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unboxing e novidades no canal

hi guys and welcome to another video this time is one nboxing, I just received this lot´s of new stuff well I got this two days ago but I don´t have time to open I think I know what is inside I made a giant order so some of the stuff I order are inside let´s see what we get hard to open really hard to open I think I don´t tell you but I will start reviews to lures and the rigs I do with that lures, soon I will do one with Real Tail from Savage Gear Luis Pombo is a friend and he said the lure catch his attention so I will share with him and with you all the rigs I use in that lure I will put this in the garbage after don´t worry so to start… Cool Fit Shoes my shoes number 42, is ok they are great to use on kayak or in the pool or at the beach, so don´t hurt your feet only need to test on slippery floor but this is great to me because this time is hard to use wadders on kayak so this are my new shoes more Helios HSX40S this is a reel I will use in sea in spinning this is to replace one that I have from previous colection so I will use in my next fishings I will do a review to all the stuff I receive very cool let´s see what we have here plastic and more plastic I received this three packs of jigheads to Sandeel they have 10 grams, number two hook and I will use with Savage Gear Mini Sandeel and Slugs and will be good to LRF and light spinning now we have two packs of 7 grams for mini sandeel slug this jigheads do a darting action so this do a darting action on the water and is great for Sea Bass and I will use this in LRF but in light spinning too I already got some of this this are the Slim Squish Jigs this is to use on boat, you saw a video of me using this you saw the slow jigging video but was adapted, was not a slow pure slow jigging because I use some small soft plastics, there are no big fish in that day and or I would skunk and I think we all prefer to catch smaller fish instead of skunk I will not explain now the size or weight now like I said I will do a review of every single of the lures I use so in that time I will explain all about the lure another lure I think you already saw, or if you don´t saw I already have this is the 3D Minnow Diver this lure here I got this color and ordered another two to have three so I don´t loose the only I have and I ordered this colors, orange and green to darker waters or to Zander / Walleye again I will talk about the lures in a single review about one single lure a review just for one lure, with all the explanation about the lure and how I use it in this case the size, the weight, how deep he goes, etc… this video was not to show you what I get because I receive new stuff every weeks but to talk about the new reviews I will do in the channel the way they work the rigs I use and I think that would help you instead of you ask me how to use a lure I will do a video showing how to use and when you saw one of my videos at the end you can see a video with that lure with the possible rigs you can use so you can do the same


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