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Veterans in Entertainment Summit – Spotlight Teaser

(upbeat music) – This is a Veterans
in Entertainment event. This is an opportunity, a two day summit, for us to connect veterans
with opportunities in the entertainment industry, and show a collaborative
effort to try to impact communities in positive ways. – We’re a underserved community, so them coming in, they
bring a lot of resources with materials, supplies, people. It’s invaluable how much it’s meant to us. – So we wanted to work
with The Mission Continues, which has been known to help
with transitional services for vets, to see if we can curate an event where we bring kind of Hollywood and the entertainment
community to the veterans, so that they have an advocate and an access point into the industry. – Making it easy, or showing them a path to make that transition, that’s something that we believe in, and that’s why we’re here. (energetic music)

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