WBO Order Oscar Valdez vs Shakur Stevenson | Team Valdez Say Their Ducking Fight Shakur Fight!!!

make sure you check out responsible to health place all the information is in the description used to promo code above good for the one boxing 18% off of all day natural products from Yoda ring pomade to person much much more and have additional discounts on their website as well as to help ladies calm started December 2005 promo codes good for 80% off we go alright man they ordered Oscar Valdez to fight the fascia cures teams and purse bill was announced for August 2nd and Oscar Valdez manager on Twitter you know pretty much in my Mike carpenter voice he poured water on that fight Sam Valdez it's not going to fight secure Stevenson he can't make 130 pound 26 pounds no more but he's been saying the same thing that whole team is saying well we could make to wait for Frampton and we could make the right foot a way for Josh warrants and fight but you know if we got to fight Stevenson or you know or vacate we vacate a movie at the 130 well he back Goodfellas for Stevie appreciate everybody in the building make sure hit that subscribe button bell icon button warmest another video share the videos best way to help to China while if you want to make a donation share a video or if you will make another donation donation that links in the description but any of known intro instrumental mean come from 10 links in description but music but yeah he you know he's defending him he's defending his comment about his fighter on Twitter okay oh you know Mike you know you you saying he duck in and in our league artists and distribu say ours like one you followed the thread you know you know Icecrown ass where he defended his title six who fuck did he defended against who scott quick mcgill Moraga like who wouldn't defend it against the DS i mean he'd been there you know he'd been to division quite some time who did he unify with all of a sudden now he want to unify non-secure stephenson the mandatory you know i'm saying you know that was his prerogative to steal 5 scott Quinn he should have put a real duration clause on skype leading he end up getting hurt he should be looking at you as his manager for letting him go through with that fight but that's another conversation for another day that that fight right then and there and then he fought another tough guy from overseas to I think his name start with G he was you know give him validates the business now I'm on record I like time I like I've asked about as you know before it's got quick fight he was a warrior I thought he had potential but when these dudes get the yelling about Bobby airman top-ranked about how they usually don't join the community and make fight all they want to do is make in-house fights when they get to saying that about tennis Crawford its validity there you know I got the I got to recognize its validity there Bob Arum ain't been in the business of trying to make other fights we need to make you know even if I even guys he had in-house that didn't involve Hispanic fighter or it was involved in the black and expanding fight he didn't make that five and he was to expanding fighters or a fighter expanding fighter was was heavily favored and was gonna win he and make that fight but he ain't getting in the business of sacrificing Hispanic fighters his Mexican fighters you know or his denoting his new-found your Eastern European Russian compadres right and we know that you know but Valdez you know he kind of regrets when he had that job even before the joint injury he wasn't looking good in my opinion you know just to put it on the floor he wasn't looking good he just was you know it just seemed like he was you know he's still fighting with his mouth up where's y'all can get rehired were injured even when Canelo trainer I know what take time Eddie we're now so and and then his son who everyone I ever go to dad you know he ain't got no better you know he had all the potential and he should have been training with it and with Canelo coaches before a long time ago or he should have got with a black coach Ronnie shields buddy McGurk you know somebody like that you know Floyd senior he had those fast twitch slick potential potential abilities he could have been a really really good fighter had he used his athletic ability and his god-given gifts and he didn't use that he wanted to show that he's a Mexican warrior and he can take it on the chin and he even took some unwarranted punishment verse verse Magilla maracas that's the fight before Loma chenko for them yes he fought maracas coming on for lost about this and away class below him but that's here nor there you know the decline of out is has just been on the floor for a long time about old trainer he got he regrets and he got injured to the point where I don't think you know they can resurrect his career he just damaged goods and you know I think he will have a chance to be Stephenson you know if he can all put it together with Canelo trainer don't get me wrong I think he would I think he could you know he a good father he could punch he fast you know he you know he got the ability to catch on you know one day with them I would imagine if it ain't too late to be a better defender you know he got footspeed he got upper body movement but once again it's another Mexican fighter caught up for fighting for the fans and not using his ability look no fight the way he want to fight you know you're never gonna necessarily don't go out there and fight like a and fight like a shop is or fight like a beer or whatever maybe Salvador Sanchez he fight his way he still try to use that black you know you know that black American style and Valdez can mimic that and I think he could take it to another level cuz I think he got better footwork more potential for better footwork but you know you know he get order distinction about bodies make a fight and then we got another case for Hispanic fighter or Mexican fighters ducking the black fighter you know Gary Russell Sagada accomplished amateur competent professional Leo Santa Cruz don't want a fighter that is they don't try to make that fight you know top-ranking try to extend the offer to gear up to the con that I know of to go fight come over and fighting and unify without is you know all Valdez did was fighting Arizona fight out there and instead put fight out what the Western West Coast and fight other Hispanic fighters and other fighters from overseas who ain't no good you know you know we would never knew how good he could have been but he go a case of Eggman let's change the nearly all he hasn't done nothing he don't deserve deserve a fight with Valdez Valdez accomplished fighter his manager he got six you know toddler Phil who fuck is he beat he fucks saying who the fuck is he beat I mean that division you got Santa Cruz aDNA Marez you know Gonzales dice Marez and Gary Russell end up beaten like I said Gary Russell you I mean all types of characters down there not all of them he's fought Scott Queen that's it Frampton Warrenton Selby I'm the kid from Philly almost the other guy from Philly died was with golden boy I can't remember his name he fought Lee sailed me and lost lyrics something I can't remember that guy's name but you know all the players who had in that division you know I'm saying you know I'm saying he never caught out you know I'm rigging dial when you know he's a little young rigging I was over there though he was a little bit blown you know Donaire been around and who who has he fought you know obviously he is for absolutely nobody in his people to fight at that division even Santa Cruz he got a win and a loss versus Carl Franken he fought Adam Mars a couple times Oscar Valdez ain't did nothing and the one time you can you can stop the hype train you got a guy that's with 12 11 12 13 – no they say don't punch that heart and seriously you're gonna fake eight your belt it move up to 134 who you're gonna whip at 130 you ready to get beat by McGill protect or you know if he can get past Jamil here which I don't know let's just say hypothetically does where he just fight for check right now and get our you ready to get your ass whooped by another Mexican that got some you know solid power because we know we know you know I mean I can make it seven I'm afraid he might fight Joe Joe Diaz yeah I think a lot of people feel and I'd be room for everybody but I people feel each other's ideas and when that fight you're ready to fight Joe Joe Diaz you got a better chance not even gonna fight you might say it saying Davis so you don't go to 130 and who built you're gonna take you know I'm saying at the end of the day you saying Josh Schwartz and Josh warranty that's another dude that put his tail between his legs Shakir Stevens and caught a monkey hiding under his his uh his bed like I said before that's one of the reasons a lot of these dude I don't respect those UK fighters they they Punk's not all of them Tyson Fury Josh Taylor they real they real I'm saying but the majority of them the Delian whites they're a gay Jays they they Punk's you know all of a sudden negative past when somebody called him out day day day day country don't say hey go fight this kid onyx Pocono you can beat him no he hide behind his bed and all of a sudden when security person get a belt and say that's unified oh I can't make the way no more I got to move up these niggas legitimate running from secure Steve here Steven I'm got no thunders power like one Matisse say or no Julius Jackson thanks care just do boxing ability and now he brought together he brought to get a big dose of what Gary Russell Rick and I went down there does way division here you go again all you know in the kind of black fighters he did this and he only did this and my Godfather's ain't did shit your average boxing fan your casual boxers they don't even know who he is what has he done what has he done Harlem toxics tired of his who unify with who who EB that we know that's close to the top 20 pounds of time I mean you don't think he would a long time ago tried to make a fight with Santa Cruz that should have been a warning but fight definitely before devout it I mean the UH the Quickfire he ain't did that when he come to black fighters always oh you got a huh you ain't getting nothing you what about Gary Russell Dean he accomplished why I never tried to reach out to fight him you know I don't want to see secure Stevenson Gary Russell Frank not in this situation I don't want to see two brothers fight with Arnie's Hispanic fighters trying to move up and duck for cover Leo Santa Cruz another one straight straight ho trying to jump up and get knocked out by Durante tank Dave instead of just fighting Gary Russell and unifying and WBC I thought the WC Bella for the Mexicans why Santa Cruz don't want that bill you ever notice that you know when the brother when a brother arrow got the IDF don't nobody want to fight him on his side ain't date nights on my make nobody won fire oh you know we care about the WBC we care about the WBC which meant Jamel trial about the WBC yeah what happened to meet resins right he swallows worse okay not only everyone is belt back triple G all of a sudden don't want the WBC belt you see how high subjective from what people think you know I'm see he got the WCW Bo WBA are you know what the IBF is in an American bill you know it's a you know we respect the IDF all of a sudden on you know I valid as a coward this point blame you see your period he a coward he a punk he controlled his team he come on said I fight him he only 12 know I'll show y'all what to do it'll be upon I'm gonna say it how it is and now the Mexican to make these Mexican casual fans is cosine and fighters being a punk you know what they co-signed a lot of the favoritism with a fighters that got robberies like Shabbos verse four Neal what rest and part of pineal you know they said here and in a rationalize triple G I mean Canelo not fighting triple genes and raunchy lies Canelo felling drug test they rationalize him you know you know ease and by Lara and trial and act like he won by a country mile you know I'm saying they sit here and be winning black fire fight fans or UK fight offense or somebody get to you know doing doing anything and they wanna sit here and just hate disappear reappear car Oscar Valdez doesn't think it's clever no you know she I think that ride that that Robbie Ramirez kid that be proud of Stephenson and amateurs I think if he was gonna fight valid as in his second the third professional fight he had vacate that belt we just upon you retire today he's award how you warrior you ducking they making war being a warrior synonymous with ducky Martin again no warrior okay bowed as a no water he no Spartan warrior he ain't no 300 warrior he ain't no Street warrior he ain't know who were he a pure Punk don't put warrior next to what God is ducking the dude with 12 with 12 wins ducking the favorites you ain't no warrior you a punk dude uh can i smoke had to rose me reverse it and Stephen said you know what you know Stephen 27 to know and valleys I don't know I wanna fight I'm gonna move up and you know but I like him with him oh you know you punk you coward you black in word you Flo mo nice clever for now you killer you can't find him find him all of a sudden Valdes come out here and he stinks of woman private area and everybody who you know how the family he ain't even know all attended at the Hall of Fame I knew this day won't go dead like I said before it is what it is we know he was dunking that smoke before his manager can do what everyone do don't put warrior with colouring it's not anyhow we rockin the boxing in a warrior in the house a more look to go make sure you get the back in the side door lock on the window Stephenson outside but I got no he is man appreciate it Valdes is taking the easy way out you know but don't forget we on Facebook Instagram Twitter reach out to the email if you have a business question inquiry sponsorship with video clips keep sharing the videos appreciate the love and support and don't forget to check our sponsor off the hill Blake's at the hill Blake's comm promo code good for the one boxing coach with 18 percent off 100 percent on extra products lotions soaps foot soaps bath bombs deodorant toothpaste hair pomade and much much more use their promo code good for the one box and get 18 percent off the hundred percent all natural products checking my website in the description you know arresting piece to the fighter Mad Max that passed away after fighting on the teeth him a Lopez card last Friday sad box community we don't like to have that you know you know hopefully you know his family is doing well and they take care of his family will one time for the one time y'all know what the business is

  • Valdez isn’t even a big 126. He is moving up to duck simple as that. Shakur is much bigger than Valdez. Oscar don’t want smoke 💨 lol

  • If the shoe was on the other foot, Top Rank had all the WW and PBC only had Errol. You think Bob would be calling to make that fight? or playing the cards the way PBC playing it… come on man…Bro I know you knew this already. The casuals dont. all these promoters make in house fight or same street fights only if they could. If you include the other street/side, you have to come to terms. Why ppl act like they dont know this can stop fights.. lol. One promoter want to have the upper hand and neither one trying to have that. its sad .. but thats what true.. dont be mad at Al Haymon for playing it how it goes.

  • stop talking about garry Russel he already got his ass beat by loma wich u guys like to claim loma is a hype job but I saw him beat the shit out a black fighter

  • Valdez not Fighting no damn Shakur at 126…..Valdez is VACATING and would rather make Shakur a RETIREMENT fight in the future at 130 or 140…..Super Star Stevenson!!!!!

  • Oscar valdez is toast if he fights stevenson he getting whooped if he moves to 130lbs all the champions beat him.He will try fight herring and get cooked

  • Dude why do you just ramble on and repeat yourself three times? You even get off topic a lot. This video was suppose to be about Stevenson vs Valdez but you started talking about the UK boxing scene, perception of the WBC belt, etc. It’s getting harder to listen to your videos lately.

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