Until Dawn – Best / Good Ending – Everyone Survives (They All Live Trophy)

how do you rate our chances of survival hmm I'll try not to think about it don't move don't fucking move a muscle Hey main suction is completely destroyed I've seen something it looks like there are survivors you ah the old man I I don't know how to describe him I mean you said you thought he was stalking you at first did anyone else in your group think that well yeah is it possible they could have killed him what no no you don't understand don't you understand who attacked you he saved my life and I watched him die I heard Jessica I don't know how or why she was down there but I know I heard her he held it right up to my face right here right in front of my nose and he could have shot me he almost shot me the prick I mean you go out with a guy for however long and you think you know him but man this one really takes the cake I was right there and I could have done something I tried to do something it wasn't good enough how did you end up in the mines I was carried and taken hmm what did you see I don't know I don't I don't know he's out his fucking mind you wanted to hurt us hey hey and I thought it was one who attacked Jess I thought were close after his sister's disappearing he said I was the only one who understood him I saw it as how we had a connection if you need someone to talk to I'm fine sometimes after a traumatic experience I said I'm fine where's Matt is he okay are they done looking at him I'm just a little worried because I'm his girlfriend did he tell you that I mean I probably wasn't his favorite person there for a couple minutes but he knows how devoted I am to him he knows he said he knows right your friend Ashley she told us she tried to help you oh she said she heard you calling out not me thank what do you remember he came for me he did came for you where is he did he make it you need to listen to me I don't care if you believe me or not doesn't matter because you will you need to go down to the mines what's in the mind Sam I've seen what's down there and I'd give anything to unsee it Otto survived one survivor you

  • 4:47 I like how the second wendigo in the back looks like it realizes wat shes doing n is like 'oh shi….!' BOOM

  • so why the fuck does sam tell them to go down the mines but doesn't tell them to take guns and shit? like does she want them to die and there be more wendigos wtf

  • When (Sam?) Runs from the bad wendigo her friend saves her because she had nothing to do with the prank and it shows that their friendship lives on.

  • This is honestly the worst game I've ever played. Terrible plot and script. Bad controls and gameplay. Would not recommend this.

  • Ppl; “why aren’t they letting them see each other?”
    Me; “Because they’re cops 👮🏻… someone was killed and they want to make sure that the only survivors AND potential suspects, don’t end up getting together to ‘make up a cover story’; the sooner they get the statements the better for them when trying to find a lie etc. Come on ppl, I can’t be the only that has seen Criminal minds lol 😂 “

  • It amazes me that ppl can’t understand that no matter how close to your morals you are, you can’t really know how you would react to something until you find yourself in that scenario. Yes, ideally no one would want to eat their sibling, but who knows what that fall did to her head. Maybe it reset it back to basic needs and erase the fact this was someone close to her.
    Also, no… 🤦🏻‍♀️ there is no way ‘Wendigo Hannah’ would try to save Sam. She’s shown to be vicious towards anyone/anything, given the chance. The other wendigo just happened to be closer. That’s it. Don’t believe me? 🤷🏻‍♀️Replay and see if failing the actions buttons doesn’t lead to her killing the others.💁🏻‍♀️

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