Tyra Banks Talks Balancing Work and Motherhood | Celebrity Spotlight | E! News

congratulations on your baby boy thank you how has becoming a mother informed what you do every day as a businesswoman while I'm on maternity leave right now just taking a break it was really weird to sit in a chair and get my makeup done and all that I'm like what is going on I've been holding a baby for a couple months but I really now am empowering my team more I'm understanding delegation understanding that I don't have to do everything to make something successful I'm on maternity leave and Tyra beauty is kicking butt and breaking through all of our like we thought we were gonna do this this month we're doing this and I'm on maternity leave and doing you know conference calls and escapes from home so it just goes to show empower empower others and you can grow oh my god we're rapping now are you sleeping much because you're in those early days with York you're like in the early early days are you sleeping much how how do I the adjustment gone you know it's some mornings you wake up and you feel like where am i I don't know what is going on and I know it's not a good idea for me to drive right now because I did not sleep so I balanced that and his dad helps and we go back and forth which is good if it's midnight who's on diaper duty you are Eric me mostly but Eric does about 40% of diaper duty at night so we're almost 50/50 okay almost 50 that's impressive yeah we're very very much you


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