[Applause] Jessamyn welcome back right now we're about to head to the airport because guess what I'll be in LA for one week so I have a bunch of photo shoots and I'll be attending you live just two swords I'm so excited you guys I cannot wait for the live just two swords I went there last year it was awesome now I'm going this year and I'm hosting the pink carpet yes it's called the pink carpet I know a lot of you guys aren't used to seeing red carpets or hearing red carpet but the pink carpet definitely represents justice more and I'm gonna host it I'm so so excited and I cannot wait to take you guys along with me so usually I would do like a pact with me before I go on a trip but this time I'm going to do and unpack with me today once we get to the hotel so make sure you keep on watching to see that and I'll see you guys over there off-time departure please remain in your assigned seats all right we just got a plane and now we're going to try and find a restaurant to eat up before we head to our hotel and after we head to our hotel I'm going to be be I'm back with me and a couple other things the hotel we're staying at is the Colbert City hotel the moon was so cool okay we just checked in and we're in our hotel room this is going to be our home for the next few days I love the way oh let's go chandelier is it so cool oh that's me honey let me show you the bathroom marvel Wow that's me again oh they've a window right next to the shower from the hollow feel about that but it's pretty cool so there's a wardrobe right here and I guess this is the closet inside the closet there is a safe a mini-fridge coffee machine and an iron and then this little corner it's really small has all the hangers and that's very close to finding your clothes I guess can you believe that this hotel is nearly 100 years old I needed from the outside because it was really really nice and pretty I wonder what these books are time to unpack like a gender okay kind of traveling earlier but this is help my luck it's just supposed to go and now I'm going to hang up all the right clothes so on this side I just have my hairstyle ankle I didn't mean to put them in the bathroom and then underneath this it just has all my undergarments pajamas and bathing suit so in Italy it beats here because they don't need to hang them up obviously let me drop some trainers you should be enough isn't this so cute it's from justice you guys most of my outfits are from justice by the way because obviously I'm going to go live justice swords so I got these capris at justice and the path is distressed look on the front and on the back first off it done I put it in the wardrobe I absolutely love these overalls from justice perfect for fourth of July or whenever you're feeling patriotic oh and I also got these from justice look at this cute owl shirt in the pants I got a while ago but I love the gold stars oh and if you really mentioned why I'm here for about a week I have a justice photoshoot which I'm not going to reveal but I'm really excited and look at this really pretty white dress from justice you guys won't believe whenever I have time I'll go to the beach and take the pictures of things they add this is separate from the photo shoot all right I'm gonna hang up the rest and I'll see you when you're done okay now it's time to unpack the stuff that's in left team pretty backpack so I have my Gucci backpack and I'm going to take this with me whenever we go out so I guess I'll just put it right here for now here's my caboodle there we go in my capital I just have more makeup skincare and toothbrush I also need to put these in the bathroom okay let's see let's put it right here where the hair dryers the bathroom is quite small and there is no a lot of counter space so I guess we're just gonna have to do with it but my mom has a lot of skin here so do i and we have a lot of makeup too so I don't know where we're going to place it this is so cool we have a separate makeup mirror and it lights up oh it isn't that bright though I also have a couple things that's gonna go in the restaurant okay first we have toothpaste then Listerine liquid hand soap because they never have it at the hotel and my mom always brings us you guys soap and shampoo it's gonna go in the shower oh look you have three big bottles this mother shampoo then conditioner and Body Wash all right I'm done unpacking and now my mom and I are going to get something to eat maybe chop for a little bit and I'll probably blog if I do then I'll add it into my next video make sure you stay tuned for all the blogs to come and don't miss be live justice Awards live on June 27th I'll link you in the description down below so that you can back to justice and notify yourself before the live justice Awards happens and I'll be hosting the pink carpet like I said in the beginning so make sure you download the live justice app so that you won't miss all of my behind the scenes content like and subscribe turn on post notifications so you won't miss any videos for me also to be privy hashtag baby's butt and I'll see you guys later bye

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