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now it's time for our mechanical marvel Jimmy Deville the share some secrets on how to upgrade your car for the convenience of your driveway or garage this week we've got something rather special from Germany the Audi s4 this 2003 B 6 version packed a 339 horsepower v8 and thanks to a grippy four-wheel drive system could get to 62 miles per hour in just 5.6 seconds make no mistake these cars which are now available for around 5,000 pounds can keep up with just about any new car on sale today however there is one thing that really shows its age it's got a tape down and that's something I'm gonna solve so I've decided to upgrade the sound system with a top-quality da B radio and mp3 music streaming connectivity however this 450 pound head unit will also fully equip the car with sat-nav Bluetooth hands-free calling and I'm fitting a reversing camera to avoid unwanted bumps now if you have a phobia of wiring and plugs fear not because this is actually quite straightforward it's a fiddly job all the parts are designed to come off and clip back easily and is well worth the effort you can upgrade the entertainment system of many older cars and although you will need a couple of specific tools these are cheap and easily available online first thing you need to get your hands on or a set of Audi radio removing tools we've also got a couple of trim tools now these are to peel back the trim inside the car when we're hiding the wiring last I'm going to need is a battery drill and a set of drill bits to put a few holes in for mounting things right time to get to work my first job is to remove the old head unit and then I can expose the wires like to do that I've got the Audi radio tools and you have a look at them they've got writing on them number one right number one right so these go on the right and the writing is uppermost and they slot it into two little slots there and there most manufacturers have the spoke tools for this job and again you'll be able to find information regarding this online should be up gently pull out the head unit there it goes unplug the wiring there are two multi plugs at the back plus the aerial cable most cars will have a similar arrangement and that's my old head unit removed now I can see some space where my new wires gonna go and I can see immediately that I'm have to run the wiring for the camera and the aerial behind the glovebox it's a next job this glove box is coming out to get the glove box out there's just five bolts to underneath to inside and one behind this cover here the panel that hides the fifth Bowl simply unclips when you're picking the area you can put it anywhere on the inside of the window you want so I'm putting it in the bottom so you can't really see it then it's just a case of hiding the wire which is where the trim tool comes in handy right now I'm only going to put the wires in loosely at the end I'll make sure it's all fastened away nice and neat our multimedia unit permits safe legal with hands-free calls so I'll need to fit a microphone to get this close to the driver's mouth a couple of panels below and to the side of the steering wheel must be removed don't be scared they come off easily and you'll be amazed at the extra space behind the plastic now it's time to attach the microphone itself I've got a little sticky pad on it it's just gonna go up on the windscreen in the corner so it's tucked away a little bit neater and then it's just a case of routing the cable behind the windscreen trim and underneath the dashboard the last one that needs fitting is the camera nah that's gonna go in the rear that means a whole load of trim it's gonna need to be neatly removed to get that wire in make no mistake the next stage can be fiddly but all it needs is a bit of patience every car will be a little different and you'll find advice online about how and where to route the cable having fed the cable through the passenger compartment you then get to the boot lid which requires removing two large trim panels these are secured by means of plastic clips and screws okay that's the camera wire run right from the front all the way to the back will file or the tumor actually add to come up through the hinge and that's got it into the boot lid now the camera is gonna go on this little lip right here to keep it neatly at the way so I'm actually gonna have to drill a hole through there to run the cable through yes I'm drilling through the bodywork of my lovely Audi but it's only a small hole with the camera in place you just connect it to the cable you've fed through the car and use a few nylon cable ties and eat and everything up first thing is facial and that just simply kicks in now the cage for the radio fits into that fascia then what I need to do is bend some of these tangs to lock it in when you buy the head unit you specify the car you'll be fitting it to which means you'll get a bespoke fascia cage and wiring kit so all the cables should simply click into place the final electrical job is to connect up the head unit and then the head unit just slides into the new cage that's the head unit in and the final final job is to clip or screw back any trim you've removed right Berthe things first and they take this s4 out for a test drive and see just how good this head unit is I'm also going to need to find myself a car parking space to try out that rear view camera let's go the first thing I wanted to check out was the hands-free capability cool poor pat-down cars just calling you to try out this new head unit how do I sound mate clear as a whistle and no hands needed I'm loving it point two no longer is there a need for me to stick some sucker thing to my windscreen blocking my view because it's got built-in satellite navigation tidy lastly I wanted to test the parking camera into reverse and I should get a picture there you go everything should be fine it's dead leave back that really works that's a nifty bit of kit all in all the job had taken three hours and cost me under five hundred quid – for now had a multimedia system to rival anything on the road and future proof the car for another 20 years you


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