We Ran Out of Dads (D2 We Ran out of Medals "Dad Loadout")

hey everybody what's going on fallout here and today I got some hot PvP footage for you drop in the we ran out of dads aka that we ran out of metals in PvP with a extremely quote dad loadout on my guardian for those of you wondering yeah I still clearly find the dad loadout joke funny no I don't mean it seriously you can use whatever the hell you want as long as you feel good about using it if you're unfamiliar then consider yourself lucky but a quote dad loadout is anything that is relatively low effort to use in PvP which kind of doesn't make sense right I mean don't you want to use things that are low effort but yield high results whatever doesn't matter let's go into the loadout take a look at what we're bringing to the table or what we brought to the table I guess to get that we ran in PvP so here is the main star of the show the air until fusion rifle really fun hilarious weapon that you can now easily farm for in the menagerie so I got a brand new one decided I would bring it into PvP and this game happened it's got really big range rangefinder combined with the perk under pressure both which are really fantastic neutral game perks granted under pressure doesn't kick in until you are lower in the magazine but when it does kick in hot damn it's just fantastic now I know I've said in the past that accelerated coils on the fusion rifle especially the air until does lower impact which it does and it can make killing harder basically in the event that you hit an enemy with four bolts from your fusion rifle instead of five there is a chance depending on their resilience that babe might live now I don't know what it is but lately people in PvP are sticking with be low resilience I've found probably due to the not forgotten and maluna still being relatively popular which kind of shred through high resilience builds no matter what who knows also I was landing the majority of my bolts in PvP the other night so I've actually been going with accelerated coils just because you know it gets the job done a little bit quicker there definitely will be times though when you regret putting on accelerated coils anyway I have on scatter projectile targeting on my helmet that is important and if you like a fusion rifle and if you use a fusion pulse rifle combo you should 100% be looking for a piece of armor with scatter projectile targeting that will help both weapons and you will be glad that you put it on and yeah I got the word cliff coil on whoop-dee-doo I wasn't planning on recording this footage when I played I just had the gun on because I'm lazy sometimes and I don't take it off come at me in the comments section go ahead and roast me oh you're such a bad person for using the word cliff in quick play I know I get it whatever how about you take that gun of judgment turn it around pointed at yourself why don't you look in the mirror alright anyway that's pretty much it I usually use the transverse of steps when I play warlock but you have to remember that when you have a fusion rifle that has either under pressure or high impact reserves you do not want the transverse of steps on your freakin character or any piece of armor or class ability that gives you the ability to reload your weapon instantly without really thinking about it because you want to go deep into the mag to get the benefits of under pressure or high impact reserves you Auto reload your gun with that even thinking about it and you've lost that benefit so yeah enough jibber-jabber let's get to the match so I hope you like hearing me flap my gums because I'm gonna be given a play-by-play a little commentary while the match plays in the background and hey if you don't like hearing me talk then eh why are you here and B just uh put me on mute I won't mind already here we go favourite map by the way yeah absolutely cannot stand this freakin map going right to the power mo because a mole PDP and you get the Boop right off the bat that's always nice see you guy right there apparently that guy did not want to lose what could happen there and there yep the inevitable grenade but enemy gets picked off before I can hit him with that made that happens a lot when you are using fusion rifles at mid range if you get someone who knows what they're doing you're gonna trade but that's also kind of the benefit of the fusion rifle I mean better to get a trade then no kill at all alright there we go that's the classic aim low kill high it's kind of the motto of the fusion rifle always aim low by the leg or crotch area and the Boop's will go right up into their body aim low kill high and of course we got a couple of bronies challenging that main Lane we got a teammate rockin the heel riff – good stuff wait and see help to come back get up okay you know what I like about my bygones is that it has kill clip if I feel pretty good about pairing it with my Aaron's old fusion rifle very good gun I probably could have gotten that Boop right there I don't know why I stopped I think I saw that hunter going around the corner thought I might save my ammo but I have a ton of ammo I'm like drowning an ammo right now I think when I played this match I had two pieces of armor on that had wolf nice that had a fusion rifle scavenger addict that guy tried to attack me from above didn't work out floats right into the boob gets them every time so I don't know what I'm doing now I guess I'm just cruising around looking for trouble me and the boy is cruising looking for trouble here's an easy pick right there it's tough get that kill clip oh isn't that the worst get it kill clip active and then your target dies so I was I was gonna challenge that guy right there but he had a shotgun so I backed off didn't have my fusion ready teammate locked up to kill this guy good thing about the bygones it's got pretty good range too – great guns rolled ahead loadout but I mean really they actually are tremendously fun I really recommend going into the menagerie to grind a heir until if you haven't are oh the worst you have a free target lined up in front of you and you're charging the Boop and a freaking blueberry teammate just picks them off oh I mean it's good that you're winning the game and the blueberries are doing good that guy had the smartest play of the game if you are being abused by a fusion rifle player and you know it you should stick to cover a lot always try to stick to cover because cover is the enemy of the fusion rifle you rewind that I tried to Boop that guy and he just backed right up and the shots went into the wall and I popped back out to pad up that guy had a lord of wolves probably watching a little too much of PC lately there buddy there you go Boop aim low kill high get back in there for some help it's always crazy when you find someone in PvP with a well of radiance it's like wow you people you people exist what did you forget to switch to the bottom tree it's that what happened to darling all right going inside looking for more trouble down the corner clearly oh right there right there that is the classic okay that's exactly remember what I said there will be times where you regret putting on accelerated coils that was one of those times I charged up I hit him with only four bolts and that hunter had a smidge of health fortunately he still died but like that is one of the reasons why you have to think twice about using accelerated coils it can definitely help you but in the events where you land four bolts and they have a lot of resilience you're just like oh and you have to quickly take out your your kinetic and go for the finish all right another classic bygones pick easy peasy get kill clip and I don't know what he's doing nighty-night big boy all right looking for another kill clip oh but of course the dawn blade so I tease that guy a little bit I remember this running away you know I had a couple of moments probably not in this game but the good news about the fusion rifle is that you have a much better chance of shutting down a roaming super actually think here's a good example I hate him with that punch a hole in him and pepper him up steep it a little pepper it has all the punching power of a shotgun but with much more range OOP 99th buddy so actually fusion rifles I do like them much better for dealing with supers than shotguns good lord although I do wish that snipers could one-shot supers in the head that would be fantastic good roaming super here nothing special little zip zap blueberries picking up the kills as I wish they would just let me once you just let me farm blueberries alright being so rude alright being so helpful taking my kills bro you'll notice that I'm actively trying to not reload a lot like I'm really trying to stay at the bottom of the Magnum can't believe I didn't get that kill don't know what I was thinking with that healing rift dumbest healing rips 2019 that was a good pick right there that was a deep group but yeah especially with under pressure you have to really catch yourself like I I constantly want to reload my weapons and I'm like oh wait nope under pressure don't reload it keep going deep in the mag there was a hunter right there I don't know why I didn't see it when I was playing it doesn't matter you probably died anyway you have you just died right there do the grenade launcher sometimes you won't notice until later it was like oh there's a guy right in front of me good pick pulse versus bow mole that's a bad matchup bro I do love bows but they are kind of a meanie alright going back in for more trouble OOP Auto canceled the reload again because I realized I was doing under pressure and I also was like oh wow I got a we ran out of medals maybe I should maybe I should concentrate a little more it was kind of like leaning back leaning back in the chair and playing you get that surprised we ran out of medals out of nowhere you're like oh really is doing good this game it's one of those games classic aim low kill high fusion rifles love to aim at people's feet and legs god I love this gun really really entertaining go get one in the menagerie bygones I don't know why I didn't reload to activate kill yeah there we go I've same train of thought I got the kill switched to my gun my fusion rifle and I was like wait a minute why didn't I activate kill clip so I switched back and then activated kill clip which you can do which is nice and yeah here we go let the comments fly all truly would you the board clip cool quickly I'm so disappointed when I saw in quick play true fan guard would never do such a thing so anything sorry okay here we go pop in another super going in for the tickle fingers of course we use top tree stormcaller because that gives you the ionic blink and the longer-lasting storm trance if you have at your melee and grenade which I didn't put whatever oh what a heartbreaker that Titan was painfully oblivious to his surroundings not even aiming at me at a free kill loop lined right up and that spectral blade came in and took my head off that's rude that's that's really loop on that lock up that kill with the bygones we got kill clip get a kill clip here now to my enemies you know sometimes even if you have kill clip you need a new angle you can't just be like oh I have to clip stay here till I die not it's not a good angle you got to relocate which is fine that happens all the time get a loop there and second group dude oops all day loops all day with this air until really good roll a lot of range that celebrated coils can get you in trouble plenty of times thankfully it only got me in trouble one time that game and it really wasn't even that bad anyway that is the video thank you very much for watching I really recommend that you go into the menagerie it is hands-down my favorite new weapon farm added to destiny too you can control what gun you get you can control what master work you get it's fantastic find a weapon you really like get out there do a little farming if you liked this video or if you're new to the channel please do me a favor and click the like button and subscribe if you haven't already it's free and I really appreciate it and if you've got a little extra time on your hands you want to go the extra mile head on over to slash fallout plays and throw me a follow there thank you very much thanks again for watching and I'll see you next time


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