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We got invited to 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards

Hello, guys, we’re back So right now we’re here at the Incheon Airport Right away! No time to waste. Let’s go! We’re the resident travelers of PULP Live World Watch out why we’re here, this is really special. To the point that you’ll all drool This is one of every Filipino KPOP fan’s dreams. This is also our dream. So we’ll share this to you, guys. So join us! We’re here now at the KSPO Dome. So, We’ll now watch the Soribada Music Awards I’m officially on my fanboy mode now It’s my first time to wave my lightstick like this Thank you so much, Ms. Happee! It was such an honor. So we’re now entering the dome. Where’s our ticket? What section are we in? So now we’re looking for our spot because we can already go inside the venue. because the tickets we got are RESERVED We got reserved seating, others have standing. I’ll show you the 2nd gate. We’re now in! Your camera is so nice! We’re now in and the show hasn’t started yet. So we’re just waiting here, MJ is so excited. I’m so excited to use this lightstick because it’s my first time. I’m excited too! We’ll let you see what our point of view of the stage Wait Here it is Here’s what the stage looks like We’re so close to it! My hands can totally reach it I think he made me cry with his song It’s so crazy because there’s this steel blocking our view! Show it to them. He has so many fans! Wow! They really did focus her outfit! Beautiful How are you, so far? Hwasa was the bomb. Sexy Chungha, too. We’re waiting for more We finally won! Where is he? Where is he? There he is! Go MJ, fight! I don’t know the fan chant! He can’t stay still now I really don’t know what group do you like, Red Velvet or Mamamoo? Both. I support them both. What can you say? It’s so beautiful and this is just the first day. Oh my I keep on coughing It’s so beautiful All performances were the BEST ALL of it


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