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Victorian Senior of the Year Awards – Hamish Russell

I’m Hamish Russell and we’re currently
in the Inspiro Community Health Centre in Lilydale I enjoy working with people, ahh,
I always have, more than that I guess I have a basic philosophy which is, ahh, if an opportunity comes up the answer is yes unless there are compelling reasons to say no I think Hamish’s volunteering has had an amazing impact on, umm, Inspiro but also the community at large. The community has a tremendous need for input, there are always important tasks to be done in the community. So I think Hamish works
in the background a fair bit and he umm, is, not somebody that he’s seeking that
limelight and that’s why he actually, you can’t see a lot of the work that he does, but what he does is actually builds others. For me it’s it’s really important
because it gives me a things that keep me young, keep me involved, challenge me, and I love all that. Volunteers like Hamish are really important so that we know and they are a mirror to us and to the services that we provide.
They make sure that we’re getting it right. They help us understand that and
they also help us to help guide us in where we need to be in the future. For a number of years, in fact since its inception, I’ve been involved with the health scholarship program And that’s an annual exercise and one of my great joys in life to be involved with. He actually is very engaging, he has a strong commitment to, umm, building others up and I think when you look at that intent
that’s paid off in our organisation in so many ways. Umm, as an instigator of the tertiary scholarship that we award umm, one of the young recipients of that is
actually working here. So I was initially contacted from umm, Hamish just to congratulate me and that I was selected and yeah, I suppose it sort of just
went from there so, they’ve kept in contact with me and kept seeing how my progression was throughout the year I’ve found since I retired fairly early and
amazing opportunities have come up in the community for me to be involved and
and I just love this and particularly working with younger people, I find
totally inspiring it’s just one of my joys. And you can see how she’s engaged
with him, a young person with another with an older person who has contributed
significantly during his working life but now continues to do that so I think
it’s wonderful that we can actually acknowledge the work that he has done
and it’s lovely to see his smile. His enthusiasm towards his work and his
charity, umm, and volunteering is definitely something that I aspire to do and and umm, pursue helping out the community so yeah he’s a wonderful man to look up to. I think volunteering does make you feel more valued, I think that’s a really important thing. You are, someone is saying hey you your input is actually
worthwhile, ahh but it more than that I think hopefully it may well encourage others
to be involved and get involved and that and if does that that’s terrific.

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