War of Awards – After the Show

[Applause] it was honestly really cool to see I never thought like I would have such a good time with these there was less people there which actually made it more fun because yeah the last people like sometimes people say that's bad but it was actually pretty good was it me like a hundred people last year or something like that is a lot less people made it more fun because you get to connect without every everyone else inside there and you guys can have fun about yeah no I have enjoyed it a lot it was I was out of my element but it was a nice change of pace made me feel surprisingly comfortable because of it was a more familial environment not so overwhelming and feeling like all the judging eyes on you it felt a lot more to just have a casual debating atmosphere and honestly I'd open my eyes to a couple of other games that I otherwise wouldn't have appreciated I had some fun I can argue my game can you are yours

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