Vote for Our Favorite- Jason Aldean for ACM's Entertainer of the Year!

my name is Kimberly and I've been a huge Jason Aldean fan for years however Jason Aldean hi we are from a small town in Virginia and we are Jason honey the number one fan I met him I forgot my name when I met him he is so much more than an entertainer he is a wonderful wonderful reminder of our good friend Holly Hitman Hart Jason I already loved you but if you can help a single mom entertain a wide-open two-year-old you are very literally my entertainer of the year no I think I might be raising his biggest fan we believe that he's the immigrant here because he puts on such a great conservation you are our entertainer of the year Jason Aldean knows that he's such an inspiration I think Jason Aldean you should win Entertainer of the Year cuz he's better


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