WE BROKE A RECORD! SMASHED! TH12 Trophy Push to 7000 | Clash of Clans

hey family what's going on Klaus here and welcome back to our channel 12 trophy push to 7,000 trophies and guys today is kind of a big deal first of all I broke a thousand war stars which means I get a thousand free gems and that is if not the best thing ever one thousand free gems for hitting one thousand war stars max at one thousand nine I've been waiting a little bit so that I can film this moment when I cash in on all the lovelies and I'm gonna gain some experience although that is worthless it is still kind of neat so let's go ahead and smack this guy's 1000 free gems in three two one BAM and did i level up I did 180 hey we did a 180 right we we went from being a noob to whatever is over there anyway guys so today oh yeah is what I was saying was my all-time best trophy record is 5959 that was from back in February whenever I did my big push and so I'm right now at 5955 I'm only four trophies under my all-time best record and so today I'm hopefully going to catch an attack live I'm gonna go ahead I've got everything ready got my electro dragons got my CC everything's set up and ready to go I've also got extra and extra shield by the way if you look 2 days and 13 hours it bought the shield's and just rest a little bit because it's it wears on you emotionally and mentally to be in the clouds and it's it's stressful so guys what I'm gonna do is I'm going to bounce into the clouds it is 11:27 in the morning alright it's 11 27 and I'm hoping to find a base within a reasonable amount of time I want to break my all-time record for you live right now so I'm gonna be sitting in the clouds for a while wish me luck I'll show you what time it is and we'll do the math to figure out how long it took to find the base and hopefully we can break my all-time record live on video and again let's let's hear it for getting 1000 free gems in the comments so like the video if you liked it as well if you liking this kind of thing and also hit that subscribe button if you have not done so already for daily gaming videos join a class family you know want to so again let me find a base and I might have to take a break here a little bit break time all righty guys we got ourselves some beef jerky if you want some beef jerky eyes check uh past impacts comm link that's in the description and use my promo code Klaus for a 15% discount on gang guys stimpacks best beef jerky you've ever had and you've never had it um I recommend you don't get this first or recommend you go get some cheap beef jerky there at your local gas station try that so you know what bad deep jerky tastes like and then switch over and try this and you're going to fall in love just a heads up guys I'm gonna be snacking on this stimpaks while I wait in the clouds okay well guys this one it updates you uh this green button of death is what I call this some unable to find village to attack what that is is that pops up every thirty minutes I've already clicked at one time and I told myself if I click it again then I'm gonna show you guys that it happened up so basically it has been one hour don't worry I've been staying busy doing other things but it has been one hour since I have found a base and I'm hoping to find I'm hoping to find one soon guys but for those of you that haven't seen this before there you go now you've seen it hey guys um so I waited a couple seconds because sometimes my recording doesn't work for the first few seconds so guys we've got a base it is one a it is 136 guys I waited for two hours and nine minutes for this base and finally we're gonna be able to smack it so where am I gonna attack this base well normally I actually come from the queenside but I'm thinking actually coming in from like the top set ooh there is an upgrading air defense that is a priority okay actually you know what we're gonna come in from the backside because there is an upgrading air defense on the book on the I'm sorry I'm gonna come in from the front there you go because there's an upgrading air defense in the back so let's get all this in here I'm gonna drop a rage on each corner because what we need is we need that race fill to go down and they need to take out those air defenses as soon as humanly possible or at least Dragon Li possible right if that makes any sense is by recording working good excellence alright so we gotta get a few freezes I do want to keep the rages of rolling by the way let's keep the rate is rolling let's also drop a freeze on that Queen I'm gonna pop that Kings ability I've got one more right spell up and everything's looking pretty good up to this point why my warden ready is he ready warden are you ready come on warden yes okay wardens ability pops just for that Giga Tesla and I'm thinking rage spell into here guys because there's only one more air defense left and so if we can get these this air defense down and save a couple of these electro dragons then this very well could be a 3-star now my queen does have her abilities still left I'm gonna get through the wall and I'll pop that ability actually you know what I might not need to yeah I get I gotta pop that ability guys I was afraid that I would miss my Queens ability and now I believe that that is going to be the three star by the way shut up to the cloud sorry you guys were great but I don't ever want to see you ever a kid no seriously though like I sat and I waited it is again we started the search at 127 is Nell 138 p.m. the same day two-hour wait for this one base it's only 7 trophy offer but because we got the 3 star haha guys that is going to break our all-time record and that is great that is fantastic and the loot is really really good too very very nice alright so what are we had now guys 59 62 and that is my all-time best record guys we broke record today we broke a record that is absolutely amazing now you will forgive me if I don't want to sit in the clouds for another two hours let me show you guys another rate here actually you know what yes this is the one I wanted to show you check this out I found this town hall 11 up here in legend league oh yeah I don't know how many trophies I didn't see it like seven trophies or something and this is like an uber engineered base like GG – this dude for like making it up in a legend league for you know without any defenses of course it's gonna be an easy three-star I'm not gonna like I'm not gonna hold back like this guys got free trophies and I'm gonna wreck it but for the most part guys I was actually over killed it I mean I didn't need my wall wrecker I didn't need to use all my troops I didn't need to use everything but I was like you know what no I'm gonna take advantage even froze I even froze the Deadlands like I was like no I'm not I'm not gonna lose this opportunity so there's a warden's ability to protect stuff from the balloons that are in the middle and by the way this is China number one so I don't know what that means but shout out to love gee coz gave me some free trophies which I really really like and I'm so stoked that we broke the all-time record like that is amazing to me the fact that we broke our all-time record now and and so yeah we're at 59 62 I'm only 38 trophies away from breaking 6,000 which is kind of my next big goal obviously I want to go as high as possible the season obviously I want to beat gala Don this season we will look at how many trophies he has but I broke my first my record now I want to beat 6,000 and then after that everything else is cheddar in my opinion in my humble opinion so there you go there's a three-star but I think I had a pretty big offer yesterday if I remember right let me see there's at and there's told there's a 21 yes that is that is what I want to show you guys this was yesterday morning very earlier right because the night before really late I don't remember but check it out guys this base invader queen with 21 trophy offer and there's no Queen like this guy literally like just logged off hey Abby I think he's got some CC troops I mean I don't even know but oh and I had a blimp I rarely yeah two dragons that's rough um I rarely ever have a blimp so I was kind of surprised I've kind of scared actually about how it would turn out the blimp gets the balloons in really really far which is good because then you can start targeting certain defenses and stuff but it's also bad because those balloons aren't as good of a tank as say the dragons are like the king or something so I think I'd prefer bringing a wall wrecker but it worked out it really it worked out pretty well and oh yes the death damage from that electric dragon took out that air defense now there's only one air defense left speaking out by the way boom Giga Tesla goes off I think it pops my board instability a little bit early but I think if I remember right I popped off my wardens ability early for a reason like a good reason but I don't remember what it was probably to protect a key troop from dying in a moment or maybe keeping my King alive so he can keep tanking or I'm not sure what it was but check this out guys only a couple there's three electrodes Ragan's left which is nice King is gonna or queen is gonna popper Billie get rid of the last air defense and now there's only one defense left guys these electro dragons are just stupid strong let's just be honest I mean I love it because it's helping me to push I was using bow which for a while just to spend dark elixir because my heroes were maxed out but at this point I'm liking electro dragons better just because they are a lot more consistent with a three-star so there you go guys 21 trophies gained and that was like the biggest blue grab that I've seen or not the biggest we've got the biggest trophy grab that I've seen is entire time and let's just be clear here if I was to find somebody at my level like fifty nine hundred trophies they would be a thirty trophy offer I believe that's how the math works out and so the fact that all of these guys that I'm finding are like six seven and eight trophies that means that these guys are all pretty much at the bottom of legend league and actually that reminds me I think I was gonna try everyone's always like dude Klaus try revenge attacks because you'll be surprised and so I'm gonna smack this button just to prove to you guys that it is never ever an option I mean people are either online or they have a shield always up in legend like just kind of to help you guys out because again I have a lot of people that always suggest that I try my best to do revenge's and it's like bro I have never found a revenge while I'm up here in legend league like never so I mean I would love again I would love to be able to do her Vinci tax and not have to sit in the clouds for hours at a time but it is not a possibility I just went through all of them and all of them are online or had a shield or I think one of them at a guard or whatever so um I guess we could check out one more aid let's see let's see I've got a got a three-star for ten let's check that one out as decent loot right and it is a town all 12 but this one with the sweepers pointing down so I look at one thing first and foremost where are the sweepers if I can get behind both sweepers I will and then the second thing I look at is what about the Queen what about the Eagle artillery ah well the Queen and the ile artillery are both on the opposite side of the sweeper so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in from the side next not necessarily from behind both of our sweepers here but I'm gonna come from the side that way I've only got to really worry about one of them and I'm gonna try to get in there and take out the the Queen as early as possible so I almost always come from the Queen side but yeah everything is funneling together very nice you guys I've got good rate spills down good three spells probably should freeze that sweeper unless that balloons gonna get there and take it out yeah good good freeze good good alright so now it is good frees up the Town Hall actually that town hall does not have a chance to shoot anything before it is destroyed and then of course the grand warden's special ability that eternal tome at level 30 grand warden is just absolutely amazing guys so now what are we going to do we have the the Eagle art or not the Eagle artillery that's dead now the electro dragons blasting through here guys and the last air defense goes down from the Queen we have like all of our lectures on I think I lost like one electric dragon during the entire raid it is just absolutely fan flip fantastic I love it I love it so that was a free set of trophies yet again basically what I do is I'll set up my iPad next to me and I'll hit the clouds and I'll plug it in to charge it and I'll turn the volume up really loud so if I find a base i hear the ching ching and then I know I've got a found base right but I'm never like sitting down just staring at the clouds waiting for a base like I come up with a way that's where I can do other things to film other videos like my tenets and let's play them actually about the film of episode all my son Wilson let's play while I'm in the clouds and actually if I find a base during recording I will cut the recording you know come back to it so you know all it's all good guys but today again this is exciting today we have broken a record again my all-time best has now been cracked and now we're press and we're pushing that all-time best as high as we possibly can now let's check out how well gala Donna's doing looks like he's at 6096 while I'm at 59 62 which means that I am now only a one hundred and four trophies below him that's kind of a big deal guys I mean 104 I was like 220 below him not very long ago so I'm making headway which is nice and gala Don is not falling behind he's he's maintaining his level and I'm just slowly catching him so I'm hoping to make this even though he's been ahead this entire season I'm hoping to make this competitive so guys that is gonna be it for me today I have um no builders available I'm gonna get two two days until the next builders available I don't have the gold to upgrade anything anyway so what I can upgrade anything today except for um you know just enjoy the push again 59 62 962 trophies ahead of 5,000 and that's cool because that will actually add for those of you that don't know the legend trophies right they're literally like right there I've got 2,000 78 at the end of the season all the trophies above 5,000 so right now will be 962 will be added to that total to make it over 3,000 so that's what the legend trophies are go check out your friends and your clan mates basis and your profiles and if they haven't and trophies that means they finished off seasons above 5,000 and that act reminds but yes I'll get 16 days to go before the season is over we have plenty of time guys for anything to happen and if you want to know what happens in the rest of the season be sure and hit that subscribe button on the channel join the class family for daily gaming videos like the video if you also liked it and remember that I love each and every one of you thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you all again in the clouds


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