United – Oscar Visits Houston After Harvey

[MUSIC PLAYING] It's early Sunday
morning September 3rd, on Labor Day weekend. I just landed here in Houston. I just wanted to come
and connect, and thank all our great employees. We've had hundreds
and hundreds of people from all over the system
arrive into Houston to do the same thing, and I'm here
to say thank you and see how much more we can do to
assist both as a company and as individuals. So you waved this
for the helicopters and they were able to see it. Actually, I was doing like this. Please see me. And they did. I've learned that how
you support people and how they feel the support
makes a big impact on how you recover from it. Because this will
get rebuilt, right? You can do the physical things. It's the things you lost,
it's the emotional impact that you went through. That only gets cleared
up by all of us feeling like someone cares for us. I'm safe. I got me, I got my cat out. And I've got my
United family, which has been absolutely wonderful. It looked really pretty before. It is really, really
heartbreaking. It's pretty powerful to see
the community and my coworkers and my church members rally
to the extent that they have. When you start
talking about United– I've seen this on the
side of our airplanes and it's been nothing but a
word stenciled on an airplane. But this is what it means,
when everything goes wrong when everybody comes together
to make your life better. It's made me feel different
about the place I work. And I'm sorry to
be so emotional, but it's because of them. God bless you, man. Two things are certain. The devastation is certainly
clear and thorough, and Mother Nature has
been not kind to us. But the second
thing that's clear is the resiliency, the warmth,
the compassion, and the support of our employees. I know we talk about the
New Spirit of United. When you see it in
action, when you see those many people
helping each other out and you see how it's being
received from the people that have been affected, it
really touches your heart and it touches your very core
about who we are as an airline, as a company, but
mostly as a family. Thank you for all that you do. If you've not been here, for the
people that have traveled here, for the people that donated– all of those things mean
the world to everyone. And everyone here from
Houston says thank you. A very hearty and warm thank
you from everyone here to you. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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