Warner Bro's REALLY wants JOKER to be an Oscar Contender

hey what's going on everyone how you guys doing today my name is Matt Jarboe this is three bucks theater and you know Warner's is is in a weird position and I've and I've talked about this quite a bit because I don't know if they know exactly what they're doing the DC EU is on a good roll right now Aquaman Shazam both great films The Joker upcoming looks like it's gonna be a great film but they still kind of feel like they're off balance if I'm being fair it comes across as being extremely off-balance and one that's unfortunate because it's this is DC they've got like a great cast of characters they've got great villains great good guys mostly all Batman let's be fair their best stuff is all Batman but one of the things that that they have under their belt or well at least they want to have under their belt more so than Marvel is a Best Picture winner now we know that when it came to the Oscars this year they gave it to they had a head black panther nominated for Best Picture which is which was an absolute joke it was a slap in the face to the Oscars even though the Oscars generally suck as it is we all know that it was just done for political purposes we all know that it was done because they want they just wanted to give the give the movie the award I mean they went as far as wanting to create a special most popular film award and everyone was like just give it to Black Panther we already know you're going to why even bother and that was kind of a slap in the face for the Oscars but Kevin Feige to his credit I mean he played it apart he played it up hard didn't win one on one Oscar I think for best costuming but hey that's one that I do believe that it is ultimately worth but when it comes to the the narrative aspect the production aspect of these films obviously they want to win which is why the Joker directed by todd phillips here is being seriously touted around as a contender as an actual contender now todd phillips thinks the joker can win venice film festivals top prize festival director thinks it's headed for the oscars this is music music to Warner Brothers ears they want this because the one thing Marvel doesn't have outside of a lack of resources because they've they've made a lot of money accolades I mean none of their movies have had a Best Supporting Actor win that would be obviously I crack Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight back in 2009 he won for that and you know I mean posthumously he won still won still worth it in my opinion um but they don't have that Marvel doesn't have that Marvel wants it Kevin Feige got a taste he got a taste of what of what that life could be and if he was able to deliver Oscars to Disney over Marvel films it would be insane but anyway todd phillips is making that gun right and making that play right now now it says here it's still a little bit too early for us to be seriously thinking about next year's Oscars ceremony but it's apparently not too early for Venice Film Festival artistic director Audibel Barbarella in a recent interview he says Todd Phillips I don't know that accent was I apologize upcoming Joker movie is the most surprising film at this year's festival predicts that it will go straight to the Oscars and explains how Phillips himself is confident the movie can win the Golden Lion which is the top prize now in an interview Barbara said that it's rare for a major studio like Warner Brothers to debut one of its big films and competition at a festival like this especially a movie based around a comic-book character but I think you have to understand though is that this this character this this this piece was created as a character study it was always going to be that type of drama it's coming out right in Oscar season it does it's it's a mixture of Scorsese it's it's got Kings comedy built in but you know other aspects as well the king of comedy and it feels like it's a it's an award movie that it's a filmmaker driven comic book adaptation that by the way follows nothing to do with the comics according to Todd Phillips and this is being crafted as pure unadulterated Oscar mate now this is what he says he says yes as usual they wanted to be in a more protected situation as with the Stars born last year which launched out of competition but then director Todd Phillips says I don't care if I run the risk of not winning why shouldn't I go in competition when I know what I've got on our hands now Phillips is a good director I like the guy quite a bit so I want to see what happens here going on to say this is Barbera I have to say Warner's was pretty convinced pretty rapidly because it's a really surprising film it's the most surprising film we've got this year this one's going straight to the Oscars even though it's gritty dark violent it has amazing ambition and scope and then the question becomes could it could it actually win could it could it win well we don't know yet we haven't seen it but just based upon the trailer the trailer alone for Joker is going to get it in the door at a lot of these places right they're gonna premiere it at the Venice Film Festival clearly it's gonna hit all the other ones clearly it's gonna go right out there for awards season and if it does well with fans there's gonna be a big push because even when Heath Ledger passed away and everyone then six months down the road after he unfortunately passed watch The Dark Knight the word coming out of that was jerked you got dear god he was great he was fantastic he deserves the Oscar and that got the Academy talking and I got the buzz going and then Warner Brothers launched a good campaign in order to make it happen because really it was between Heath Ledger and and Robert Downey jr. for for Best Supporting Actor that year I think had Heath Ledger not died I might have edged it right over to Downey jr. just because Tropic Thunder is perfect beyond measure in my opinion so there's that but Todd Phillips can craft a good dark comedy put on top of that a fantastic character study you're looking at Oscar bait there's no other way to describe it there's no other way around it this is this is where it's at this is what they're going for but anyway I'll leave it to you your thoughts your opinions on this one do you feel that there's gonna be big it's gonna be small I want to hear your thoughts do you have a shot is it gonna be a contender Kenan I want to know let me know down in the comments also slap on a like if you liked the video if you got this far slip on a like let's try to get it 200 ok good response yesterday it straight try to try to get the 200 and then you can always check my for more content for me so I appreciate that have yourself a great day guys and as always I'll see you at the movies cuz this is one I don't think you can really miss them anyway have a great day and peace up

  • How many Joker's Movies already been made? I love Hash as a breakfast, But not another Joker movie. Even if a Joker Movie Actor wins best actor….I would still just not watch the movie. Of course a joker movie with a 'crybaby bully' role for Joker is probably is what is going to happen.

  • They have already announced this movie has no connection to Batman and for me at least The Joker lives when bouncing off The Dark Knight. Without him The Joker is just a crazy criminal and movie history is full of such characters. I have no doubt Phoenix will get a best actor nod, he is an amazing actor, but I just don't think it will do the numbers at the box office WB seems to think it will. And lets be honest, who really cares about the Oscars any more.

  • Black Panther won more than just one Oscar. It won Best Costume, Best Production Design and Best Score. Which in my option it all deserved.

    Best Picture nomination I admit was a strange and troubling choice if I say the least.

  • Black panther, youre definitely right. Oscar bullshit, not that great of a film. And im black and Italian for all the racists and i hate black ppl ppl out there

  • I don’t know. I think people are looking at this all wrong. It really just looks like what you not expect. I feel Phoenix will live up to it, but the story seems it will fall flat and have no place to fit in the DC universe. Unless it’s canon with Nolan’s , that would be actually interesting.

  • Geoge Lucas should do a Green Lantern trilogy. Let's face it, that's the great DC unexploited franchise, the Space Opera always being awaited to be adapted and taken more as a character/actor vehicle than really a whole fucking universe. George Lucas can say "fuck you!" to Disney by directing a Green Lantern trilogy marketed to being compaired with the trilogy he sold to Disney. I think that would be a great sendoff letter before he's traigcally deviated to that highway to hell in the sky.

  • It was rumored to be premiered in venice. And there it is
    Joaquin phoenix is a good actor, 100% sure for oscars nomination next year

  • DC knows exactly what they are doing. They are no longer focused on team based films, they are working on standalone films first and foremost.

    So i really dont know what you are expecting from them, they dont have to cater to your expectations.

  • Joker is NOT an Oscar bait movie. As long as Endgame gets a Best Picture Oscar nomination, I would be fine with that. But I just have to wait for the critic reviews for Joker when it comes out. Let’s hope that Joaquin Phoenix’s performance could be better than Jared Leto’s awkward performance in Suicide Squad.

  • Marvel 2019 goals: cash
    Dc 2019 goals: oscar

    Well, at least someone focuses on a good story telling instead of going woke. I hope joaquin as the joker will get an oscar nomination, at least

  • Tropic thunder is perfect😂 Tom cruise was great and so was jack black. It always shocks me that rdj played a role in that movie

  • the award for being the best minority of the year goes to…..some random indy movie you never heard of.

  • If that terrible Suicide Squad movie can win an Oscar (it was for Hair & Makeup but still) then I see no reason why Joker doesn't have a chance.

  • OMG I WANT TO SEE THE JOKER SO MUCH!!! for me so far Alita: battle angel is the best movie of the year but I hope joker takes that place 🙂

  • I'm not doubting in the slightest that this movie will win Oscars. Here's what I'm worried about though. The movie is already being called anti politically correct by some overly sensitive Twitter babies which is both good and bad. Good meaning the movie won't have any bullcrap agenda or hidden politics. Bad because these people will more than likely review bomb the shit out of it.

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