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Hey dude, it’s time come fast You are running to get a glimpse of your GF, why should i strain Hey where is she? Is she 7:30pm news to get telecasted on time? go away (illaiyaraja music plays) Man I can hear What?News! No.Illayaraja what? he looks her….she looks at him…. if this goes on nothing happens What?What are you staring at? You are always staring, go open your heart to her. Watch now mm…mm… what? I’m watching Wait and watch oh good! he is ready you can do it da.. What?tomorrow dude atleast tell today da wait… (**Stammering**) yeah I know it’s tommorow oh god! atleat I need to tell today (**photo click**) what? tomorrow right? yupe Dude atleast try to propose in this birth (phone rings) hello tell Why didn’t you turn up today Dude I’m not feeling well I’m gonna tell her today I don’t think so shut your mouth.. I’m coming hi hi you would have seen me I’ll be waiting here I tried to speak with you but I can’t when I see you I’m feeling different in myself so I would say before I fear I… you…. I…Iove… how many more girls you are planning to cheat on? Why do you hang out with these type of guys come (angry tone) Sir, who are you sir why are you dragging me sir? how dare you cheat our sister? Sir Why did you arrest me?What wrong did I commit? I was just standing in the corner tell me sir. Why did u do this? (**Slamming the desk**) What you are gonna say that I’m from a good family and decent background…..Right? I have seen many like you sir I’m not that kind of guy what proof do you have to put me into this? let me call the girl who gave the complaint against you. then we will talk. Hello…l have that guy in my custody since this is unofficial ,pay a visit to my house. here is the proof you asked for … enough? this is not the i informed about. this is what I said. Sir I didn’t do anything he is the guy.Isn’t he? this is the guy right? not him. This one. I’m done with you.get lost. he is the guy oh shit. I got the wrong guy into this. hey Aravind. I heard there is a major accident in your area.what are you doing?…Go and see to it. Sir ,sorry sir. I will go to the spot now. take the bike Who is it? Aravind put it on speaker Hello Shreya…I’m here at bus accident spot.I saw the guy you informed about. He has paid for his deed.He died on the spot Oh Sorry bro. All because of me Sorry brother.its our mistake which brought you into this It’s ok If this mistake had not happened i would have died by now So now I see this as a useful mistake. it’s ok it’s not a big issue I’ll leave I Love You [ VINAI ]


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