U73 GJAKOVA Akil (KOS) Gold medal Budapest GP 19

a couch a Kiva of Kosovo gold medal at the Budapest Grand Prix 2019 in the final against our back I EV of Russia you had very dominant a she was a throughout the fight what were your tactics before the match it was hard to think about it because it's a one I thought who I didn't know him before but I fight him in training camps so my coach when I used to talk to my coach he even looked to the fight with him some fights of him and we make a strategy controlling his hands left hand so it when well I was feeling very good and I could improve my technique throughout the whole day you have used your feet in a she was a really well you have managed to overcome some really strong opponents throughout today specifically a burn ummah of japan what do you do in training that allows you to use these techniques on on the tatami yes i was feeling good from the morning first to fight was a little bit harder for me in the hand but after i was motivated more because I knew I should I will fight good that lat watch champion a minima and that was motivated so I had a good feeling and everything man well we were too much in lack techniques and everything else so I think this is not a surprise for me but I'm happy to be back like this in a good way when you go back to Kosovo we want to know about your preparations for Tokyo at the World Championships in August what is next and how will you be ready to make a massive impact at the World Championships I don't know but I think next it will be Zagreb or World Championship I worth more and I think I will be more motivated after dismantle I feel very happy because of today so I could improve my technique I felt good because lost competition I was not in a good mood to say it but this time I was so I am very happy from this a choreographer qualm pre-code congratulations thank you very much

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