Watch Dogs 2 Road to Platinum – Trophy Guide Roadmap to Platinum

greetings my friends welcome to the watchdog's to River to platinum a trophy guide to help you get your platinum trophy and what in my opinion is a very good game if I gave official review scores I would give this say 9 of 10 but how difficult is it to get the platinum trophy well it's not hard at all I would rate this a 3 out of 10 on the Platinum difficulty scale much easier than the first game if you platinum the first game you'll be happy to know that you don't have to play any drinking games or collect any songs so here's the basic outline there are 50 trophies in the game 19 of them are split between the main story and side operations a 5 of them are online trophies but don't worry too much about the online trophies they're actually pretty simple and relatively quick to get none of the trophies are miscible and when you jump into a game for the first time we'll start working on the main story missions during your playthrough you'll be presented with several side operations you do not have to complete all the side operations the only ones tied to trophies are each art challenge shadows false prophets 911 Solon you'll probably want to do some of the other ones anyways as it's a good way to increase your followers which in turns helps you unlock more skill upgrades speaking of upgrades spend your research points however you wish but upgrading the jumper with the speed boosts and enhance spring as they're not only great but will come into play for finding some of the key data the key data while not technically classified as collectibles act just as if they were there are 24 of them you must find all 24 use my key data video guide if you need help finding them key data are used for crafting the upgrades however for the researcher trophy you only need to find the key data and not actually craft the skill associated with it there is no trophy for crafting all the skills but you'll be but you'll be able to get all of them if you want even after completing the game now one thing to keep in mind if you want to platinum the game quickly is that you need to purchase 25 vehicle from car dealers and buy one two-handed weapon so I'd advise you to purchase those first before you start going on a shopping spree buy all the clothes in the world the vehicles can get expensive but the total motors dealerships offer the cheapest cars for each of the categories there's a few different total motors dealerships you'll see them on the map now let's take a moment now and address the online trophies you need to successfully invade another hacker this is just like the original game where you will need to hack another player and remain in the purple circle until the hack is complete it's actually far more fun this time because of the tools that we get as players however it makes it a little bit more difficult to complete the hack because of drones and the net hack and everything so I recommend staying far away from the other player using vehicle hacks and a faraway vehicles to trick the target into thinking you're some place that you're not the other method is to find an afk player I found more than a few of them and I'm certain I myself was the afk player – probably dozens of people next up you need to complete five dead SEC events these are random events that pop up from time to time you will see the notification above your mini-map and you can press the touchpad to set a waypoint or find it in the phone app just complete five and I'm the random objectives and they're not too difficult now there are two trophies that are tied to bounty hunter mode you need to neutralize one bounty hunter while the target of the Mountie and then successfully neutralize five fuse of fugitives as the bounty hunter you need to access this game mode from your multi multiplayer smartphone app select bounty hunter and then you can select if you want to be the bounty hunter or the fugitive it's a fun game mode where you'll be dealing with the police at the same time as other player now a final multiplayer trophy is for successfully completing one online co-op operation you can access co-op from the multi player smartphone app or you can go to one of the icons on the world map this needs to be done with another player and can't be done solo but there is matchmaking if you don't have any friends on so that's it for the online trophies and then all that's really left it are the miscellaneous trophies and these are pretty simple tasks such as completing each of the races at least once which you don't even need to win other trophies include buying specific clothing petting ten dogs jumping 140 meters taking a photo of someone vomiting etc I'll check the description below as I always list the trophy list in every video I make and check my channel for videos for many of those miscellaneous trophies and that's pretty much it I would probably estimate that it'll take 2025 hours to Platinum the game but if I could be way off is I spent a lot of time doing other stuff recording videos making guides and everything but once you platinum this game you'll still actually have plenty of other stuff you can do I highly recommend you do that because it's a lot of fun go out and try to get some of the unique vehicles there's seven of them and go play online there's many other side operations that you may still have to complete that's it that guys I want to thank you so much for watching this guide if you liked it hit the like button let me know your thoughts on this game once you get it and we'll see you soon


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