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Valve News Network gets an Email

[In a shitty VNN impression] Ladies and gentlemen, Valve is up to something. Early this morning a couple of anonymous sources came to me with some fairly credible information. It seems that Valve is hiring new employees for their half-life development unit. Now this leak was confirmed by a couple of credible sources that I got from my emails with Gaben- SPECULATION In all my emails with Gaben I’ve never heard him say nah to a single question So this must mean that he’s deliberately answered my question and for some reason or another Now I believe the reason for this to be that he doesn’t have the capacity to answer the question because he’s being held back by some employees in the…Valve. Now they are actually- Conspiring against him to do a hostile takeover, and he’s not allowed to answer the emails without their permission from the board. However this is of course just a theory. …a game theory- So I think the takeaway for this is basically that Half-Life 3 is definitely being worked on and developed and it’s going to be a sequel to Portal 3 which we covered in our previous video that we just released ten minutes ago That’s all I have for you today. So come back tomorrow. If you like the channel, please subscribe to get more valve information. It’d really help me out. Now I’m not in a good way right now the more subscribers I get – I’m just – The happier I become I have a patreon now if you want to go subscribe to the patreon and support the channel you can do that I have a challenge running until February the 18th of 2020 If I get thirty patreons between then and now I will be buying myself ramen noodles Everyday for a week and eating them on stream for your benefit. We’ve had soup on the show before but you haven’t seen ramen It’s gonna be a great new direction for the channel! SPECULATION As far as my best estimates go if I’m able to afford rent next week Then I’ll be able to make more content for you guys. Please subscribe. [HOME – Resonance plays] [The tempo starts increasing exponentially]


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