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when you think of Twilight it's likely images of sparkling vampires and wild fandom and in most of our minds that time has well past but right here in the place that inspired it all both those fans and that mythical world are still very much alive and going strong when Stephenie Meyer was first writing Twilight she googled the rainiest place in the US and she found Forks a tiny little dot on the map town in the middle of the forests of Washington state that almost nothing happens in for most of the year Stephanie Meyer had never been to Forks when she wrote about it she said she wanted the various I lived in Forks for 25 years forks is historically known as a logging town Loggins been slow I've seen days it's nothing nobody on the streets like it completely like a ghost town in the state of Washington under a near-constant cover of clouds and rain there's a small town named Forks population three thousand one hundred and twenty people Stephenie Meyer couldn't have known how closely she'd captured the otherworldly small community feel of Forks and this town wasn't prepared for how dramatically it would be changed by her sparkling vampires people were picturing the way Stephenie Meyer described Forks in her books and people came here and discovered that's true people started coming to Forks because of Twilight before the first movie went out to the theaters a small town populated by generations of loggers and used to being anonymous forks was resistant to this fan invasion and can make little sense of those so devoted to this made-up supernatural world if you're a old-time lager you're going what's all this about this is this is silly I watched approximately five minutes of the first movie I couldn't do it after that I was done first it was like come on but these diehard simply would not and could not be stopped I lived by light 24 hours a day seven days a week my name is Lizzie Andros and I'm the executive director of the forks Chamber of Commerce and I've lived in forks Washington since 2009 I read the Twilight series and saw the movies became a big fan fell in love with the characters and so me and my mom moved up to Forks from Texas with 12 dogs there really was no plan just the plan was to be here when I did look for a job I ended up working at the forks Chamber of Commerce and was promoted to executive director in 2012 the forks chamber president said that when I first moved that they called me that crazy Twilight girl upon the release of Neuman Stephanie came to Forks Washington to do a book reading she was amazed when she came to Forks and she said this is exactly how I thought it would look the first gathering was probably over a hundred people and that was in 2007 in September every year after there was some form of celebration so it's ranged anywhere from a few hundred people to a few thousand people okay let's pause here because not all of you remember Twilight or let's face it ever saw it at all so here's the series in a nutshell Bella is an adolescent every girl who moves in with her dad in his hometown of Forks there she falls in love with high school hottie Edward who is also a sparkly vampire but Bella's best friend Jacob who's super into her is the vampire's mortal enemy a werewolf and therein lies Team Edward vs. team Jacob anyway there's not much else you need to know except the team Edward wins and marries Bella she becomes a badass vampire herself they have a baby which is super dangerous for her and they all live happily ever after in between there's a whole mess of warring factions of vampires and werewolves alliances that are made and broken and lots of pining and many many people thought Bella was in a very controlling relationship and therefore set up a terrible example for young girls an assertion that Twilight fans would strongly disagree with in any event the books launched a movie franchise and the phenomena around Twilight became our generations butyl maniac you know people went Beatles screaming crazy a festival was born attracting feasible hsihu return year after year and try-hards of all varieties when I first got here I thought it was all bad my first times my eighth trip so Forks Washington I've been coming since 2008 and he's been coming since 2012 probably hundreds of times I've seen the movies I live in Doha Qatar I only took half hours on the plane Seattle quit my job the other interesting thing about this event is that nothing was ever actually filmed in force when the movie started coming out people would say well why is everybody go into Forks it wasn't even filmed there the town was kind of perplexed about what was happening but the people who worked at the chamber they saw a need to give fans an experience so they created the Twilight tour and found the places that match the descriptions in the books and then businesses started jumping onboard and like one business named themselves the treaty line one business created a Bela burger and so forth so I think the businesses have had a lot of fun with it people were drawn to Forks this real town shrouded in fiction based mystery and locals found themselves exposed to a brand of all-consuming fandom that is generally confined to cons and chat rooms it was a culture clash in its purest form high school is édouard there is Bella there they truly believe that there's people there and we're like yeah they are there we used to have one girl that come every year that had a cutout of Edward and she said at the table with her yeah about four years ago five years ago we had some girls from California that had permanent fangs in their mouth my life fake fangs tattoos fanfiction one of which would become a global phenomenon in its own right the Twilight lovers were swept away by their passion and would go to untold lengths to express their affection perhaps none more so than those who gather right here in Forks and 2015 we rebranded our celebration as forever Twilight and Forks and we really felt like forever Twilight importance more represented what the festival was because we feel like this is going to be part of us forever there's no convention center here events are hosted literally wherever they can find space so the elf Club at the high school at a wedding reception venue they built a place just for this festival the Rainforest Arts Centre this is their permanent collection of props and costumes and Twilight memorabilia creativity just bursts out of people I mean you can see it here people making cool quilts people making their own awesome jewelry designing t-shirt some of my favorite pieces here in my Twilight room are my neon sign dazzle by Twilight used to be a store here in forks and so edward dazzles me so of course my standup edward you know he's watching me right now can you see he's looking at me once you get here you find out that this is like its own culture there's lingo and language there's a hierarchical structure to the cosplayers the cosplayers are maybe one of the most fascinating parts of this event because they don't function like they do at comic-con where there's two million wonder women who are also just fans know so when I first got here I thought that it we were just cause players that were here for like I state pictures when I was like oh that's so nice and then I wouldn't like the birthday party thing and the guy that's Jacob was there and I was like I think it's so nice that you guys do this and he was like well I just live right over there and I was like you're a local like wow what's that like for you it he's like what do you mean like I just live on the reservation dad and he's like in a wheelchair and I was like oh like then you're like wait yeah wait a second hold on a second here and I think that was the first time I realized how serious we are actually hired a via for the festival to bring try that characters to life so we act in an entertainment capacity for the fans so we're out there interacting mingling taking photos speaking to the fans as if we are the characters and drawing them into the Twilight world I was actually one of the first to reach my light I now need for Stephenie Meyer's first cousin and very good friend so I knew about Twilight before it was the thing I was not interested until I saw Michael Sheen play ro Michael as soon as Michael Sheen went what a happy surprise feather is alive after all it just sent tingles the two people hosting the event are cosplayers who are are oh and a second Alice I'm also on the planning committee and every year we look at what would have we done what can we do differently what can we do better so we're up at 5 a.m. every morning we headed out to our first event by 8 a.m. we're in hair and makeup in contacts all day performing for fans and we have to be on all the time when we're with fans so that means no eating no drinking no going to the bathroom because vampires don't do that we typically don't get home and into bed until 2 3 o'clock in the morning and then we're up at 5:00 a.m. to do it all over again I love how into it they are it does bring it to life it does make you feel like you're part of it I think we have this down to a science at this point we know our character is very well we don't break character when we're at events together we work to make a conducive experience for our guests at the festival there's really no other convention that quite captures the immersive books come to life experience that this festival does it's nice to have a place to go your fandom Harry Potter fans or Star Trek fans there is no place that they can go but Twilight fans can come to Forks this is a Disneyland for Twilight fans that's how I described it now it doesn't get any more extreme and going to fake Edward of Bella's wedding Edwards definitely one of the sexier characters that a lot of people seem to fantasize about and you know when they actually get to see Edward you know right in front of them all dressed and character sometimes it's a little hard not for them to like one I like touch me or like I've had a couple of people who try to lure me into the girls bathroom you have these people who are dedicated enough to dress up I'm like lay the role and like become who they're playing I mean I study Italian and Latin I like to look into science and history and religion and art men in the eight seventeen eighteen hundred's used Signet rings so my god this made you guys spent a lot of money on costumes I own a screen one highest costume that Jamie Campbell Bower Wolf's last minute wore a dress she actually wore it in the movie and won it in an auction the hammer price was two thousand dollars the costume that I have actually is the screen one costume from ah the fight scene the camera break for this costume I also own Jane screen-worn battle dress this specific dress I paid $3,000 for I actually worked three jobs if I work at our retailer in Doc Cleveland Ohio I couldn't like the school I could have bought a guitar my credit cards regretted flight at the end of the day I mean one in France by this so you know even if someone else doesn't get your why you have obsessive cullen disorder you know there's plenty people who do so yeah we can all kind of bond over that somebody bought the volvo that was used in the movie from the dealership that we rented the volvo from they found like the VIN number tracked down what person they sold that Volvo to and then she bought the Volvo and of course somebody here bought Bella's house the house was the home that was used in filming for the movie Twilight we won't be able to do tours unfortunately but we do plan to open it up as an Airbnb so that people can actually stay in the home and experience the home that they've seen in the movie you can't help but find yourself charmed by these disarming fans and also a little bit muddled you ask yourself are they crazy or wait for just refusing to unapologetically love what we love because the truth is as much as they bonded here Twilight was not universally beloved to say the very least do you remember when while I first came out it was complete mania women mostly teen girls and moms with families lost their damn minds and those used to owning comic-con found themselves pretty pissed off when they were descended upon by these new hardcore fans when Twilight fans first arrived at comic-con the hostility was palpable so much so that one year when a Twilight fan was hit by a car outside of the convention center and killed there were those who celebrated the tragedy as one that was earned she deserved it some insisted for simply liking a thing they didn't connect with I was on the anti Twilight side immediately inherently it was almost an act of dislike like Twilight you know there was such outrage about Twilight that seemed out of proportion to any other book or movie I mean throw stuff at me from like moving cars here it works mm oh yeah we watched people leave angry hateful reviews on these movies that they'd never witness aw we saw people rag on the book and on Stephenie Meyer but they never read the book and it became such a trend you know people are like a better love story than Twilight you know hashtag stupid sparkly vampires whatever so it became kind of a bandwagon for people to jump on definitely I would say a lot of the criticisms on Twilight are unwarranted one of the things that's always act me as and they say Bella's a week and she sticks to her guns we have a tendency as a society to absolutely hate revile and and treat with vitriol everything that has to do with teenage girls we hate their music we hate their icons we hate their fashion we hate their behavior we hate everything about them just because you're into sparkly vampires and I'm into space wizards doesn't mean either one of us is cooler or smarter or right or wrong or anything like that I think a lot of people are scared to open their mind and the possibility of liking something that doesn't safely fit into their view of what's good and that's that's their loss anyway he's sort of being like you know highlights socks or vampires that sparkle or stupid polly has their own thing that they're into that I might think isn't so great it's unfortunate that there was this sort of backlash but at the same time you can see it's not deterring fan you can't help but wonder if all that backlash and hate bonded them together even more closely it sort of makes sense that people who may feel sidelined and their own lives are attracted to this story that was so maligned by culture at large we all kind of defend each other when we kind of get attacks I've seen it online people attacking especially our cosplayers they just interact with everybody and they bring it to life for us I mean there are family why wouldn't we defend them being able to interact with these people that love those things so much makes it work Alice went to a wedding here and not too long ago in full Alice character was her maid of honor I mean we've had fans write us into their wills fans who are terminally ill come and every time they come they think it might be the last time they see us so they're really emotional but this is where they want to be before you know before anything happens so we've made a lot of special connections doing this oh there was one that really touched last year she posted on my social media she said I have very serious social anxiety and I came to Forks by myself and I was so scared to go to events and then she said and then I met you and then you made me feel wanted and special and you really helped me to kind of come out to different events and I was so touched by that because I mean I suffer from bipolar disorder so I completely understand the faithful that remains day largely for each other but what was it about Twilight initially that captured the hearts of so many so deeply I examined it from every angle and asked myself what it was about this particular story that was causing such a massive cultural impact when I read the books in 2008 I was kind of at a point in my life where I didn't have a lot of things I was looking forward to I was a divorced woman I my mother had just recently separated from my dad so she had moved in with me and I really wasn't feeling very fulfilled and so I really feel like I connect to Edward in a way because Edward has been living so many years just going through the motions not really having anything to look forward to and then I kind of felt like that anyone who's been married you can tell you that marriage is not perfect and I think that this idea of a perfect love story just attracts women who always wish they had the perfect love and young girls who've never experienced it I've even heard of women leaving their husbands because they're like they wanted this love that they could feel and see back in the movies and like in this book the conclusion that I drew was that trial it was hitting a part of the feminine fantasy that culture was largely ignoring and that is the desire to be safe I really believe that the most primal desire for most human beings but especially women is to be safe and this story hit every single angle one you don't want to get cheated upon guess what they can't the werewolves are biologically compelled not to cheat on you and the vampires once they find their mate they're never leaving then to the rich you were financially safe three if someone comes at you physically Edwards gonna stop them he's the world's best predator but if he's not there your best friend Jacob who's also kind of into you he's a werewolf he can handle it eventually when you get turned into a vampire you're ten times more beautiful than you ever thought you could be and now you're a badass and you can stop anyone that was literally a human shield there is no part of this story that leaves you feeling unsafe and on top of that in the end there's no sacrifice she's got a kid shouldn't be able to do that she's got a family she still got her dad she still got her friends literally everything works out for her so who wouldn't want to immerse themselves in that particular fantasy I don't want anybody else but in realistically you can't say oh I I want in a man just like Edward you know because to me you know he's a fictional character and I love Edward but he's good in two-dimensional form yeah but I don't think that I'm gonna say I want my boyfriend to treat me just like Edward treats Bella because you know my boyfriend's a man and Edwards the vampire stuff I see that very clearly so I mean a vampire should not Sparkle come on let's be realistic there's a lot of things that are ridiculous about it but it's got me through cancer it's got me through all kinds of things in my life and brought so many different things it's brought me out of my shell a lot of the people that we've met here have been coming for fun people that just need a break want to create a coven with our girlfriends but we've also heard a lot of pain is social anxiety really bad I cannot talk to people but Twilight has brought me in and we're all like a family we've had fans that have come from bad home lives who have gone through difficult situations illnesses divorces coming here just seems to have become their happy place and interacting with us you know in many cases has given them the family that maybe they don't have at home about two years ago all my grandparents passed away within three months of each other and it was such a hard time to be around my family and interact with them because needed help and I needed help and we couldn't really help each other because we were not in a good place and so escaping into a book especially Twilight when there's immortality and they live forever it works so well any day at the Visitor Center you could get someone in there that says the Twilight changed their life Twilight's given me like direction and purpose yeah I'm not saying you know I'd be on the you know she's living on the streets but I don't know what direction my life would have taken you know I've been to Volterra Italy I never ever would have had the courage to travel overseas had I not met the friends I had through Twilight I met Sandra back in 2014 I believe she's become a personal bitch honestly I just met all these people just yesterday my family I've lived here for six years but I've never felt so welcome in this town and till now I came up here two years ago on a work trip to like sell things that I didn't really care that much about I was talking to a young woman from Hawaii we ended up walking around the city and when I say City I mean the one street that Forks is a very small town and then I left like fully 100% in love with this girl that I had met it was completely insane and now she's moved to California and we live in LA together through my experience with this festival in particular and interacting with the fans of Twilight I very quickly changed my perspective on what fandom is there's a lot of ridiculous posturing among nerds and why why would we were nerds anyway isn't it make more sense to embrace the thing that you love full-throttle versus not you should you should like my parents still are like why are you still doing that like I love it and if you got a prom with that I'm sorry I'm not doing this for you I'm doing this for everybody out there I'm doing it for myself a photographer capture at the moment I met Stephenie Meyer that's one of my treasures because of that woman my life changed so much and so did thousands of other people's lives this festival created a safe place for fans who felt so misunderstood elsewhere but when no one could have seen coming is that their love of sparkling vampires would save the town two forks was in a recession 2007 2008 things were really going downhill nationwide the government is trying to regulate the timber industry out of existence I remember Forks before the recession and literally seeing people nail up boards onto doors and windows and how scary it was for me and just the kids of my age seeing their parents either losing their jobs or slowly boarding up what they had and then Twilight came and then all of a sudden we had this new surge of economy included with her ecotourism or actually one of four rural towns in Washington State that didn't go under during the recession the more and more people came and the more that they filled restaurants and filled the motels many of the people in Forks including the mayor and the chief of police began embracing and realizing you know this is a real economic boost report it's it's been great because it's brought in a lot of people in the town they come in for Twilight but then they realize we're just the food area is and so they come back and then they go tell their friends and they come back the town found itself forever changed by the phenomenon around Twilight I always say that I am a fan of the fans Twilight saved their economy at the end of the day I can't imagine what the last nine years would have been like had I not discovered the Twilight Saga and made this change I'm just forever grateful for Twilight how long do you think that this will last here in Forks the Twilight Festival I don't think it's gonna go away this year actually more people are at the festival than last year there are mothers that are Twilight fans are gonna have their daughters read these books if you told me while I was reading Twilight in the eighth grade that this would be such a huge part of my life I would have never believed you I would have laughed at you instead how I said it's just a story nobody else is gonna read it and then it became what it is today and this community has been absolutely amazing but I've met amazing people from all around the world there's so much more to these people than just liking Twilight and I'm grateful that Twilight taught me that you know I think about Twilight and I think of the fans and the people I've met through Twilight so Twilight to me is not just the books or the movie the story Twilight to me is this this family we've created you

  • Which fandom should we uncover next?

    One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.
    Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.
    Three: Don’t go looking for fights.
    Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • I don't get it. A completely fictional written piece, and it's somehow made this happen…?

    What's wrong with people?

  • I was forced to watch all of Twilight and my only problem with the franchise is that The "werewolves" ARE NOT WEREWOLVES! They are SKINWALKERS. A werewolves are humans cursed to turn into bipedal wolf monsters that feed on the hearts of living creatures. Skinwalkers are those GIFTED by the Gods with the ability to change into an animal.

  • I put off watching this because I thought this would be another "haha Twilight fans are crazy" and even though I'm not a fan of Twilight that's just exhausting, but I'm glad I watched this because this was really beautiful.

  • I like this doco very much. I'm far from being a twilight fan, never really liked it, but I can see so many similarities between this fandom and those that I'm (kind of) in. It is so nice to see that this fandom contributed to that town and helped people to overcome their fears/problems on a certain level.

  • Is there a non-obese female fan in this documentary? I'm at the fifth minute and I'm seeing a pattern here folks.

  • Is it wrong that I just assumed that the lady at the start had a bunch of cats, even though she did in fact have a whole bunch of cats

  • 🧐… The perfect man to women🦹🏽‍♂️… 1001 things of impossibility in one person🙄… The perfect Woman to a man…. make me a sandwich, touch me where I wanna be touched, don’t talk so much👱🏽‍♀️👍🏾…ahhh simplicity… but yet none of them get it.🙄

  • This is a great look at the Twilight fandom. I've never understood why people need to so strongly hate what other people love and enjoy

  • I’m here from the waterworld Honest trailer to make sure that Robert Pattinson comes to Jon Bailey’s birthday party.

  • I am seeing this and i honestly feel sad for the original locals…. i would be horrified to witness this suddenly happen 😮

  • This is a genuine question – why don't people get excited like this about truly great literature? I understand this kind of fan feeling – I really do, I got into Twilight for a while – but I've also read literature that moves and inspires me in profound, enlightening, life-changing ways that inferior writing like this never could.

    I understand that there are lots of factors going on, not least of all the utter, pervasive poverty of literature for women and girls. And I understand that advertising plays a big part in making inferior, easily digestible literature accessible, while the great works aren't promoted like that. But I still wonder why, over and over, obviously mediocre writing holds such a massive appeal, when there is such beautiful, incredible, joyously well-written stuff out there just waiting to change your life in ways that this kind of stuff never could.

  • They hire people to pretend to be the characters and interact with the fans. It's like freaking Disney. Holy cow. I know many consider this fandom a laughing stock, but come on, if you're part of a fandom and into it, wouldn't you wish it was this big?

  • To any people who still love twilight the movie
    “Stop it! It’s been 10 years since the first movie! Let it go! Let it die!”
    Except for the wizarding world we should invest while there’s still time

  • All I need to know to hate Twilight is when Bella says she was born to be a Vampire. How stupid is that?

  • I framed houses and I fell off some scaffold and broke my ankle so I had some time just laying around and my gf at the time had the books so i picked them up and read them and they werent that bad. Yes they were bad at parts but thats just cuz I wasnt the writers targeted demographic.

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