WATCH Cameron Boyce's Final Descendants Interview

you know the old adage is you know just don't judge a book by its cover it lets someone really be who they who they are and you know so it's a it's a it's a cool thing that we that we that we tell Cameron voices final descendants interview was just released by Disney going back to the first movie it was very much you know we have labels and we have designated places for these people that we have placed labels on and very quickly learn that once you sort of take a label off of someone and just let them sort of thrive in whatever environment they are in you can see the best come out of someone the interview which was shot prior to the 20 year olds untimely death earlier this month features the late actor talking about descendants three and so to be able to you know sort of tell a story in which we say you know it doesn't matter where you come from it doesn't matter who you are we are going to accept you for who you are that's when people really start to sort of take in and surroundings and just kind of go free you know Disney also released some behind the scenes footage featuring voice and his co-stars voices co-stars also sat down for interviews with the Disney cameras rolling and opened up about the final chapter of the franchise it's going to be incredibly emotional for for us in the fans of descendants we've been on this beautiful ride together for five years now I think fans are gonna enjoy most about to send in three the relationships on-screen because they're so authentic I see people who are family at this point I think fans are going to love the musical numbers because I think we've just built up to this I really do ét caught up with the cast in May where they reflected on saying goodbye to their descendants characters how was it onset knowing that I mean were you guys emotional it was it definitely heightens everything tied into every single day for us every day was goober emotional and just every thing became more special because we knew it was the end especially the last few days for the four of us because you know it all started with the four of us and have changed our live lives you just kind of thought it was very sad I'm really really happy with what Disney allowed us to do and you know the emotion that they allowed us to portray and yeah it's my favorite of the three films for sure


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