ULTIMATE TH5 Attack Strategy Guide!!! Farming Trophy Pushing 3 Star War!!

below waiver one Klaus here thank you for tuning in today's episode is my ultimate townhall 5 attack strategy guide there's three different attacks that you can do as a townhall 5 as far as types of attacks are concerned the first type I would say is farming strategies anything that is cheap easy and will get you enough loot in order to justify the attack I don't like sitting around waiting on big you know long armies to come around so I can attack I like to be able to knock out attacks every 5 minutes if I'm boosting and so therefore I use bartsch the other attack strategies are trophy pushing which is something that's going to guarantee at least 50% of the base and then war strategies are something that you would use to take out a base with a three-star so without further ado guys let's get started in the first strategy like I said is bar to barbarians and archers and I use this because it is so cheap it is so fast and if you find a good base you can get a ton of loot from it guys so let's go and let's do an attack and I'll show you exactly what I mean ok so you can see this is the ideal base it's a dead base you've got full elixir collectors and gold mines a Town Hall on the outside which is a dying breed for bases you know this thing is dead because the update kind of removed all of the dead bases for the farming bases as far as like town halls being on the outside of concern we got a few corner buildings we definitely need to snipe those but as you can see guys let's put an archer right here Archer right here yeah let's see if there's a trap nope okay so we'll put a few archers down there and one around this one that's incredibly guarded for no reason whatsoever and now as you can see guys we got full pink in those collectors so that is ideal will do a four-finger deployment of our barbarians starting at the top and the bottom and we'll do the same thing with their archers and what that's going to do is that is going to cause the defenses to target the barbarians first and the defense's will target the barbarians while the archers take all of the loot and that is exactly how we want it to go and sometimes the archers are outside of the range of the defense's as you can tell obviously the ones on the far right are outside the range but now that they're moving a little closer that within range it looks like we've got one down here that's outside of the range and now she would get targeted so we've gotten pretty much all the loot so far once they take out those two collectors on the right side that's going to be it for the loot and we won't actually need to use our lightning spell which is a which is nice because those are expensive but guys that is it's the townhall up there has exploded as well our but our archers have done their job and they'll come down here and get sniped by this cannon it's not going to take much and that will be it for this raid we were able to get a ton of loot and this army only cost thirteen thousand one hundred and forty elixir so that means that you know whenever we spend thirteen thousand elixir and we gain ninety five thousand elixir that is huge profit also over a hundred thousand gold this is a very profitable very very good army composition but there is one better if you can find the right base let's go check it out and the next farming strategy is mass Barbarian now as you can tell I've found a very lucky fine as far as dead bases are concerned he has very high-level gold mines which is leading to a ton of loot but you'll notice that although this army is cheaper it only cost about eight thousand one hundred elixir the the army is not as powerful you can't deal damage over walls until you break through the walls and that is a major hindrance to you as an attacker this is a townhall six base the earlier base was a townhall seven and as you will notice we will do less damage on this base than we did now there are higher HP buildings because all the collectors and mines are a higher level so they have more HP but you'll notice that as we bang on the walls all around all of the defenses are just knocking us down so although it is a quicker army because barbarians take five seconds less than archers to train up and it's cheaper by about 5,000 elixir you'll notice that will only get roughly 60% of the base in comparison to the barbarian and Archer raid which took more than 70% on a townhall seven base now that is a unfair comparison of course because every base is different the designs are different the there's a lot of things to consider but the truth is although this is a cheaper faster army it will not do as a much percentage as say a barbarian Archer combination so now that we've done that and got a ton of loot let's talk about trophy pushing and the army composition needed in order to do that trophy pushing is a whole different animal you're trying to get trophies you're trying to go up in the leagues and so we want to aim for this town hall so that we at least win the attack or 50% that'll be nice too so the first thing we'll do is drop a barbarian down here to check for clan castle troops which are can be detrimental to the attack but looks like we are clear and we've got this gibe arch army so you use the giant to tank damage he uses the wall breakers to uh you know break into the base which that that's why this is a trophy pushing army because you can actually break into it base using the wall breakers and it's very very useful and much more powerful than your standard mass barbarian or Barch army so no no okay so our wall breakers would go in the wrong direction this is already going this isn't going very well but at least we've got our our Giants into the base and our barbarians and archers have been released as well and we will go into the space we should be able to get the townhall I mean it's just a townhall 5 base but you never know some sometimes stuff goes bad but the the defenses there are destroyed looks like the barbarians and archers are doing work we've only got one giant left so I think in the future we definitely want to bring more Giants maybe like 10 Giants and that is the way to increase the power of this army looks like we're gonna get to down Hall and we got the 50% so this was a successful trophy pushing attack but at the same time we could have done a lot better with better wall breaker placement as well as the you know maybe more Giants and if you want to increase the power of this army so you get real high up in the trophy leagues and you want to increase the power of the army you can actually replace four archers for a wizard and you will have a it's a little more luck based I mean if you put your wizard down just perfect then it'll work out great but archers is just a good safe way to go about it this is a good safe army you can probably take out a Town Hall six base as well as far as getting the Town Hall is concerned and especially if you found a base with the Town Hall off on the side but that is a trophy pushing army composition Giants with barbarians and archers and wall breakers and 22 trophies not too shabby now let's move on and do a war attack so here's the base we are attacking and I'll be using the Jiyoon strategy Giants a tank damaged loons to take out the defenses and wizards to help out and you clean up so the first thing we have to do is we have to pool this clan castle here so the Goblin will do the first wave of that and then the giant will pull them all into one spot so I can use my lightning spell on them lightning spell down on the archers and the barbarians it looks like the Barbarian yep the Barbarian survived and obviously the Valkyrie survived as well so put the Giants down as well start this attack at the same time we'll throw down some wizards to take out the Valkyrie and the Barbarian and also start the cleanup process we get a few wall breakers going in as well and then our balloons the max level balloons the clan castle are really the key to this attack what will happen is our Giants are tanking the damage from everything except for the air defense and then the balloons will just hover right over it and wipe it out as soon as that air defenses down which it is already down that was very fast then the pretty much the raid is over with that Archer tower is the last thing that can do damage in it went down really quickly as well and then as soon as we get that cannon all defenses are completely destroyed and now all we have is cleanup so this is a very very powerful attack from a townhall 5 especially if you have access to max level balloons from your clan and that is pretty much key to this raid I think you could probably three-star 1005 without those max loons but they help a lot and if you're going to be in warm get the highest level balloons you can for this attack strategy and you will see that with more than two minutes left there you go there is your three-star strategy attack for townhall 5 anytime you're going to do war I would stick with balloons the Giants for a tanking damage and the Wizards as well to take out the clan castle as well as clean up all of the troops so let's go back to the main screen and you know review what we have learned as far as townhall 5 attack strategies are concerned so in review of what we have learned so far we have a farming strategies actually we got to farming strategies the first one was our barbarians and archers this was roughly 13,000 elixir and it was slightly more powerful attack than our second farming strategy which was mass barbarian both of these are very good at getting the dead bases the full elixir collectors and gold mines and it's also very fast a very quick army to train up and that is very important if you're going to be boosting your barracks or getting after a large amount of loot very quickly this is my recommended strategy if you're going to be pushing in trophies you also need to be doing a very fast army but you also need the power to penetrate the base and get into the walls for this I recommend gibe Arch you use your Giants and your wall breakers to get into the wall and tank damage while your barbarians and your archers get in there and take out the buildings and eventually the Town Hall easiest thing to do is find one of those old dead bases with a Town Hall on the outside but because those are getting more and more rare you're going to have to get into the base actually get behind a couple of walls and take out the Town Hall that way easiest way to do that also would be to find a base with the Town Hall that's not in the very center but those are very rare the third and probably most sought after strategy would be your war attack strategy and as you saw it is a very overpowered any time you use Jai lune Giants and balloons on a a base in war especially Town Hall five base if you have max balloons in your clan castle you're almost guaranteed to win if you follow the few select steps that were showed in the replay a few minutes ago I'll go over those steps real quick once again pull out the clan castle kill it send out your Giants and your wizards wall breakers to get into the base and then your balloons and clan castle balloons on the side closest to the air defense so what's going to happen is all of the defenses except for the air defense are going to target the Giants and then the balloons are going to come in and eventually take out that air defense if that air defense drops then you are you're guaranteed to win the attack with a three star so if you feel bold try this attack on a townhall six I have actually three start at no.6 before using this exact same strategy anyway guys that's going to do it for today thank you so much for tuning in I hope you enjoyed it and learn something let me know if you use any of these strategies or if you have another strategy that you prefer or like a lot if you have any questions leave them down in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer you and once again thank you so much for tuning in like the video if you liked it and if you learn something also subscribe to the channel if you have not done that already there's a lot more guides like this coming your betwe very very soon we've got a townhall 6 attack strategy guide that's going to be coming as soon as I max out this current account to townhall 6 using healers and stuff like that it's going to be very good guys so anyway guys that is all for today once again thank you so much I love you all and let me know what you thought down in the comment section below I'll talk to you soon peace you


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