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U2 Drunk – dissing Phil Collins – Billboard Awards 1992

And the 1992 Billboard Number One Rock Artist is…. U2 Well, they are in Ireland at the moment, resting up after their ZooTV tour. But I’ve arranged at incredible personal expense, to get a live
satellite hook up with the guys so we can say… …well done lads! How are you, Phil? Can you hear us over there? Yep, we can. We have modern technology. After the potato we got into the satellite dish. It looks like it’s a bit late there is it? What time is it? A bit late? He doesn’t know what time it is..look..he’s had a few. It’s only half past one….it’s only half past one. Your song ‘One’, guys, has won the number one Modern Rock Tracks Artist award. Bono, everybody always hears you talk, I wonder, where’s Larry? Is Larry there? Let’s give the drummer something. Larry isn’t here, Phil. I’m afraid he’s absent. He’s actually acting a bit funny these days, you know the way drummers get… ..drummers get a bit weird when they start singing…. you know what I mean? I understand…I understand. Anyway, look…ZooTV tour is also Billboard’s number one concert of the year. It’s the tour of the year, meaning more people spent more
money to see you guys than anybody else, so.. ..If you need an opening act, I’m here guys… I believe that the barman…is it Paddy? He’s gonna present you with the awards. Is Paddy there going to give you the awards? I’ll tell you, Phil, Paddy’s a very big fan of
you music and so are all our parents. I’m not that old! Now we anticipated that… want to say something, Bono? …you want to say something, Bono? I was just gonna say.. it’s really great to be home. And we’ve had a great year and everybody’s spoiled us rotten. So, thanks very much we really appreciate all
this, and we’re having a great time. We all send our love too. We anticipated the fact that you may not
be sober at this time of night…… …we put together a special package. Sorry Phil, can I just interrupt’s a tired old gag, but er… I think I have George Bush on the phone here
tonight. I haven’t had a wink of sleep, because… know he’s been calling me ever since I got home… Yeah, but he’s got plenty of time to call you now, han’t he? Yes he has, you know, we’ll find a job
for him somewhere, but thanks very much, Phil… Okay, guys… Let’s roll the clip! The highlights of the tour..


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