U70 GBR Gold medal Gemma HOWELL Budapest GP 19

GEMA how of Great Britain your first gold medal on the IGF well tour in the final you had Maria burnable what were your tactics going into the final and I kind of just was listen to my coach he kind of took Jamie tell me what to do before went in and they're just trusted that because it works last time I fought against her but obviously I know she's dangerous right-hander so it was all about trying to stop her being dangerous right-hander you've been working towards this medal for a really long time tell us about your emotions going into the final after the final I'm just still in shock I think like I never obviously enter every competition to try and win it but I just guess I never had it in my head that she could win it and it was like a lot of data for you today because obviously the World Championships were here like two years ago and that didn't go so well so yeah it's really nice to come to this like really good stadium and make it a good finish speaking of the World Championships we are now nearing August in August World Championships in Tokyo what are your preparations in the build-up for this event so we have Holland pop and our training camp next week and then Croatia Grand Prix after that and then go to Japan so it's quite a full-on summer but hopefully that will then put me in a good place for World Championships as you came off the mat you ran off in celebration to your mum tell us how special is having your mum here and how do you both feel I love having my mom here I think she'd love to do more than I do and obviously like even like she follows me around the world whether I win or lose so I'm really happy that I can win sometimes for as well and make it with her coming to watch me Suzanne yeah so Sudan you've just watched your daughter Gemma how win her first World Tour gold medal how do you feel it's too difficult to put into words it really is but I'm just so proud and I I'm so pleased and not just for Gemma but I'm pleased for GPG would always congratulations Jamel Commodore

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