War Veterans Discard Medals in Rejection of Militarism and War

we are members of veterans for peace an X services organization of men and women who have served this country in every conflict since the Second World War we exist in the hope of convincing you that war is not the solution to the problems of the 21st century we have come here today to hand back things given to us as soldiers that we no longer require or once this is my oath of allegiance it's something I had to recite in order to get the job as a soldier a 15 years old I had little understanding of its true meaning now I fully understand the words that have no meaning at all this is my oath of allegiance this was a contract between the monarchy the British government and a 15 year old child and no longer loyal to the government or the monarchy I made this safe when I was 19 years old it required me to obey orders without question I am no longer bound by this contract this is why I'll be hurt they've been bullying me as a soldier and a cock the miliion machine I reject militarism this is my army hat this was given to me as a 16 year old boy I reject militarism I reject war and it means nothing to me I used to wear this hat as a soldier and used to have great significance to me I no longer want to keep hold of this symbol of militarism that Cotta me or keeping the peace and waging war they are trinkets pseudo payments but really all they represent but really all these represent is the self-interest of those in there who hold power these are my medals these were given to me as a reward for invading other people's countries and murdering their civilians I'm not handing them back I was doing these medals for service or operations with the British Army this particular medal here was given to me for my part in the occupation of Iraq whilst that was over there I attacked civilians in their homes and took away their men to be tortured in prison I no longer want this despicable thing this is where they gave me I never saw much Oh you

  • You know it's serious when an SAS veteran throws his medals. Takes some balls from all three of you and you have my respect!

  • Any elected president will probally come out with another war. Your 5 year of democratic presidency caused delema to the people,fighting all the meaningless war through out the century.

  • Bravo!! These men have courage and bravery. I am glad that there are people willing to stand up to governments and their imperialist and vindictive wars. Stand up for peace! War is NOT the answer!

  • the oath of allegiance is to the monarchy? sounds like a dictatorship like the soviet union where they swear an oath to the leader. I thought in a so called democracy the oath of allegiance would be to the people or the constitution.

  • true patriot who loves his country so much he refuses to play along with the criminals who run in and wants it in the hands of GOOD people.

  • I am now teach my friend about child soldiers, Just weeks since Tobias Ellwood defending use of child soldiers. Keep up the work, no offence meant, what your are doing now is making an emapact. I will make an appointment to see him.

  • we are waking up, teach our young not to figth for these jew terriorst…. they are runing many military s around the world and started slavery of all none jews,

    Veterans throw away their war medals in disgust at British air strikes in Syria

  • Good To Them….They fell for that job while young and dumb and it makes them walk tall in power and destroy people that don't answer to power…..they don't even have that much power and it keeps them childish and ignorant, because they never had to face their own issues, just take orders and things work out….someone the can't even see is involved. What a mess! Needs to end and change to something else in this world where people aren't put into money competitions and power competitions against each other to the point of destruction and death….

  • I have recently got my service record and joined Veterans for peace. God bless these men who started this organisation. I threw my medals into Buckingham palace with 20 other ex service men. Now veterans around Europe are joining us. This grows rapidly!

  • Wow. Wow. Wow. I'd like to see the cops doing this too, realizing that they are corporate forces, not "protecting and defending the people" at all.

  • In the best of rue British tradition, you gentlemen are more than welcome to sit, chat and join me or, better still, me with you, for a cup of tea anytime. It's a shame that those who do not want or really need the profits they garner from 'staged wars' (apart from greeed which they all aspire to) are allowed to walk free amongst men, men like yourselves who truly know and understand the destruction, horror and atrocities these wars bring.

  • each to their own, me i'm proud to have served my country, from age of 15 years of age, I wear my medals with pride, so those who died in the conflict I served in are not forgotten, however I feel convinced with all of my being, the the M.O.D. is the greatest enemy a ex -serviceman will have, treated with contempt by their former employer, and I would gladly like to see our current service people say    fcuk  this and walk away, we need to support our military not castigate them, while the  the politicians who failed and sent people in harms way, are still are still untouched and make millions,  SGT Blackman  Royal Marines rots in jail for 'murder' on a foreign battlefield !  while the police who killed Mr Jon Paul De Menezes, are not punished and we do not even know their names.

  • I cried. Great men who have the courage to speak up! We need more awaken people like this! Medals = piece of metal and papers are… well, only paper. The only thing we should serve it the Truth.

  • I am so proud of you 3 brave men. Your past does not define you; you are defined by the actions you take now. Your actions have filled me with hope and faith, and I am grateful for that. Thank you.

  • If only we could stick with these kind of people no matter what country they are from…..World would be a different story for better! Respect from SERBIA!

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