds-on favorite I think we won't hit him we do one more time with Vivi boom boom don't even care don't even mess that's the that's the plan of attack just take out the Shelley's like when you know they have no super at all built up is if you've any super you in the face you're probably gonna die okay I'm gonna betters media no I'm not so many power cubes right here I'll take them out okay oh gosh I to Shelley's it's not what I wanted and that dudes like next okay you just wasted a super alright well if you have five power cubes so no one shotting today unless I get close enough to him right now which well I think we are gonna wrap it up there oh we still have so many brothers that are like maxed out that we have not used today so let me know if you guys did enjoy this one uh I might do this in the future I know it's kind of like it's just meant for fun it's not meant to be like oh whatever it's just kind of it's it's a light trolling okay but I hope you guys did enjoy the video at least for the entertainment I got to put these accounts to you somehow for all the German videos that we did but I think eyes so much for watching subscribe to the channel stay tuned for all summer all stars video I hope you like it maybe at least a little bit of laughs or something in this video but thanks for watching I'll see you guys later


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