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okay Chicago police have just released footage of Jesse's mullet from the night of his alleged attack last January and just a warning some in our audience might find this video very disturbing to watch it is body cam footage from officers arriving to the empire star's apartment inside it's Jesse with his face blurred but you can see the noose around his neck right there on the heels of all of this Jesse's legal jumbles may not be over NBC News reports a judge has assigned a special prosecutor who could if reasonable grounds exists bring new criminal charges against him since the beginning jesse has maintained his innocence and deny the incident was a hoax should this previously unseen footage have been released no I mean with a hard no hard no why the problem is whether you think Jesse smiler did it or didn't do it I know that everybody deserves a fair trial and I feel right now if the special prosecutor comes on if they take this back to trial now we have more of this video footage that was previously sealed and now people are gonna read the headlines they're gonna see these videos they're gonna read the comments how do you find a jury that can be impartial to that like that's my issue because think about the 80s and the 90s to get this kind of news coverage to get these stories you had to open up a newspaper on the weekends the big Sunday paper and you have to go through all of these things and you got to read it with unbiased sound because newspapers didn't write like we write our team Z rights or whatever rights didn't get out as fast either a news just didn't get out as fast now you have people reading news that's skewed one way or the other how do you find a jewelry jury that can be biased and biased about that I mean if you can in many cases of nowadays right whether it's a celebrity or not it's just the way that things are covered especially if you're a local resident it's gonna be very hard to have not read or being impacted by something so it's difficult in itself and that's a bigger kind of legal question I think actually that that it was fine for the police to release this his face is blur because when they took the footage initially like he was considered to be the victim obviously he then he came to an agreement with the DA not that he would be guilty of it but just that he would be let off the charge and now the police department are suing him as far as for all of the overtime and all the payments and how much it costs them to investigate this I think it's right that a special counsel a special prosecutor has been I'm allocating to this to relook at everything but I actually think this is a bigger issue this is actually about the police department versus the DA and whether an agreement should have been made and as much as I think if somebody is charged with a crime that they should be presumed guilty I also think that the police department if they they they should also have their time that their side be had – but we all have an opinion about this case right like everybody everybody who has been following this case as an opinion and I found myself back in kind of square one and I thought okay this video footage is coming out you know Chris I'm gonna try to like erase everything I've heard and I'm just gonna watch this with you know a blank slate and I found myself again thinking all of these questions like well why why did he keep the noose around his his neck for so long why does it play so but I do understand – because he wanted to make sure the police saw this but it is it kind of gives Jesse as much as you know it is kind of unfair because people are gonna be judging it kind of gives them a little bit of a freshly homily because we are trying to now see exactly what happened we have a little bit more to the story but when you read the story and you look at the video yes you see the video clip and it says Jesse smile at you know body cam footage yada yada yada if you scroll down one more paragraph it takes you through the whole case as seen by that website sighs Jesse solid accused of I've done another aa everyone thought he faked it yada yada yada you getting old information all over again and to your point yes the police should have their day Court but what people in what right mine are what world do you get to release evidence before a jury gets to see it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling break in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • I will bet all the money in the world the gay black guy supported Jussie before the evidence against him came out….. I bet anything he would support evidence coming out against the perpetrators if the crime was real…. now that a gay black man faked a hate crime he wants all the evidence suppressed

  • Jussie stepped out after case was sealed and closed and accused all the people who acted upon his allegations and said they are wrong  and lied. He stated he was assaulted even when he knew most people believed him a liar. One person on trial here Jussie, one person lying Jussie, one person needs to be sentenced for trying to create a hate war JUSSIE. Hs momma raised a liar and deceitful child and called him jussie. Apologise, pay reparations and you will see that people do forgive, but maybe not forget.

  • I wanna ask Juicy if when he's done with that "noose" if I can use it to tie down my next Christmas tree to the roof of my car 😂😂😂

  • We all have an opinion about this case. That opinion is that this was a hoax. No one keeps a noose around their neck after an attack in "MAGA country" lmao. Why can't people just admit the obvious truth? Smollett Staged a hoax and now he's been exposed as a liar

  • How is this dude talking about impartial judgements when most often all of this stuff is accessible to the public. Jussie is guilty too. Anyone with a single brain cell knows that at this point. The public is influenced by public evidence, Jussie boasting as if he is some sort of martyr, or in his words ‘gay tupac’ smh… con man . He deserves no defense. We know all the information already. It’s not impartial.

  • of course it should be a re trial. its so obvious he's guilty. and the fact the case and verdict suddenly changed last minute…ya…theres fish going on.

  • The noose!! Ha ha. He barely unraveled the clothesline from the way it is wrapped up in the store!!
    Of course the gaywad is defending this fraud.

  • Lie: ✅
    Case closed.
    These MSM puppets actually think we're asking for their approval before deciding what to think.
    This guy just put forward an argument that factual footage is discrimination let that sink in. Is he really that mad or does he think we're that stupid that if he repeats the lie over and over again it will convince us of it? These people are no better than Jussie. In fact they are worse because when presented with the facts they are still defending him. This guy has conveniently forgotten to mention that the handling of Jussie's case was ONLY sealed and put to bed by those who called in favours to have it sealed and put to bed. Jussie did not receive the fair public trial where all the evidence was presented before the people. He got off because of who he knows.

  • Juicy Fruitcup aka the gay Tupac MOAR like Da FudgePac is about to get REKT
    What was that KNITTING YARN?
    man that little GheyBoi is soo annoying

  • I am deeply disturbed by Jussie's pairing of a haute-couture threaded scarf with that prêt-à-porter knitted sweater, please tell me these two cops were the fashion police

  • I was thinking yes until I actually listened to what the man in the middle said. However, it isn't the fault of the CPD so much as the request from the media (at least I think).
    Anyhow, there's no way that Jussie didn't notice the noose around his neck. It's not even a noose it's a loooooong rope. Like something you'd use as a clothing hanger or to jump rope.

  • As Jussie is re arrested for this Hoax, he stops in front of the media cameras and says "Oh you have no idea how wonderful it is to be back in the sportlight. And I promise you, I will never desert you people ever again. And when this trial is finished, I Jussie Smollett will make another hoax, and another hoax. It will just be me, the cameras and those wonderful people watching me in the dark on TV". (camera pans to close up of Jussie's face and then fades away)

  • Why there not this understand and compassionate for the right?
    I think that dude can relate to "Jussie" in more than to ways, so he doesn't want all this to surface that "Jussie" will be doing time and that there's no right wing hate attacks as he portrayed.

    To those whom will reply, don't wait your time in showing me hate if all you preach is tolerance.
    Pax Tibi!

  • Didn't he say that he was "convinced" to call the police an HOUR later? A person who had no intention to report the incident would not have kept the yarn around his neck and clothes with bleach on them….ummm…..where's the bleach? Did he put everything back on to "show" the police? hot mess…

  • that was the most disturbing interview i ever heard,,the guy is retarted if he trys to down play it…Jussie profited you idiot and got a lot of people in stop supporting a criminal

  • Jūssie is going to prison!! This little punk wanted to start a race war and tried to make Trump supporters seem racist! He deserves everything he gets!

    This idiot was willing to throw two innocent ppl in jail for however long AND then he was willing to throw his two “friends” AKA his dealer in jail!!!

    Use your brain! God gave out basic common sense for a reason!

  • NOOSE!?!?!?!? Took the tassel from the window shades and threw them around his neck before the cops got there lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What's funnier is that the assailants took an uber to commit the "hate crime" and there was a camera on every street which shows them leaving the taxi! Hilarious

  • This WAS very disturbing to me!!! Its beyond disturbing that you can have evidence so obvious that someone is faking a hoax and not proceed with follow up action!! Jussie wearing some sort of a tasseled fake noose that no self respecting hillbilly would be caught dead with! Then the police even say "uhmmm you want to take that off?". Then if you REALLY want to see whos CALLING THE SHOTS……the police actually say "yes we are recording….BUT ITS YOUR HOUSE…..we can turn it off if you want". WHAT????????? WHAT???????????? When is the last time you heard the police say something like that? Lastly the two dudes HE HIRED to attack him are dressed like STORM SHADOW TWINS from GI JOE???? Seriously…..this massive all white Hazmat looking get up with the storm shadow mask and everything…..right inside the cab??? So Jussie didnt recognize the two dudes hes been buying drugs off of because they were wearing THAT GET UP???? Oh…..and they were supposed to be WHITE? LOL…..Hazmat suits dont make you white Jussie……their faces are not even fully covered by ANY MEANS????? LOL……Why could the actual attack NOT be on camera????? Jussie beats up two storm shadow attackers while eating a subway sandwich……..I HAVE TO SEE THAT!!!!!! I dont want to take credit for the Storm Shadow comparison……check out the Amazing Lucas….a youtuber that calls them out on this!!!!!!! MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for helping seal the deal in 2020 Jussie… came HARD AT 45 bro……….WOW!!!!!

  • I was kinda of going with his story until he said they were screaming at him "this is maga country". Lol, that was a bit too much.

  • That guy needs to go! He’s dumb, they already proved Jussie lied! Why is he trying to get him off🤮🤮🤮🤮

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