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/v/ Grammy Award – 2013 Vidya Gaem Awards

2013 /v/ Grammy Award
for the best song from /v/ The Musical Beata Anita
I know I am a righteous one Of my social justice I am proud Beata Anita
I know I’m so much better than The common, vulgar, ablest, gamer crowd Then tell me, Anita
Why they keep on making them Why these sinful devs still keep getting cash I hear them, I see them
The gameplay slick as ceiling wax Their skirts unable to contain that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS Like privilege
Cis-privilege This fan entitlement
Trans-phobic Exploitive
They gain such amusement It’s all their fault
Have they no shame It’s the patriarchy
The ones who fanned these flames It’s all their fault
If devs don’t plan To sexually
Exploit instead a maaaaaaaaaan Protect me, Anita
Don’t let these game devs make a dime Please let their games unsold unknown
And shame all the gamers And make their taste change overnight
And make more pretentious games like GONE HOME Cis-privilege
Male privilege Game devs, you shitlord dogs
Cater to My life views
Or else I’ll tell my blogs! I won’t even buy them… I don’t even like games… But do what I say
Or I will scream!

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