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VIP Awards: Dr. Helen Tierney (subtitled)

The first winner of the Excellence In
Leadership Award is Doctor Helen Tierney. Doctor Tierney has provided outstanding ethical leadership and organizational practices. She is greatly dedicated to her work
which inspires others around her. Doctor Tierney is smart, kind, approachable and
has a remarkable sense of humor. Being the Chief of Psychiatry has many
components. It has mentoring and teaching, providing accurate information so that
the psychiatrist’s can do their tasks with the least difficulty as possible. But also with the expectation that people will pursue excellence as well.
She is strong interdisciplinary leader effectively guiding her staff to find
the answers and building solutions that are long-lasting while maintaining a
cohesive team. The functioning of the hospital as a dynamic treatment
institution where patients can improve, learn strategies, move on with their
lives means that staffing of the department feels very critical. In
addition to being Chief of Psychiatry, I would work as program senior and take a
caseload. I was surprised about the award. Hopefully it is a recognition of the
relationship I have with my staff.

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