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We Finally Understand What Happened With The Rock And Tyrese

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was once a wrestling
legend who dabbled in acting. But he didn’t become a bona fide action star
until he entered the billion-dollar Fast & Furious franchise as Luke Hobbs, in 2011’s Fast Five. “Stay outta my way.” But by the time the eighth installment, The
Fate of the Furious, rolled around, Johnson took the private behind-the-scenes drama public,
sparking a feud with co-star Tyrese Gibson that would last for years. “What are you doing? This is crazy.” “Speed up!” The online feud began in 2016 with a since-deleted
Facebook post where The Rock blasted his male co-stars, per ABC News. After praising the “incredible” crew as well
as the franchise, the former wrestler didn’t hold back, saying, “My female co-stars are always amazing and
I love ’em. My male co-stars however are a different story. Some conduct themselves as stand up men and
true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken s— to
do anything about it anyway. Candy assed.” “I will beat your a– like a Cherokee drum.” Flash forward to 2017 when Tyrese Gibson took
to Instagram to ask Johnson not to do the Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw, writing, “You…have purposely ignored the heart to
heart moment we had in my sprinter. I don’t wanna hear from you until you remember
what we talked about…Fast Family is just that, a family…We don’t fly solo.” “I mean, I wouldn’t…tryna get into the whole
leadership thing, like, now.” According to Entertainment Weekly, later in
2017 Universal Pictures announced Fast & Furious 9 would be delayed due to the planned spin-offs. Gibson obviously didn’t take the news well
and blamed Johnson for the delay. He wrote on Instagram, “Congratulations to The Rock…for making
the Fast and the Furious franchise about YOU. Will this be another Baywatch? Guys, guys just relax I’m just a passionate
film critic.” Shots fired. A day later, Universal announced the release
date for Hobbs & Shaw. Gibson responded to the news by taking his
beef to Instagram once again, posting a throwback pic of the cast without Johnson, writing, “Diversity, love…Fast Family. Until [Dwayne] showed up. I guess this whole time he had a problem ’cause
he wasn’t the ONLY ONE on the movie poster.” “There ain’t no goddamn team, it was just
one man. And he’s standing right in front of ya.” Gibson went on to add that Paul Walker and
Vin Diesel were both offered franchise spin-offs, but turned them down at the time. Johnson posted the teaser trailer for Hobbs
& Shaw on Instagram later that week claiming that Universal approached him about the spin-off
years prior. He explained his reason for agreeing to the
film was to quote “create greater opportunities” for his fellow Fast & Furious franchise cast
mates, but his parting shot came with the hashtag: CandyAssedNeedNotApply. Gibson then ratcheted up the feud by posting
a video of Johnson criticizing Gibson’s 2015 R&B album, Black Rose. In the now-deleted video, via E! News, Johnson
said, “It shouldn’t be called Black Rose, it should
be called big piece of black dog s—. That’s what it should be called.” Gibson captioned his post, “Haters come in many forms. In my Kanye voice Black Rose is one of the
greatest R&B Soul Albums of all time.” “This is my first number one album…I’m on
a mission to save my genre. R&B, like real R&B fans.” The feud died down for almost a year until
Gibson hopped on Instagram again in November 2017, and threatened to walk away from the
Fast franchise if The Rock continued to be a part of it. Misspelling his own character’s name, Gibson
wrote: “I’m sorry to announce that if [Dwayne] is
in Fast 9 there will no more Roman Peirce [sic], You mess with family and my daughter’s
survival I mess with yours…Close your eyes dude you’re a ‘Clown.'” “No way. This guys a real ass—-” On August 2, 2019, Hobbs & Shaw hit theaters
and roared to number 1 at the box office in its first two weeks. Johnson took to Twitter to thank his fans,
and take another shot at Gibson while he was at it. He wrote: “Thank you everyone for makin’ this an exciting
first week of box office for our lil’ spin-off Hobbs and Shaw. Number 1 movie and $333M worldwide, ain’t
too shabby. And remember, the best way to shut the mouth
of a [clown] is to flex with success and a smile.” In its first month, the film earned over $600
million worldwide. “I’m what you call an ice cold can of whoop
ass.” However, in yet another since-deleted Instagram
post, via People magazine, Gibson called the global opening: “NOT a win…Breaking up the family clearly
doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does…Again my respects cause he tried
his best.” “Hobbs and Shaw is all about the F word. Family.” On September 6th, 2019, Deadline reported
that Hobbs & Shaw surpassed $700 million at the box office, making it the highest-grossing
non-Disney, non-superhero movie of 2019. You can probably smell what The Rock was cooking
when he read the article. Yes, another shot at Tyrese: an Instagram
post where the action star posted a screenshot of the Deadline story. “Assassins quietly play chess loud clowns
play checkers. Thank you audiences worldwide for this incredible
support and massive win. Very cool and we’re grateful for the love.” We’re not sure if The Rock and Gibson will
appear together in Fast & Furious 9 or not. But if they do, we’re buying all the popcorn. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nick Swift videos about your
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  • So f&f whoop in the rock because he can push the film more further with his name. And now the rock takes back and push him self. So what are we lost on that?. Nothing just gonna watching more incredible movies upcoming

  • I didn't want Sean and Hobbes and truthfully I don't think it was a good idea. They could have made a spin-off but don't use the Fast and Furious franchise neither one of them had anything to do with 99% of the movies

  • That movie didn't go number one. It did the numbers of Tokyo Drift when it first came out. It was NOT a success. That's why the Kevin Hart cameo was released & other extras about the film were made known

  • Tyrese sounds like a jealous 15 year old girl. He’s mad he didn’t get offered his own gig . People hating on another’s success won’t ever be on top . Now if the movie bombed then he can’t talk smack . But it was great shut so sit back and stfu

  • This shit is petty as hell, especially for the Rock. Tyrese is a weird and unstable narcissist to begin with so this is pretty on-brand for him. The Rock however, has a public persona of being hard-working, humble, friendly, and mature; his insistence on continuing to engage with Tyrese is really disappointing and against all the values he has demonstrated so far. Overall, this feud makes me like both stars less.

  • I would not be opposed to the franchise continuing without Gibson.
    Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are the heart of this series. Since Walker passed, we have Johnson to help fill the void and I will watch pretty much anything with Statham. Gibson needs to “know his role” and be thankful. Fans decide what’s good for the franchise. We either pay to see it or we stay home.

  • Tyrese was the worst character in the furious movies. Comic relief not even funny. The rock is an action hero. Deal with it and frankly he was an action hero way before tyrese was anything. You smell what the rock is cooking? Laying the snack down any chance he gets!

  • When you think about it, Fast2 was kinda a spin off itself as the only returning character being Brian. Tokyo Drift was definitely a spin off too. I think Hobbs and Shaw fits nicely along those lines.

  • They both need to chill. A spin off doesn’t impact the franchise negatively. And the Rock needs to be a team player and not think he’s “mr professional”. Because a professional wouldn’t have posted on social media and would work with the team to fix things. I like both these guys and hope they chill out and work together! They’re cool and good people!

  • Mmm, who knows what really went on, but I will say that I've never heard Dwayne Johnson speak negatively about literally anyone before this video, so that might be worth considering.

  • Tyrese is talking big like he’s on the level of Dwayne. Put down the shovel and stop digging your own hole. Your not going to win. Just be thankful that you were ever considered for a role in the series… Dwayne got offered a role that you as an actor simply can’t and won’t ever fill… keep trying to your RB thing cause that’s your only chance at being relevant if you continue to toy with fire. Fucking idiot…

  • I wonder if they created this "rift" between the two as a covert marketing ploy. We might be the ones getting played.

  • He fucked up fast and furious it’s all about saving the world now he needs to be out please we need the OG fast and furious

  • The only one who got a spin off wan hon and even then it wasn’t to make his character more bad ass so I’m sorry but rock ruined it

  • This people saying "It's not about cars anymore, i miss the old F&F" I know me too but like wtf? There's a reason it was called a spin-off, a stand alone and not straight Fast And Furious because it was meant to highlight what Hobbs and Shaw "not a racer" world. It was meant to add another perspective and material to the F&F franchise and the producers surely want to make the F&F universe last long and we F&F fans should be happy about that.

  • LMFAO 😂 Its buisness.. Nothing more, nothing less.. If certain people can not Except that, that is a problem he has to live with.. If certain people choose to walk away.. Walk.. Not that big of a deal..

  • The fact that Y'ALL straight up said that F&F made the Rock a superstar celebrity. Just let's us know whose side Y'ALL on. 🤣

  • Numbers lie…it really that wasnt a good a movie honestly…of course i watched it for free on one of those sites and did enjoy it…but it wasnt like i said let me aee it again

  • No one can mess with people's champ💪💪 Tyrese if u don't work with Dywane no one cars Kevin hart is on the line

  • Tyrese is a known moron. Every movie he does a bunch actors and actresses come out talking about how much of a in his own ass Diva he is. And him threatening to not do the next movie if the rock is in it shows his lack of self awareness. The rock is the biggest actor on the planet and Tyrese is a nobody. Once the Fast franchise is done we will never hear his name again

  • The spin-off was legit one of the best big budget bad films to come out in years and the best film in the series since Fast Five. Like all this behind the scenes BS is just grown men acting like kids, who can't handle the reality of the money making machine that Hollywood is.

  • Hold up! Tyrese made his F&F debut is the SECOND WORST movie of the franchise. (Tokyo Drift is the worst). His character is annoying, unfunny and I wonder why he's even in the fucking franchise. He's a pissed off little dude, because The Rock doesn't need the F & F franchise, he was The Rock, The People's champ long before this. So I don't even know why this dude is talking shit. Vin Diesel doesn't give a shit because he own's the franchise & he's making that sweet MCU Groot money. Broke ass Tyrese is just trying to get more screen time. Lmao, NO ONE WANT'S TO SEE THAT SHIT!!

  • In the comment section people be like I'm a fan of the rock even not just to lift your beliefs and some be like I'm a tyresse hater even tho you don't really know him. Please guys use your common sense of course FF franchise will earn more than a rock movie why? Cause FF movies has more starts on it and of course more people would watch it it's like a fcking 4-5-7 starts on a FF movie vs 1 star on a rock movie. When I'm talking about numbers it's like this the FF movie it's like a justice league/Avengers cause of theirs starts and rock movie is like superman,spiderman,iron etc cause he is just one. I'm on the Middle I'm just saying facts.

  • Remember when the rock went bad in the Doom movie? Yeah this is what it reminds me of, but this time I side with him😂🤙🏾

  • Franchise is money making, took "Tokyo Drift" for example. Nobody rely on anybody…. Why Gibson took it so serious? And he didn't own the copyright of the title, even if all recognize faces die down, The show must go on! PS: it doesn't mean I don't love the franchise anymore, it have to continue to testing the "hot water" before it gets cold… THE ROCK DID JUST THAT TO PROVE IT. IF GIBSON DON'T LIKE IT, HE CAN BUYING THE COPYRIGHT BEFORE ANYONE DOING IT!!

  • It would be better if Gibson could just hold his grudge for just 2 more movies. I personally don't want the original cast to change till the end. Johnson walking away might be a manageable scenario.

  • I don’t get this at all the 2nd film missed a lot of characters from the first, the 3rd film had a cameo of vin from the first that’s all! so its only been from the 4th one onwards since the whole “family” have been together ha ha the franchises died after the first one for me. Don’t think it makes any difference if any of them do a spin off

  • To bad Tyrese, maybe if you were light skin with a banging body and didn’t have nappy hair. Sounds light your own “preference” is biting you in the ASS now.

  • It's true,i love Dwayne and Jason and fast 9 was great,but it's not the same as it was before ,everything is changing 😓

  • Don't care for any actor really but Gibson straight bitched out 😂🤣 grown ass man made a career in movies accusing Johnson of his financial short comings.

  • Just another Freemason shaming ritual. Since the rock and ty gibson were both born female, its probably better if those girls stopped gossiping.

  • Just end the franchise. It's already gone downhill. You got a series that isnt even about cars anymore and now you got the actors who are letting their egos out because they're worried about their paychecks. This proves they don't care about the franchise or fans. Also, let's be honest here…..Walker's death really propel them. They capitalized on his death. At this point, there's no creativity. Any further advancement will only tarnish the legacy and aspirations that the films originally set out to be.

  • Actually, it was my understanding the comments had originally been directed at co-star and then film producer Vin Diesel. I think the only reason they settled differences is because Johnson is producing Hobbs & Shaw, and then Diesel is doing the next Fast and Furious but Johnson won't be in it. I almost think Tyrese just got caught in the middle (or stuck his foot in). 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Want to know what caused the rocks body to get even bigger and defined muscles with those poping viens. His body cant be from anything that makes sense never think be steroids to be the case. And didn't happen till after doing few movies and went full Hollywood and stopped WWF and I call it that cause that was fucked up that activists complained over nothing making it into stupid nonsense. which makes me think he sold his soul and now sacrifices and eats children that is happening everywhere and is allowed. This must be dealth with but so many dont know it and could be your neighbors doing and nevr know and if anyone get discovered they dont pay because your either paid of and if don't play ball bad things happen to you and like all truth tellers who actually know and speak go missing then turn up dead that was by suicide which is a cover up amd gotten away with

  • Need. To do a f&f. With the LA area scene
    Bring back hector and others.
    How it was started. Should be for a good movie.

  • Damn, if Roman isnt in the another Fast and Furious movie, then i should stop watch it, cuz it wont be the same Fast and Furious, its like Roman (Tyrese) is one of the main character in Fast and Furious franchise and no reason that character have to disappear

  • To sum it up,Tyrese had money problems the Rock delayed production of fast9 because he was doing a spin off. When you have money problems you need money now….say it with me "it's my money and I need it now" JG Wentworth

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