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well hello there my magical aliens welcome back to my Disney Tube channel for today's video I thought I would show you guys all the beautiful Disney items I've recently picked up from stores such as the Disney Store Primark and the entertainer I recently told myself that I would not spend money on Disney merch but of course I lied and my excuse is showing you guys in here is the reason why I buy this Disney stuff it isn't but I'm blaming you guys so that I don't feel as sad for spending my money sorry about it not sorry so we're gonna start with the Disney Store first and the first item I have to show you is this absolutely beautiful and mug from the movie app it's a baby blue color and it's got the gorgeous colored balloons from the movie with the house I think this mug is so pretty and then on the back it's got the balloons again and it's got Russell looking ever so cute I absolutely love Russell I am on it as such an app obsession at the moment I never used to like that movie because I thought the middle part was quite boring but I absolutely loved the love story of Colin alley Colin alley has the love that we all want in life and maybe one day I will get back it is just such a beautiful movie and yeah I recently have been loving up so much so when I saw this mug in the Disney Store I have to get it and I think it was only 9 pounds and I just think it's absolutely beautiful I love the colored balloons on it tell me guys do you think I should actually use this to drink tea out of or do you think I should keep it on my shelves as a display mug because it's so pretty at the moment I can't bring myself to drink out of it so I don't know let me know do I drink tea out of it or do I actually keep it as a display bug so the next I've done for the Disney Store I want to show you guys is a fluffy puffy figurine now if you guys aren't familiar with fluffy puffy they are basically a Japanese brand which has recently been hired at the Disney Store and this is what the figurines look like I picked up Donald's egg because I absolutely love Donald Daisy even more so than Mickey and Minnie sorry don't hate me for that but basically they're really cute figurines which are really soft I'm the kind of like raised is the best way I can describe them I'm like a raised fabric and they're really fluffy hence the name and I just think Donald looks absolutely gorgeous I love the paint job on him I love his smile he looks dapper he is so cute and the reason why I picked this guy up is because I recently picked Daisy and in my one of my last Disney hauls I told you guys that I would pick up Donald and of course I went out and got him and I just think they look so cute together so that's Daisy looking beautiful has ever and that is Donald absolutely love these guys and I got Donald on sale for 15 pounds and unfortunately when I got Daisy she was 25 pounds and then literally like two weeks after having her she went down to fifteen pounds which is crazy and just my luck but it's okay because I managed to get Donald for a good deal so that was the two fluffy puffy figurines from the Disney Store and I just want to show you how cute the boxes are look at the package in the mint green and the pink I think the boxes are adorable as well so I'm going to keep these behind the figurines because I think that would look really cute on the shelf and just in case you guys want you to see it here is the day to deck one these are so so cute look at them on the side I love that so that is those the next items which I picked up from the Disney Store was um the Alice in Wonderland little feet big feet plush range I believe they're called so they're basically these super cute little and plushies I am 25 years old I'm trying not to purchase plushies anymore because I haven't got the space of them and come on oh girl but you're never too old for a Disney plush and these are so small that I thought it would be okay because I could just lay them on my shelf or something and because they're so tiny they're not going to take up much this but they're so cute so of course I got a list cuz you can't get the alyce caron without getting alice and then I got mad hatter I love her wacky is hair looks she looks so cool he's so cute I picked the white rabbit which is probably my favorite with the collection look at his little feet he's so cute and pink nose love him and I picked up Dinah which is Alice's cat if you're not familiar she looks so cute I love the big feet style and of course I picked up my absolute favorite character of all time and that is Cheshire Cat absolutely love Jessica he is so cute so that's the Alice speed gang I believe they're 5 pounds each which is really expensive but there was deal on the Disney Store I can't quite remember the deal right now and but I got them for a little bit cheaper and then I think that is it from the Disney Store oh no I lied I've got two t-shirts which I picked up in the Disney Store these are 16 pounds each but I do believe some of them are on sale at the moment for I think 11 pounds so go and check on the Disney Store but the first one I picked up was of course an Alice in Wonderland t-shirt it is a multicolored dip-dye t-shirt or tie-dye I believe it's called and of course it says also Wonderland in pink right in and then it's got the white rabbit I've Alice on there I think this top would be it's so pretty if re-al someone to run bound in Disney World when I go next year I think that is so cute so I love that 16 pounds is really comfy and then the last t-shirt that I got from the Disney Store of course I had to get Daisy Duck as soon as I saw her I was like yeah anything Daisy I will purchase so is this pink lilac almost colored t-shirt and it's got Daisy on there looking her sassy and as pretty as ever and on the back she's looking extra because she's like doing this pose but they're bangle we're gonna heal free little tail she is so cute so yeah they were 16 pounds I just thought they were really cute and again I'm thinking of doing like a purple and pleated skirt and with that t-shirt tucked in and a daisy handbag and then my Daisy years and do it like a daisy bound Disney World I love doing Daisy at Disney bounds let me know in the comments what your favorite Disney bound is that you've done or Disney about that you would like to do so that's it for the Disney Store the next place I went to was of course primer because Primack dhoom is Emmy I can't speak guys I'm in a rush to film this video today because basically I haven't filmed in a long time and I apologize for that and I have to go to work and very soon so I'm trying like selling it for work which isn't the best idea but you know I miss you guys and I have to do a video and so yeah the next two I went to was Primark and I picked up an absolute bargain there I found this Daisy Duck mug like I said a million times I love Daisy so I had to get this mug this was on sale for three pounds three pounds I have to get it it was so cute it's a daisy duck mug how cute would this look with hot chocolate marshmallows in the winter can't wait for that absolutely loved it and the next thing from Promark I picked up was this a green t-shirt from the Toy Story range because they have a lot of toys very much at the moment and it's an alien t-shirt it's got the alien on there looking so cute and it says the chosen one ooh the claw I love the green aliens they have the cutest things ever this was only six pounds an absolute bargain and yeah I loved it so I got that so that was it from Primark I also went to the entertainer and for the sole purpose that I wanted to buy a four keep off because I saw Toy Story 4 I didn't mind the movie it was okay but there were some negatives and but I'm not going to go into that but the one thing I did love about 23:4 was for ki I thought he was absolutely adorable and I have to get a pop Funko of him I needed it in my life I think this is so cute he is so adorable look at that smile I love it so that's four key I think it was 15 pounds you can get these cheaper online but I am like a really fussy pop Funko collector I like the boxes to be in perfect condition so I'd rather go to a shop pay extra but make sure that it was in perfect condition so that's my four key pop Funko you next I've done my picked up was from the present shop which is a store which does like gifts birthday cards and they have some Disney traditions and they had this beautiful Princess Tiana tradition that for only 15 pounds I had to get her my bathrobe Joanne had tried everything in the store to get me to walk oh and not purchase it but I didn't listen to it and I got it anyway because I needed it in my life it is so pretty and Princess Tiana is my all-time favorite Disney Princess I absolutely love her so the base is like blue with pink flowers and I believe these are like are they called tulips or and lily pads I don't know what the word is I can't think right now and from the movie and then she's got a typical green dress which looks absolutely beautiful and so detailed and she looks so beautiful look at her so I have to get I think it's absolutely gorgeous and the perfect Disney tradition to add my collection and then the final item which I wanted to show you guys was actually from bibbidi-bobbidi boxes which is the magical Disney subscription service and they sent me the most amazing backpack from Disneyland fly it is the Alice in Wonderland teacup attraction in a backpack I wanted this for so long so I couldn't believe that they sent this to me and if you've seen my bibbidi bobbidi boxes and you've already seen this but I have to show it again because it is so beautiful it's just multicolored Chi packs it's a gorgeous backpack I cannot wait to go to Disney World and rock this i'm disneyland paris i will be doing some chica and disney brown some alles bones some Cheshire cat bones and I will definitely be rocking this numerous times because it's just so beautiful and makes my heart so happy and yeah I wouldn't have splurge on this myself because it's 75 dollars in the park which is crazy the bibbidi-bobbidi boxes used my money and kindly did it for me so they kind of pushed me to do it so thank you buddy I absolutely love this so that was my Disney Hall guys I really hope you enjoyed this video sorry it was a small one but I thought I have to film for you guys because I haven't filmed it in so long and thank you so much for watching and as always please stay magical

  • Hi , you always brighten my day, with your Magical Purchases, it would be nice to have a cup of tea in your UP Cup, however I would
    wait for a Special Moment, your Daisy Mug would go Great with Hot Chocolate on a Blustery Day ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing your Magical
    purchases, you are going to Look Fabulous in your new T-shirts and Disney Bound outfits, I always feel like I am on holidays with you when you post
    your photos, I am positive everyone else feels the same way, hopefully one day, we may be there at the same time, wouldn't that be a Blast.Take care
    look forward to your next video, I have no doubt that one day you shall share the same memories as Ellie and Carl have shared, you are young and have
    the whole World on your finger tips. Have a Great Day at Work , bye for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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