US border death – Family of Oscar Ramirez say they are 'destroyed'

it is a portrait of despair that shook the world Oscar Ramirez and his 23 month old daughter valaria died clinging on to each other an image that his mother at home in El Salvador cannot shake it was something that completely destroyed me it hurts my soul what I'm going through isn't easy it isn't easy I wouldn't wish this on anyone she's had to contend with others describing her family's tragedy fast words that can fade how would you like them both to be remembered I always remember him as a good father a good son he was responsible in all senses of the word my little grandchild I always remember her as a happy intelligent girl this house will never be the same okay they've left an emptiness that nobody can feel Rosa said she begged her son not to leave San Martin a neighborhood filled with families but controlled by gangs was it danger he was escaping here or did he simply want a better life he told he will be different in the u.s. he wanted to excel to buy a house that was his dream to buy a house for his wife and his little girl he risked it all and his sister Wendy has lost her confidence excellente as a brother he was excellent we got on really well yes of course we'd fight about things as brothers and sisters do but we weren't envious of each other never we would share everything with each other even secrets their desperate journey from this community has exposed the increasingly perilous routes that people are taking to get to the United States el salvador's president says someday they will build a country where these things don't happen but that relief seems a long way off in death Oscar and valaria captured a crisis but will they be enough to spark a solution cordelia Lynch Sky News San Salvador

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