hey guys go back to another class rail video and today we're starting our end of season trophy push currently sitting at just under 6500 trophies and my goal for the end of this season it's gonna be a pretty ambitious one ultimate champion 7000 trophies I want to finally hit ultimate champion and I think this season is the season that I try and go for it it's gonna be pretty tough those seven dozen trophies it's definitely really high in the ladder but it's gonna be a challenge now today we're rockin this step right here it is a lava clone deck one of the top ladder no skill decks in the game for the most part it is an entirely match up dependent this deck basically all the skills out of your hands it's a matter of do you have matches we're not right so hopefully come work for us today but my goal for the end of this video in particular is going to be getting closer to world champion okay we have six days or soda to trophy push and I want to break it up into six episodes like a whole week of trophy pushing to ultimate champion will make a series out of it for the final season here the final week of the season and what kind of see how it goes but we're day one you closer to world champion I'll call that a win let's just go I guess bats right here get the game started oh that's nasty oh well that's yes boom so it looks like may he might have a log bait deck if I'm let's go baby Dee here I should I should have gone a live account into that Valkyrie but it's okay we can deal with it princess there let's roll out here what else he got my dude oh baby dragging some work done their gums should die nice garmi here fly machine here and they're gonna go bats to support this right here the fly machine should take care of that print before taking a charge damage nice now we can go snowball for the spear comes here and then the fly machine lava hound combo should get some work done if it get a clone down right now that should be guaranteed Tower do this the lava cologne is too nasty now if we kill that princess to be extra value I believe please that princess nice man I couldn't have asked for a better start to this battle right here guys so anyways onto my trophy pushing idea pushing the 7k what do you guys think good idea or not good idea should I try for 7k trophies this season or should I they're just me else what do you think I think it'd be fun to try it I don't know if it'll work or not but I might regret this choice later on this week I always make these crazy plans like yeah we're to make 21 challenges we're gonna push trophies and stuff and then next thing you know it's the weekend and I'm like grinding it out I'm like well that was a great idea the fantastic idea how about this here we go baby nice we defended that well I really want to do there was defend I definitely care too much about winning that push just die please maybe dragon here it's garmi in this business clone this jazz ah double dragons new work please double D slap bad Valkyrie please I got some damage down there getting some respectable damage where's your prince my dude there it is you got to hold on here for the just gotta hold on for a little bit we need like ten seconds to hold on here I mean KB duplicate move up seconds whoa baby rocket Oh oh my goodness good game biddy biddy biddy maybe maybe maybe we should call bday instead I don't know all right so there you go first win underway we gotta get 66 guys that's the goal not today but roughly 500 trophies to push over six days I believe Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday's a 7 day story 7 days to push so what's 500 divided by 7 it's like what like 80 trophies per day we gotta push 70 70 trophies 80 trophies Devon trophies maybe we'll do that so Hassan what you got my dude I prefer trophy pushing on my mini account instead because it's a lot easier alright baby D here this guy's saucy going out with the minion horde of start yes love hound here you know you know you got a infernal tower maybe what you got my dude can I snowball some bats here mmm nothing near his snowball is worthy nothing is worthy so far all right can i watch please I want that witch dead do not leave her a live flying machine do not dare Thank You flying machine much appreciate my dude oh no no no no no no no this here I'll Jack here you missed his ass ball which is I'm definitely okay with and well he's angry so eat some noodles there we go baby so we have a one crown lead going into the overtime period here soon are W lecture rather but I'm not quite sure just yet how we're gonna finish it one out because the prince is one of the hardest things I find with this deck to defend because we only have two ground troops scar me and lumberjack Prince charged this towards lumberjack he has zapped for scar me so if he's smart and always saves his ass belt for the scar me he will just absolutely just clap my cheeks which we did not prefer any cheek clapping no just kiss you guys were wondering no copy my cheeks today for you sir please at least I do say it please cuz I'm a gentleman oh no now we've got the witch to support it guys I got the wish to support it maybe drinking here coming here yes distraction successful now we go baby D here he rages it up and then power goes down there's no way that tower is not Daddy guys with this who the rage just absolutely say go Jack please give a joint woah that was absurd dude so much damage I think we're just dead boys unless sees that unless it's got rage in place of a of a like heavy spell maybe I'm here here we go ma-maybe dupa Prince Zuko Prince princess to OPD well I mean that Prince is nasty guys did you see that he survived for legitimately two-and-a-half million years I'm pretty sure he's the oldest person in the universe with his survival right there here we go army here nice bats here nice dude guard ed so are the bats so is my hopes and dreams and everything in between now we do this let me go fly machine another clone at all right here there we go baby that should be a tower I hope so at least go aljex go the double Chewie the Double L Jax r2 o P Gigi's man that was absolute lares guys that was absolute hell arias Wow 65 39 whoo this is again stressful dude I've been going up and down trophies all morning I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I made this goal of 7k you know what's funny is like a week ago I was like it'll be easy you know because it's I find it's always easier to push before the last week so last week I was just saying winning battles well even trying and now it's the final week and it feels so much harder to push I don't know if that's just me do you guys notice that to you that last week especially the last couple of days it's a lot harder to push then than usual I don't know I don't know if it's just a tilt talking but sometimes I feel like it gets so unlucky like some games I just went so easily I let me try but today I'm like I feels like every battle it's just like unlucky car rotations like whatever counter card I have is my back and my rotation whatever bad match I'm gonna have is bad matchup like I'll just I'll switch to a hot rod or deck first two battles it's like bowler executioner tombstone I mean alright so I'll switch to a you know RG ferns controlled decadence just like Gollum beatdown and I'm like okay well that sucks and or Pekka I'm just like really really game what are they what did I do to deserve this this is gonna be our G isn't it RG RG are you an odd G no oh l jackson in the house absolutely nasty guys that uh barbells me some work done right there these are heavy wizard sir please don't head hmm furnace is equally unacceptable all right I'm okay with that not really but we'll pretend we are so is it our G whereas a golem furnace sometimes I think it's good like our G tech but they just basically put in a golem in place of the RG and I'm like well I'm just gonna go ahead and just die he freezes us we go I'll Jack here goes baby dragon can we clone there's that too risky to clone I mean we got some work done with that thing but this stupid baby dragon coming here guys gonna be nasty to deal with we shouldn't go live around here think we're gonna go Al Jack balloon freeze left lane is my suspicion and we shall see a splits karma here that's here nice mom baby we got this is here is here clone everything does go baby let's go one more a Giants ball in this guy's face and that tower oh this deck is so nasty he freezes it but it's not enough one more light on the pocket right here guys there we go that's as well and we're gonna scar me right here it would make the Freak run this dude and then we go a clone spell mmm and the ball good game well played good game broski well played brewski so lesson learned did you guys learn a lesson right there I did oh we won I'm gonna say it magical chest I don't really care do this one instead q q you guys think that the the open now gem button is too close to the Q chest button how many of you have wasted judge by accident by opening that up I feel like that should that's a pretty obvious like don't do that kind of thing right don't put two buttons right next to each other when that cost money one that doesn't and not have a confirmation button that's just to me he seems like it should be that way so world champion we are two wins away we'll try one more here how's the gameplay looking yeah well try one more we'll see how it goes I am unconfirmed with how this trophy question seer is gonna go but it depends what you guys think if you think I should do a whole week at trophy pushing leave a like in the video let me know down below say Shane I like the idea you should definitely push trophies all week get to 7k we believe in you or if you can if you want to say Shane you're tuned up you can't do it I'll be like I know thank you thank you for telling me but I know so Valkyrie Valkyrie is Loki going to come into the meta and just absolutely just destroy everyone's hopes and dreams while that fly machine just got absolutely wrecked Wow I can't speak right now let's clone this for no reason oh he's got poison he's got poison oh no we're dead good game good game we actually the King tower tube wow that is definitely just rest in peace guys your dear friend Shane is going down poison I shouldn't be surprised because hog trifecta is definitely back but uh it's it's not fun man basing poison spell when you're using lava clone is like is a facing something bad right it definitely is like basing something bad here nice dude rage what my flying machine please dude thank you sir much appreciate sir blemishing I want three shots there's one there's two there's one oh man what ha gets a shot off but that's shenanigans so how do you win this one how do you win against musketeer poison when you have lava clone he's got scarlet snowball fur he's got Valkyrie and snowball for your scar me he's got musketeer for everything and then poison for your clothes Bell you can't really build up that big push that you want to when he just destroys your dreams there we go like what's the it goes to the what do you call it first there we go nice not nice no nice at all no and I said all guys gonna go Valkyrie here how do you win is this is the impossible challenge right here boys there's no way to win this it's unwinnable I'm declaring this battle right now the unwinnable battle absolutely no chance do this we go anything and he goes to poison there's no chance there's zero chances in battle to win he's doubles anyways though good game well played well that's unfortunate guys that's unfortunate oh I dunno hit with that one though make legit I'm pretty sure I just did a video in a stack too like two days ago I'm pretty sure if you go to my channel that hog miner poison deck I think I called it the ultimate hog the ultimate new hog ladder death that's right pretty hard to win a battle guys when you're facing up against the ultimate new hog ladder deck that's it basically I'm not even possible oh that was a tough one he had tasked up for the lava hound poison for the clone valkyrie for the scar me musketeer for everything I'm plus we only have two two ground units for his hog rider in a minor obviously can counter one of them snowball that was definitely tough but we didn't do it pretty well I'd say we beat bait bryant prince and lava hound or not laughs aha and balloon fries so we pushed up how many trophies we pushed up how many trophies now where we were yet right here be pushed out from 64 72 65 really we won three lost one and we're I feel like we're not even in any one culture we started crazy already guys one more battle over here we gotta get sixty five fifty we have to get sixty five fifty before we finish the video off and that will make me happy so we'll see how she goes we shall see we shall see I said oh we shall see oh we shall see now the Hound there then baguette what you got my dude mmm I could've got a lot of hundred front there but I kind of want just chill see what it's got instead I don't play too aggressive too early so I can I want this chill and see my friend mr. van Bhagat has ooh the Dark Prince hmm what uses Dark Prince Dallben giant Sparky how much rent spark you guys do you think I think it's carbon giant yep told you guys goblin giant Sparky lighting spell I'm betting I bet he's got any spelling as well barbell here fly machine affront alright we did you can lettuce bald this we're gonna go clone here I don't think his deck friends poison or NATO I believe it has lightning spell and that's no ball I'm not too sure on the authenticity of that snowball but he definitely did something he had a hope I don't know if it worked out for him down with that hunter holy mackerel just cleaning house wow I wonder how much he charges per hour for home cleaning services did a great job there cleaning that up I am thoroughly and legitimately impressed absolutely insane mr. Sparky good again for the three crown here L Jackson as well clone it oh man snowball here rage it a lot come on please please please yeah it's good game well playing so I'm okay guys with that we finished out on a high note I think three crown 30 trophies 44 gold magical chest in our slot and we are one and a half way is two wins away from royal champion so that I think is good point to finish off today but feel free let me know guys down below what deck should I use for the next episode of my trophy push because we have 5 440 trophies to go to 7k and it Stefan gonna be a challenge so I want some good to use on my road to 7k guys which one do you think is the absolute best what do you what do you want to see me used to get 7k gonna be a challenge it's gonna take a lot of time but whoa who's up here look at that I'm all the way down here and people way up here man make me feel so small but anyways guys that is the end of the video really hope you enjoyed it leave a like if you liked this idea of trophy pushing to 7k as a series and like I said guys let me know what tech I should use my next video but that is the end thank you so much for watching we shall see you in the next one


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