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Vindicated Entertainment Youtube Trailer

My name is Vincent Baker and we’re here with
our channel! I hope you subscribe and enjoy this. *BEEP* Hello! Welcome to the channel! My name is Vincent Baker. I’m the founder of
Vindicated Entertainment and a game designer. You may know me from the future fantasy roleplaying
game Otherworlds, the quick fast paced strategic card game Spellslingers, or maybe even our
new game Legendaria which mashes together Legends throughout time and history and fantasy. Luckily, it isn’t just me. I have a wonderful team that we call the KNIGHTS! Together, we’re working to create games, content,
experiences just for you! By subscribing to this channel you’re telling
us you like what we do so we can create more content for you! So subscribe down below and become a vscriber! Which is in the description below. You earn access to exclusives, behind the
scenes, and a free digital art book, SUPER AWESOME! See you around and stay awesome!

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