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UW professor nominated for Grammy Award

OUR FAVORITE BANDS AND MUSICIANS WERE HONORED TONIGHT… IT WAS THE 58TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS! SOME BIG WINNERS TONIGHT TAYLOR SWIFT, BRUNO MARS AND KENDRICK LAMAR. ON CAM — MICHELLE — AMONG THE NOMINEES AT TONIGHT’S GRAMMY AWARDS….A PROFESSOR OF FOLKLORE FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN — ERIC — JIM LEARY MAY NOT BE AS WELL KNOWN AS TAYLOR SWIFT OR ADELE, BUT HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE MUSIC WORLD IS IMPRESSIVE. VO/ANIM — ERIC — SUSAN SIMAN HAD A CONVERSATION WITH U-W MADISON’S GRAMMY NOMINEE PKG P-LEARY SOT NATS VO TRACK THIS IS THE MUSIC THAT IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF JIM LEARY’S LIFE GROWING UP IN RICE LAKE IN THE 50’S HE WAS INSPIRED BY THE IMMIGRANTS WHO SETTLED IN WISCONSIN’S NORTHWOODS. SOT NATS VO TRACK AS A PROFESSOR OF FOLKORE AND SCANDINAVIAN STUDIES AT U-W MADISON JIM HAS MADE A CAREER ILLUMINATING MIDWESTERN FOLK MUSIC. AN EFFORT THAT EARNED HIM ONE OF MUSIC’S BIGGEST HONORS. SOT SUSAN: “How did you hear that you were nominated for a Grammy? JIM: Through Facebook, SOT ((( JIM: All of the sudden I had these messages so then I went online and saw that I was listed.” SOT ((( ,SUSAN: What was your reaction to it? JIM: Well I was thrilled of course. It was kind of amazing. I’d hoped it might happen but you never know until it does so it was thrilling. VO TRACK JIM WAS NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY IN THE CATEGORY OF BEST ALBUM NOTES. SOT SUSAN: What is that? What does that mean? JIM: Well it means you’ve got a sound recording out and there’s a booklet or in my case a book that goes with it that has lyrics, biographies of performers, background about the recording session and one of the big challenges in mine is there are 25 different languages.” SOT SUSAN: So you win for sheer volume if nothing else. JIM: Right, right the thing weighs five pounds.” VO TRACK JIM’S TEN YEAR PROJECT FOLKSONGS OF ANOTHER AMERICA IS A 400 PAGE BOOK WITH FIVE C-D’S OF RECORDINGS CHARACTERS LIKE BESSIE MA GORDON COME TO LIFE,PLAYING THE SAWED OFF PUMP ORGAN AT HER TAVERN IN SCHOFIELD. SOT SUSAN: Why is folklore important? JIM: Folklore is the art of the common people. SOT JIM: If you want to know who a people is or what a region is, you need to look at the stories and the songs and the customs of those people.’ VO TRACK IN THE LATE 30’S TO MID 40’S WORKERS FROM THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS WENT INTO THE UPPER MIDWEST AND MADE FIELD RECORDINGS WITH PORTABLE DISC CUTTING EQUIPMENT. THEY RECORDED 2-THOUSAND SONGS IN MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN AND MINNESOTA IN 25 LANGUAGES. SOT (((JIM: “It does give us a sense of another America, that is the upper Midwest and I think you get a really strong sense of what this region is through the songs and their performers and their photos as well , ” “))) VO TRACK MOST OF THE PERFORMANCES HAD BEEN HIDDEN AWAY IN ARCHIVES UNTIL JIM UNCOVERED THEM. SOT (((SUSAN: So you went through all of this for your book? JIM: Yes, I went through all of it and then Matt scanned the photos. SUSAN: The history that is in this library is sort of jaw dropping. JIM: Yeah, there’s a lot of amazing stuff and we’re still getting collections from all over the place.”))) VO TRACK THE RECOGNITION FROM GRAMMY IS THE CHERRY ON AN AMAZING CAREER JIM IS RETIRING THIS YEAR AFTER 32 YEARS OF TEACHING. SOT ((( ,SUSAN: What would it mean to you to win a Grammy? JIM: Well I would be personally thrlled of course but I also think it would be recognition of this amazing music.” SOT ((( Also, its a recognition that immigrants and indiginous peoples and their diverse languages and voices are a part of who we are as Americans and Upper Midwesterners, ” “))) ON CAM — ERIC — LEARY HAD SOME TOUGH COMPETITION TONIGHT. HE WAS NOMINATED IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS THE LEGENDARY JONI MITCHELL. — MICHELLE — AND MITCHELL WON THE GRAMMY FOR HER PROJECT “LOVE HAS MANY FACES” BUT IT’S STILL AN HONOR TO BE NOMINATED EVEN THOUGH HE’S RETIRING, JIM HAS SEVERAL OTHER MAJOR PROJECTS IN THE WORKS WIPE VO/NAT — MICHELLE — AND WE DO WANT TO GIVE A BIG SHOUTOUT TO KENNY MILLER — HE’S A LOCAL LAFOLLETTE GRADUATE WHO TOOK HOME A GRAMMY AS PART OF “THE PHOENIX CHORALE” OUT OF ARIZONA. DOCTOR MILLER IS A TENOR WITH THE CHOIR AS WELL AS THE ASSITANT DIRECTOR. YOU COULD HEAR THE SMILE THROUGH THE PHONE TONIGHT WHEN WE TALKED TO HIS VERY PROUD MOM, JANET!!

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