Virgin Money Giving Mind Media Awards 2018

the mind Media Awards are a real celebration of how the media has interpreted the conversation around mental health it shines a light on people that are doing good within the media to help end the stigma to help normalize the discussion about mental health thank you for coming to the very very special mind Media Awards celebration I've been a judge for many years now and what is amazing is that every year it definitely gets harder and harder because the entries are so much better and I'm left thinking what else can we ask these people to do in order to win we did a show for basically 24 hours we started talking at 9 o'clock in the morning and we carried on talking until yet 9 o'clock the following morning as a mental health epidemic happening to young people in the country and Hollyoaks at 6:30 is sometimes the access point to our audience [Applause] my documentary is about werewolves Calombaris it occurs when life in September last year if another of life can be saved from his story then what a legacy for him to leave I think it's very important we don't shy away from all the ugly things and that's what's wonderful about tonight is that it's such an inclusive way of celebrating all the unique ways to depict mental health in media and I'm very honored to be a part of that there's probably so many people here that still are afraid to talk I just want to let you know personally that you do have a voice and we will listen yes our mental health issues can be a battle yeah there can be a struggle but do you know what we can also thrive in them we more than others those of us who suffer from mental health problem in an illness of that point we find out what it is to be alive and we can perhaps treasure the glory of existence when it works all the way so every single person here tonight you coming out and makes my life so much better so thank you


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