Tyler Perry Delivers Groundbreaking Speech, Cardi B Wins Album Of The Year + More At BET Awards

this is the rumor report with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club Melissa some prayers to teairra Marie now they said that she was actually caught coming through the Queens Midtown Tunnel that's in New York and she was driving a Dodge Charger around 3:00 a.m. apparently she lost a wheel when her front passenger side tire dislodged they said the charger was sparking and smoking as she went through the tunnel and she continued through the tunnel as well she wasn't tired in the tunnel we don't know what happened but they said she also performed the breathalyzer she had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.3 0-4 that's more than three times the legal limit they also said she did not have a driver's license and she had violated a previous DWI arrest because she did not have certain things done with the car so hot tire came off she just kept going I guess so she didn't stop she didn't see the sparks she didn't see any of that she just got I'm just gonna write out a I shot here I mean I hope she gets it together she actually had just sent me a DM to a couple of days ago saying she wants to come back on lip service the podcast because she had a great time there and when she came on the podcast she wasn't drinking or anything cuz she was saying that she you know she did go to rehab and she thought that experience was very beneficial toward her so I don't know what happened that isn't gonna make 50 cent have sympathy for you he doesn't care that you riding around on I don't think she cares about that right now no well maybe she driving the Queen's obey him did she get out today did they bail her out yes Lee I'm not sure about that but I just know that she did get arrested so so she was drunk yes okay three times there are legal limit she might be stressed out all that goddamn social media pressure she'd be receiving all the damn time all right now let's talk about the BT Award shout out to Tyler Perry he got the icon award and definitely gave him a standing over the ovation for his speech here's what Tyler Perry had to say when I built my studio I built it in a neighborhood that is one of the poorest black neighborhoods in Atlanta so the young black kids could see that a black man did that and they can do it too I was trying to help some across the studio was once a Confederate Army based and I want you to hear this which meant that there was Confederate soldiers on that base plotting and planning on how to keep 3.9 million Negroes enslaved now that land is owned by one Negro ball by Tyler Perry I loved it I said to Tyler Perry and congratulations to him for that icon speech days um I didn't appreciate that Lipari when I was younger but not as I'm older and got some damn sense and understanding business he's one of my favorite people to study and also if you don't approve with that message he said just know that if you don't build your own dream somebody else will hire you to build this and he also was talking about playing the character of Madea and how all of that came about as well now let's talk about cardi B she got album of the year and here's what she had to say thank you so much guys you know it's a female artist I always feel like them sometimes I feel like I'm not doing so much and sometimes I feel like I'm doing so much you know I'm saying is that you never mother perfect to these people but the numbers [Applause] and I'm glad that I made an album that your sister your mother your grandmother liked it all the bitches we like always always broke her body she got it out the mud from the trenches the trophies drop on the close bond for body beat I love coffee shop and if y'all watch the BT Awards last night you saw her an officer officer has some choreography done it was amazing he's Chris breathing with the dance moves it was amazing I'm not gonna lie you know thing about Talib Brady got a lot of flack for wearing that dress all those years right correct like oh you gotta wear a dress to make it whose clothing they were saying right but he always owned his own stuff he's wearing the dress because he wanted the way to dress them you would portray in a character that's right you didn't you see where it put him he was making nobody money but himself everyone when the white man is pulling your strings and making saying hey I want you to wait a dress correct he was doing that on his own cuz he was portraying a character correct now let's talk about Nipsey Hussle his mother gave a speech to last night at the bt awards and here's what she said I just want to know why they didn't show me at the crime scene my conversation with something like this to the officer what happened someone was shot who Nipsey Hussle my spirit said oh that's it that's why I was finished processing my son's assassination she goes on to talk about what happened with her and how her spirit lives on one of aramis's close friends was very traumatized I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulder and I told him Evan look into my eyes Evan I said you know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience right Evan so even though our bodies die as they call it on this side of eternity our spirits live we lift out of this vessel and we continue on yeah it's tough to watch man if she's deaf feels like a glitch in the matrix doesn't seem real but his mom is right we were all spiritual beings living in human existence but man I wish NIF sees human existence for the last at a whole lot longer all right you guys did watch the BT Awards last night right I didn't watch it I was on a plane but I got to see clips when I got home watch the whole damn thing yeah me too I was actually went to the BT words so shout out to everybody who won last night video of the year went to Childish Gambino for this is America feels like that was not even ago was here three years ago wasn't right who won the best female hip-hop artists award cardi B okay I didn't see that category bro yeah you know what's interesting a lot of them we didn't get to see Best Male hip-hop artist went to Nipsey Hussle best new artist went to lo baby I thought out when they showed that one on TV why didn't show the better that's the first award he's ever won so congratulations out the little baby yes all little baby win I'm gonna why I didn't put the Best Male hip-hop artists and best female hip-hop artists on TV I don't know but everybody was like hey who won and I was thinking to myself yeah who did win especially with this category of best female hip-hop artists being so so so thorough this year maybe because they had so many performances didn't have enough time maybe nobody could have cut Kirk Franklin performance down a little no to Regina King and that was a funny part of the BT Awards if you serve Regina Hall having to give the award to Regina King they definitely get elected every time I got a quick Alex creme time and add those two categories presented my goodness alright well that is your rumour report

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