Wanda Sykes' special entrance as BARBARELLA at the AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute to Jane Fonda

ladies and gentlemen Wanda Sykes Oh you might want to get out of here you in the wrong neighborhood to be in that outfit good luck with that Jane Jane Jane Barbarella Jane what the hell were you thinking these nice people are giving you an award after Barbarella proven people are willing to forgive anything so chin up rosario Dawson where you saw your chin up chin up sweetheart I'm gonna tell you Barbarella was way worse than Pluto Nash you all right girl you know I love you and do you know how hard it is to get this outfit not hard at all every adult store Hollywood Boulevard hands up his stock sizes to 246 and I gotta tell y'all this not many people know this but I actually patterned my life after Jane I did she married a French guy I married a French woman she adopted a black daughter I adopted two white kids by the way James we got some good news this week looks like our whole family can now go to clipper games together so Jane in the end despite the Oscars and the AFI Life Achievement Award when your time finally has come the first sentence in the obituary is going to be Jane Fonda whose most famous movie role was Barbarella passed away today at the age of 132 while filming and exercise video cuz I'm sorry Jane but anyone who saw Barbarella when they see you that's all they can think of you dressed like me okay maybe there's a few other things they think of like all those amazing films you've made over career whose length and breadth is one of the greatest of all time like the fact that you were never afraid to speak out for causes you believe in like the fact that when it comes to equality fairness and belief that everyone should have the same fundamental human rights you have been or the forefront of that battle Jane you are my hero and even though this is still the dumbest look at outfit of all-time and that's coming from a woman who was in Pootie Tang congratulations Ain love you you


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