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Vocal Coach Reacts To Seal – Kiss From A Rose – Crazy – Live – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I wanted to do a vocal coach reacts to Seal because he’s just a phenomenally
talented guy. I know he’s an older artist or whatnot he’s actually still pretty
well known and still sells out a lot of shows. So I want to start with I haven’t
seen these yet but I’ve been wanting to see them and I did a little edit myself
just to edit two songs together so we had more than just one song to react to
but I went ahead and did his two big hits “Kiss From A Rose” and another song called “Crazy”. I haven’t done a Seal song yet so I’m tempted to sing one of these myself
and put that up as a vocal demonstration but buddy of mine Jeff Scott Soto he’s one of
the lead vocalist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra he’s song on one of my records
actually it was called Wake The Nations. He does a killer live version of “Crazy”
and it’s kind of a more of a metal version of it but in a cool way like a
classy kind of way not just you know fortuitous metal. So check that out when
you get a chance but let’s go ahead and dive into Seal and here we go. Nice velvety tone. So sexy and smooth. Love all that air. Ok now he’s gonna go into the chorus here. What’s so unique for me about the song is
not only his tone is cool, he his note choices are really unique. You know he’s got some really unique note choices and you know when you combine that with his tone the
way he presents his craft, his art he uses a lot of really sexy midvoice kind
of like Luther Vandross does, has all these years One more thing that’s interesting too is very memorable but a pretty tough tune to
sing because the intervals that he’s singing in have to be really spot-on or
it sounds really awful and so he’s really crisp and spot-on on his intonation when he does the singing. So let’s really pay attention to that as I don’t
want to destroy just hanging out and having a good time enjoying the song but
I have to point the technical side of this stuff out too. How do you write something like that. Cool. Beautiful song. Very memorable. Those intervals. Interesting note choice. Now a side note he was married to someone that I was kind of in love with a long time ago. Not in love with I just liked her. I was married at the time so it wasn’t like that kind of love but Heidi Klum and I
guess they had a split. I guess he had some anger issues or something so she
couldn’t hang out with him. I think he has four kids or something and I what
a shame though because they were married a long time and it was obvious
that you know she wasn’t just going after a guy with hot looks or whatever.
She was going after his heart and his personality and you know his talent and just
everything that made him him and so it’d have been nice to have seen that last a
little longer but anyway so let’s continue. See all those note choices. His voice, I talked before about Harry
Belafonte. He has that kind of gravelly and not just a distorted voice but like a specific kind of gravelness gravelly sound to his voice. So listen to some Harry Belafonte too. I was a.. I guess he was from the Caribbean or something if I’m not
mistaken anyway and they have a very similar tone and texture to their sound.
Very cool. Nice orchestration, pretty stage. These guys all have cool stages man. I love having an orchestra as the band. Big sound. Really nice change. Now I noticed I mean obviously he’s
gotten older over the years and he’s not necessarily a technically correct singer.
If you listen to some of this exact song or “Crazy” as we’re coming up I don’t know
cause I haven’t heard it yet but I’m assuming because it’s probably around the same time era, later in life. You know he’s missing some of the strength in his
sound so I kind of miss that cause he had a lot of really good a passion in
his voice and right now it’s kind of all soft and subtle and you know whatever.
Which is still really awesome and his pitch is killer, tone’s really good but I
miss some of the energy out of his voice from back when. Makes me wanna sing. Beautiful melody man. Really nice. Cool. Ah here’s “Crazy”. Can’t you hear a metal version of this guitar. You know something that’s really
interesting, this is obviously a different show right, different
performance but notice how consistent the music production is. It’s a different
band I would assume right and different stage, different you know dynamics,
ambient dynamics in the room and yet I’m wanna back up for a minute. I want
you to hear the previous song and hear that consistency whoever the sound guy
is probably the same sound guy because he’s nailing his sound like the
record exactly like it in two different environments at two different times with
a completely different venue. So let me back this up a little bit and take a
listen to just the audio portion. I’m an audio geek, in fact I’ve won awards
for engineering so you can look that up by the way go to Wikipedia you can check
out all the different weirdness that I’ve gotten myself.. all the trouble I’ve
gotten myself into but check this out, check out the the consistency of the
production. Even the volume. Of his voice to the music. I’m trying to get enough of it to where you can hear it. Right. Watch. Sounds like the same concert. See what i mean. I want that sound engineer to run my sound for me. I can still hear Jeff Scott Soto on guitar. Oh he’s got a whole orchestra, how awesome is that. Good songs man. Ok now obviously he’s running track cause there a (sings) the background he’s not singing, there’s no lip-syncing in his original voice but like there’s obviously other
vocals on there. Listen in the background of this real quick. His mic’s away from him and then watch. It’s just effect. I love that orchestra. Makes me wanna sing. Oh this is different. This isn’t in the original song so. We’re watching this together. See now I wanna…I gotta point something out. I just gotta do this. I wasn’t gonna say anything but I just got Tourette’s syndrome I just gotta say what I think. I was listening..I was watching all the Caucasians going and I’m thinking to myself dude the groove’s just on the one end and then there’s this one little white girl that she gets it man look at right here. She’s like I’m not gonna do that what this other guy’s doing man I’m gonna beat to my own drum so watch this, check it out. These are little things I notice,
I get little voices going on in my head what can I say but check it out. She’s grooving. She’s got it going on. Awesome. Killer man. This whole performance was awesome. And I never actually got to see him live but
man I can’t wait to get a chance to do that at some point. So anyway if you
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how to get all of this greatness maybe not all this greatness but some of
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  • Now SEAL, next SIA, ok? :)) Sorry for trolling, I love you!! Pick anything from these goodies!!

  • Hello! I love your video!
    I have a 12 year old daughter who loves to sing. Do you recommend a female vocal coach for females & a male for males?
    She has just begun singing lessons apart from her school choir, but they aren’t as in depth as I hoped. The choir is phenomenal & she can read music & things….
    Also, would you recommend her learn guitar or piano first?

    Off to watch more of your videos! 😊

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  • Wow. I didn't know you did engineering work too. If you don't have one, do you think you will ever design a course for audio engineering? Perhaps it would be useful for aspiring artists that want to be independent in that part of making their music.

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  • He's got so many good songs…And this waltz, yup, it's a waltz is one of my favorites. Such a smooth, rich and del voice. Pure velvet. One of my all-time favorites. Funny, this song inspired a love story I wrote, in a scifi setting! Kiss by a rose.
    Crazy was one of his first hits. I really love the original versión. Such a sensitive singer-songwriter. And yup, nobody's voice lasts forever. He's a bit younger than me. I'm 56. I'm also a sound geek!

  • Speaking of Luther……🥰🥰🥰🥰🦋…..maybe a review of one of his, like a house is not a home, etc..I know he did a lot of Carole Bayer Sanger and Burt Bacharach songs…lovely and wonderful ♥️♥️♥️👏🏼👏🏼🌞🌞🌞

  • I love that song! I self sung that song often. Lovely song and great reaction Mr. Ken Tamplin! Thank you very much! Always love your videos!

  • Hey Ken, nice video but you rushed on picking the video. There's a recent performance of Kiss From a Rose at Sirius X Studio where he made a killer one, such a powerful voice as I think his voice grew and sounds even better.

    What a coincidence you share this react because I've watched this video today. Thanks!

  • Can you please do a vocal coach reaction to Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton’s cover of “More Than Words” they had just recorded? I figured this one would peak your interest since there’s a variety of color in this nice little harmony they put together.

  • And great reaction to this video btw. I’ve never heard much of Seal’s performances, so now I definitely wanna hear more of him.

  • Hey Ken 🙂 If you want to react to something completely new to you, please react to polish band Janusz Radek&Skaldowie "Nie widze ciebie w mych marzeniach". Their vocalist is great!

  • His voice is still amazing, strong, note-perfect, smooth, all rolled into one.

    Also the song itself brings back a lot of memories!

  • Seal has such a unique voice, just amazing. I sung this song at our christmas festivall last year, but nowhere as good as him. But atleast Ive now got a vocal coach 🙂

  • Hey Ken tamplin seal is great kiss from a rose is a beautiful song I first heard it from Batman forever but he's great could you do a vocal coach reacts to luther vandross as you mentioned in this video id appreciate man peace out like you say love the video

  • I've always said Seal is indeed a very interesting singer. Please Ken, react to John Elefante. Thanks again for your incredible comments. Bless you. Lots of love.

  • Ken should definitely perform a SEAL cover👍🏻👍🏻 Jack Black did a cameo cover of Kiss From A Rose on American Idol, it was amazingly good and also hilarious

  • Ken, isn't Seal around the same age as you? If your voice is still very strong then age is no excuse lol. He didn't take care of his voice as well as you did. Maybe he was yelling at Heidi Klum too much during their marriage ha ha.

  • #Ken; this was very good.I noticed that the Kiss from a Rose song was sung slightly slower that the album version but still very good.; Then I guess it depends if you have a turn table that might play too fast~

  • Hey Ken! If you have the chance to check out Seal and Michael Bolton- This is Mans world from David and friends concert . Definitely a mindblowing performance from both!! Anyway superb reaction ! Thumbs up!

  • Ken, no disrespect to Seal. Him & Sade are two of my favorites. However, I am on a request mission to have you vocal react or cover Eddie Money and now Ric Ocasek.
    These are two vocals along with Ben Ore that you could not help but sing along to.

    Thank you kind sir for your consideration.
    May these men rest than play for Christ in heaven 💖

    Nicely done with Seal Mr. Tamplin.👍

  • Hi Ken, I'm new to the channel and I loved your work. You sing very well!!!!!!! I already became a fan. I would like to ask you something very important for many fans. Please make a video about Steve Lee. He was a wonderful hard rock singer. He had absurd control over vocal techniques. Unfortunately Steve is gone. But its legacy is eternal. Research him, the band Gotthard. I'm sure you would like to hear!

  • I grew up listening to Seal's first four albums, I love the man ♥
    And I'd die for reaction to the song Killer, one of his best!

  • Thanks for sharing! I was still in high school when Seal first broke big with Crazy, and I thought that he'd be a one-hit wonder until Prayer For The Dying, Don't Cry, and Kiss From A Rose came out. He has one of the most passionate vocalists I've ever heard!

  • Ken, I know at one point you were going for face mask but it really sounded like you were coming out through those sinuses that sound nasal.

    Instead of singing so much, maybe it's me, but I'd like you to comment on what the particular singer is doing. Especially, it would be helpful if you pointed out when a singer attempts something but doesn't quit make it and why.

    Briefly, more analysis and less sing-along. Also, now that I understand scientific vocal notation it would be enlightening if you touch on a singer's range and when they're chest belting out of their comfort zone and if they're nailing it or not.

    Listining to some of your "How To" videos you used to post I am now engaged in two forms of listening. The first is reactive where I just enjoy the singer and song, while my imagination sees the story of the song. The second happens after I ask myself "Why did I love this; why did it move me?" That's when I play the live recorded video and watch how the singer produces his or her sound, how do they tell the story vocally and visually.

    Oh by the way, Harry Belafonte was born near Mo'Bay in a village I think it was St Ann's Parish, Jamaica. (Parish is sort of like a county. The island is devided up into parishes)

  • That's a great reaction vid. Obviously you can sing, but your ear for sound and mixing is over the the top as well. I heard things through different ears.👍

  • Every time I watch one of these reaction videos, it reminds me of other artists. This time, I'm remembering Gino Vannelli, and as luck would have it, there are a number of his live performances over the years available on You Tube.

  • Good afternoon, Ken, if you want to be surprised listen Diana Ankudinova, 15 year – "Wicked Game", "Human", "Реченька", "Dernière danse", project "Ты супер". You haven’t heard that before. 120 million views You Tube in one year under a project.

  • he was really short lived in the business. Honestly i think these are his only big songs.Seems he was here and gone but somehow still popular enough that a lot of people know him. Are those 2 songs that great? Whats your take Ken??

  • Ken, have you seen him do Who Wants To Live Forever with Queen? Obviously there was a substantial key drop but his rendition was unbelievable. Really classy with a full complement of Queen backup singers etc.

  • If metal versions of these songs I think I'd like the type of metal that has dramatic orchestra with it. I think vocals could be very varied and still be interesting though.

    Thankyou for the video. I agree, these songs make me want to sing too. 😊

  • Swedish band Talisman with American vocalist Jeff Scott Soto did do Seals Crazy some 20-25 years ago and later on also featured on a live DVD. Enjoy!

  • I have to tell you I got to see Seal in his prime in NYC 3 times in a 3-month period. And in every performance, he did the same set of songs completely different and I was blown away by it. One was acoustic the other an orchestra and the other a really dark edgy rock sound which I loved and was really suited for his voice at that time. I mention this because you talked about his production quality. It was superb and I can see that it still is and I love that attention to detail.l always thought his songwriting was prolific. A modern-day poet. You also taked about his divorce take a listen to the song Did you ever. He wrote this album after his divorce. It's an album that is reflective, vulnerable and bares his soul and takes responsibility for the relationship he created with Heidi. An inside look about his growth his pain and his acceptance of the outcome. I highly recommend you listen to the whole album It is one of the rarities that is a complete story.

  • Ken- I totally agree with you about the unique note selections for the vocal Melody line in kiss from a rose. Speaking of unique melody lines, have you ever heard the song Tuna in the brine by Silverchair off of their album diorama? That may be a more obscure song that you wouldn't cover in your videos but, man, I would love to see your reaction to that song. I would love to know what your thoughts are on his vocal Melodies in that song. It's so powerful and I think a lot of it is due to the notes chosen in the vocal lines.

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