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Watch Shaq Surprise A Stunned 50 Cent Mid-Interview: ‘As Long As It’s Not Wendy Williams’

Priceless moments with Shaq, especially when he met 50 for the first time.>>50 cent is out there. I’m going to crash the interview.>>We know you and Wendy had some back and forth. Were you surprised by that?>>I was. I think it was –>>Oh!>>50, I got to introduce you to somebody who you talked to. But you never met before.>>Oh.>>Come on out, my boyfriend. Where is he? [ Bleep ]>>Hold on a second. Wait a second. What did you say when he walked through?>>I said as long as it is not Wendy Williams.>>Come on in, Shaq. Sit right there. I can’t believe you never met.>>I don’t mean to crash. But she said 50 cent is in I never met him. We talked about business before. But I’m a big fan of yours.>>Shaq, oh.>>You’re doing a great job, bro.>>Trying to keep it cool. We good. We good.>>Trying to stay cool.>>Every now and then I have NBA beats with other guys, I say don’t mess with me, I’m with 50 cent. I’m telling you now, you mess with me, I’ll come out with a mix tape.>>We were just talking about that. So Wendy Williams is on “Watch what happens live ,” she said nice things. We were thinking, if you were ever to have a reunion special, with Wendy Williams, we would love to host it.>>Yes.>>Just put Shaq between us. In case things get out of hand.>>Good times.>>She said a lot of stuff about me. Over the years, she just been picking on me for a while.>>Why?>>I don’t know. I guess because of, you know, hip-hop, a lot of things come and go fast.>>Right.>>A lot of artists come in, they’re in passing, a lot of one hit wonders.>>They do. Every now and then, yeah. But I look at it as all part of the business.>>Let’s exchange numbers.


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