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V(BTS) & Minjae, Celeb Bros S1 EP2 “Screaming sound in the middle of the night“

-Change your clothes and come out to the front, please.
-Okay -Massage! Perfect!
(TITLE) “satisfied.” Ah! Really! I had MD shoot before this
so my hair is all frizzy now I didn’t take a look at my beard -I get beard all around the face if I don’t shave
-What? I get beard all around the face -Really?
(TITLE) What are you talking about?
-Min-Jae with the beard? -what?
-Even I get beard even here -Oh, my! Really?
-Yeah Imposter look- Even beard looks good on Min-Jae You’re not even old enough,
but if you get this much beard. Isn’t it too much? I have much hair in my body Let’s go! (TITLE) Let’s go to get the massage~~
-Massage Lay down here, please
I’m your masseur for the day Min-Jae Kim -Are you going to do it?
-Yeah I prepared a special event for you
(TITLE) Min-Jae treats today! -Really? Are you going to do it? Put your face in here I will start the massage O my! I’m the good masseur (TITLE) Massage V with affection I’m just kidding
I need to get the massage for myself, too What if you fall asleep?
(TITLE) “Sleepy” Even though, you fall asleep
There’s nothing wrong with it -Hello~
-Oh, hello~ Here comes the masseur~ Oh, I saw him in Maritel(TV program) So can repeat this easily at home
(TITLE) Simple massage technique at home Feel so good~ Your hand technique is so good~ (TITLE) #rewarding day #miracle Jinsup Byun
-thank you
-It’s like Hallelujah~ Which one of you wants to get the massage first? -Is he first?
-Yeah -And then your turn
(TITLE) I’m… Am I first? Which of the body part feels the worst?
The worst part -From head to toe
-from head to toe? Okay
(TITLE) Check the shoulder first This side of the neck is quite bad
(TITLE) “worry” “worry.” Okay, I got it Please lay down the bed It can be little painful
But just hang in there -Very painful but feel so good afterward
(TITLE) Please take good care of him -But after I press you, it feels good
-Yeah While I do it,
Don’t think that you are in hell It’s must be a devilish massage Ouch
(TITLE) Moving due to the pain Nah, it’s not like that
(TITLE) Just laughing I’m sorry I can’t protect you
(Min-Jae looks very glad) It’s manageable Feeling the deep pain Just hang in there a little You have to endure the pain for this massage Yeah, if you are in pain and if you want to relieve that
You need to endure the pain -huh huh
-ha ha When I press you, it’s bitpainful
See look when I press here Then remove my hands
Feel your body little bit -Open your eyes
-Who are you?
(TITLE) WHO ARE YOU? How’s your eye vision? -I feel like my eyesight is improved up to 3.0
-Yeah Your eye vision becomes clearer
Shake your head little bit then you feel much clearer Master, I feel like I became an immortal Okay Fluttering V immortal Have you ever gotten massages many times? No, this is my second time Oh, your second time But for the person who got the massage for the second time
You endure your pain quite well I like thing strong
(TITLE) I like things strong -Oh, really?
-Then master, do it stronger -Then I have to do it stronger
(TITLE) Increase the power up Little stronger
I feel like I’m in heaven
(TITLE) Feel like in heaven You have the forward head posture
So the whole posture doesn’t look good Yeah
(TITLE) Min-Jae Starts to worry -Please turn to the side
-Okay -Here’s a pillow
-Okay (TITLE) Are you okay? -How do you feel?
– It’s wonderful
(TITLE) Very satisfied Have you gone somewhere? I have to take a photo of this moment
(TITLE) I cannot miss this Here
(TITLE) Pre. for Paparazzi shot -Feels great?
-Yeah V’s healing time
Photo by Min-Jae Kim -This part feels the pain daily, right?
-Yeah When you feel the back pain
(TITLE) Wrinkles in middle of the forehead Or when you just wake up
You feel the back pain, right? You look like you are lost
(TITLE) V~ Out of his mind No, not quite there Please come down little bit
but let’s endure the pain (TITLE) [Very Glad] [Soul is Out] -Over here
-You are not crying, right? It looks very painful so can I skip this
(TITLE) Can I skip the massage? -Master
-Yeah -Personally, there’s one place
I really want to get the massage
-Okay My foot here
(TITLE) Here Oh, the foot This foot is so painful I dance and walk daily so For the one stage performance
They’ve been practiced numerous times Times with the passion and perspiration (TITLE) So all muscles in the body ache Will I be in once piece after the massage? Since you use your bodily muscles a lot
So your body is exhausted
(TITLE) Go away~ Tiredness~ -Final
-He explains in detail Please turn over
Let me see your ankle -Wow
-Was it really painful? -Master
-Yes Thank you
(TITLE) Thank you (=I will stop) No, no, no, it’s not finished
(TITLE) Not finished(=Where are you going~)
Thank you (=I will stop) Wait a moment, please It’s the highlight of the day
(TITLE) Long-awaited highlight! Yeah, you’re right The pain comes from here
And the pain goes down to the heel to the sole
(TITLE) The pain is equivalent to giving birth Is this the strongest pressure?
(TITLE) “push” “push” -Yeah, this is painful
-You’re just checking around, right? -Yeah
-Wow This, this, this
(TITLE) Flinch This, this, this This is.. well.. This, this, this
(TITLE) Easygoing Min-Jae -Ouch!
-This, this, this
– Wait a minute It’s the climax Wow
(TITLE) Two eyes are widely open -It is the…
-I think there’d be no ending
-What? Don’t worry, there will be the end Don’t worry The climax is way too dramatic
(TITLE) The fear occurred Just daydreaming a little
(TITLE) Worried Okay Oh, this part is quite bad
So this hurts little more Even though I pressure it lightly (TITLE) Eyes are moving with fear I don’t think I need a foot massage (TITLE) Suffering, adversity, and an ordeal Yeah, this is bit more painful (TITLE) “Tampering”
I think I’m healthy (TITLE) No.. that looks way too painful (TITLE) Finally, escape for the pain!
-It’s done -Thank you very much
-Let’s go home now Oh, thank you very much
(TITLE) I don’ think so~~ -Thank you very much
-Come this way What?
(TITLE) sulky look -Come this way
-Okay It’s very late
(TITLE) He’s about to cry Oh, no problem
come here fast, come here now
(TITLE) Welcome to the hell~~ Come here now I’m not going to kill ya
(TITLE) “BRUTAL” Not going to kill me? Which body part of yours do you feel uncomfortable? Good bye~
(TITLE) GOOD BYE (TITLE) Come~ come~ I’m just fine. Everywhere is alright Really? Let me check your body -I’m very healthy
-Healthy? Is that right? (TITLE) Don’t say like that~
-I’m healthy You have to get the check up first to figure it out That’s right, if I touch it, I know If he touches it, he knows~
You can’t fool him~ Why the massage feels scared
(TITLE) Scared of the massage~ -Let’s take a look at it
-Why? Sir, I’m very healthy
(TITLE) Try to comfort himself -Let’s see
-Wow, feels great Master, I’m really happy now
-Is that right? Now I know why there’s “Complete recovery”
Engraved in the shorts Of course (TITLE) “Complete recovery”
that’s how V feels now (TITLE) Finally, Min-Jae’s massage time begins Back of the head Why is he so quite? You are not dead, right? Are you okay?
(TITLE) Min… Min-Jae…? -Are you alright?
(TITLE) I’m alive Okay -Would you like me to press harder?
-No -I don’ think that the pain is deadly
-That’s right -Your neck and shoulder are fine
-Yeah -Just feeling tired
(TITLE) I wasn’t exaggerating Try to endure the pain
(TITLE) 2nd stage: Move to the pelvis And just bit later,
we can hear Min-Jae’s shouting
(TITLE) “Expecting” “Expecting” I think your sitting posture is bit bad (TITLE) Here we go! (TITLE) “He he” It’s bit twisted (TITLE) Internal screaming (TITLE) A ha ha ha ha ha~ Why? (TITLE) Joyful I think he is very happy now Why? I haven’t even pressed yet -I know why people say
the joyous feeling comes after the pain
-That’s right -It is…
-Give me your phone, I’ll take photos of you
(TITLE) Volunteer to take pictures (TITLE) Ouch!!! (TITLE) Decibel is gentling higher (TITLE) (Looking good~)
-I haven’t even pressed it yet (TITLE) “Ouch”
(TITLE) LOL (TITLE) (With the bit more joyous expression!)
Wow, really!!! Wow, really!!!
(TITLE) Wow~ really! (TITLE) Your are truly a good actor (TITLE) “Screech” “screech” (TITLE) To V~ It sounds like sweet melody
-Master, I love the way the bed makes screech sound (TITLE) Stop annoying~
I pressed it so much that’s why I truly agree why the joy comes after the pain
(TITLE) Joy comes after the pain(?) -Well
-You feel much lighter
-Yeah -But the man has his self-respect
-Of course -But in front of you, it’s meaningless
-That’s right I lost my self-respect
(TITLE) V & Min-Jae lost their self-respect Everybody feels the same (TITLE) “Yow” “Yow” -Well, please lie down straightly
-Wow, feel so great -Now is it time to move on to the feet?
-It feels really great Master, is it time for the feet?
(TITLE) Foot? Foot! Right, it’s time to move on to the leg (TITLE) Well, when about the feet massage… (TITLE) Not long ago, V felt the pain
-Wait a minute Yeah, this is bit hurt Master, I think I have the healthy feet No, I don’t think so -Oh dear!
-Dear me! What should he do This part, the part where the anklebone is
And the right next to it is muscle -Wait a minute Oh, dear. Here it comes! I haven’t even pressed it hard yet Just like this pressure Here, here
It is bad for ya It’s alright, right? No, it’s not -What?
-It’s really painful -Would you like me to press it harder?
-No, no, no [TITLE] I told you so
How about like this? Okay, that’s good Why don’t you press him
Just like the way you did it for me? -Is that right?
-I think I will die -For me, it was…
-Are you a devil? But after the massage,
Really, you feel really great You should just endure the pain -How about just for one second
-Just for one second?
-One second -One second is like “tick tock”
-What? “tick tock” -That’s too short
-How about really [TITLE] Oh, no. What are you trying to say…. How about just 10 seconds? Wait, V, no -How about 5 seconds?
-How about 2 seconds?
-No, 5 seconds. -5 seconds it is
-No, just 2 seconds -Just 5 seconds
-2 seconds is good Just go with 5 seconds Okay, let’s go! Okay, let’s go! [TITLE]EUREKA! Joy and delightfulness ensemble Count to 5 seconds 5 seconds -One, two, three, four, five
-Cannot stop now I feel like I’m gonna die Wow, really! [Title] We saw V devil
– Wow, really! -Master,
-Feels great, right?
-It’s all done now, right? After it’s done, you feel much better, right? -Yeah, it feels really great
-Move your leg now -I can’t move my leg
-Try to move now -It’s really amazing, huh?
-It feels really refreshing I don’t want to do this again. That’s right! Me too! Alright, good job (Together) Thank you very much [TITLE] V & Min-Jae’s healing time is over I’m still out of my mind Let’s quickly change [TITLE] Where are they headed to now? “Ha-a” Well, the muscle spasm is gone now But feels very painful I thought I could endure the pain Well He gets to smile again when he thinks about it But it was too painful, really When I saw you getting the massage,
I thought I could endure this I feel really great, but I still have the lingering pain I feel the same way too Two boys-lost their energies Okay, now off to the 2nd place [TITLE] “Rustling” “Rustling.”
The 2nd place is [TITLE] Unwrapping the candy
-Since you can’t go too far [TITLE] Put it in Min-Jae’s mouth~ Where is this place?
[TITLE] How sweet of him~ It’s very close to where you live [TITLE]But the face expression is chic
He’s the man! Well, since you are too busy
You need do some exercise Like that feel [TITLE] Where are they headed to now? [TITLE] Next Week Oh, oh
[TITLE] Precious free time Loser treats snacks in the convenient store! Very competitive race! Who would be the winner of this bet? V~~~~~~~~ -Are you giving this to me?
See you next Thursday!


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