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Unreal Underdog | Unreal E3 Awards 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Unreal E3 Awards. Unreal Underdog. This award is given to the team
that pushes the limits to achieve an amazing showing
for their game or experience at E3. Focusing on not just the
product, but the people and process behind it, this
award acknowledges a team’s perseverance to make a big
splash at the big show. And the nominees are: And the winner is: Considering Midnight Ghost Hunt
sparked a ton of interest amongst E3 heavy hitters, and
was developed primarily by solo Dev, Samuel Malone, the
game perfectly encapsulates what it means to be an underdog. Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4v4
multiplayer ghost hunting hide and seek
game. One team consists of ghosts and
the other is comprised of ghost hunters. Before the in-game clock strikes
midnight, the ghosts must run and hide. They can possess inanimate
objects to make their escape, as the hunters use their ghost
hunting gear to take them out. This doesn’t mean the ghosts are
entirely defenseless though. Don’t be surprised if you see an
aggressive chair come flying your way. After midnight, if even one of
the ghosts survives, all of them are resurrected as
super powerful beings and the tables are turned, as
the hunters have now become the hunted and must
band together to survive long enough to be evacuated. Midnight Ghost Hunt is such a
fun and quirky concept for a game, that it perfectly
embodies the indie spirit of
experimentation. And we’re proud to give it our
Unreal Underdog Award for E3 2019.


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