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Two Things – Award Winning Short Film – Tales N’ Talkies

Mm… hello. Can you hear me? Hello… I can’t see your face. You can’t see me? Ah… let me check. Just a minute. Switch on your webcam. Ah… But I can see you clearly. Can you see me now? Yeah… It’s alright now. I can see your face. Hi. Hi. [chuckles] You must be pretty lost in your dreams. You look so sleepy. Hey, it’s alright. Was anyways going to wake up in another 4-5 hours. 4 – 5 hours? Then I have disrupted a major portion of your sleep-time. Hey… That’s okay. You didn’t go to office today? Nope. Didn’t feel like going. Okay. Your parents must be busy preparing for the engagement. Yeah. These days, all they do is shopping. Great. You know what, my mom didn’t even wait for me to come to India. She got half of the clothes tried on Rajat. She said you must have anyways lost weight in America. So, let me take few clothes with Rajat’s measurements. Can you believe this? So, tell me, everything alright back home? Yeah. Everything is going on as usual. Hm… So… What else is going on? Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something. Sure. Tell me. Actually, I wanted to tell you something. I mean… Before we got engaged. Hm. Okay. Let me guess. You had a boyfriend in the past. Right? No. Actually, it’s worse than that. Up there on internet… A scandalous video featuring me is up there on the internet. What? What’s up there on the internet? I mean… What the hell are you talking about? How is that possible? 5 years ago, I was in a long-distance relationship. We used to chat on webcam sometimes. I was a little naïve. Took things a little too casually. I was just 19 then. One day, a friend told me, there is an obscene video on the internet, in which the girl looks like me. I had absolutely no idea about that. When I asked my boyfriend, he told me that, his laptop has got stolen, and the person who did that, has probably uploaded the video. I was completely shattered. I didn’t even know that he used to record everything. I broke up with him. But that 5-year old video is still out there on the internet. Did to tell this to anybody in your family? Yes. One day, I mustered some courage and told this to my parents. For another few days, everybody was extremely tensed. Mumma and papa started worrying about my marriage in the future. Then my mom had an idea. She told me to gain some weight, and change my look. There are still few years before I got married. Everything will be forgotten by then. But, why are you telling me everything so honestly? Because I am about to get engaged to you, and… I want to know about these two things. Two things? What’s the second thing? That whatever happened to me in the past, it used to make me very angry, and would fill me with regrets. But I am not apologetic about it anymore I started using webcam without bothering to know about its misuse. I was just too naïve. I have already suffered too much because of this video. I am no more in a mood to live under a constant fear. There is more to me than that damn video. I don’t know what to say. It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I am telling you everything so that you can make an informed decision. That’s all. Hello. Can we connect on webcam? Just a minute. You had your dinner? Yeah. Ok. I don’t know where to begin. Actually, after our conversation, I couldn’t sleep even for a minute. Skipped my office as well. I hate myself for saying this, But I spent most of the night, doing google search, with all the possible keywords. Indian girl MMS, desi webcam scandal, et cetera, et cetera. But couldn’t find that particular video. I don’t know if I had found that video, I would have felt relieved or disappointed. But as I was searching for it, I was praying that I don’t find it. If a thumbnail looked faintly like you, I would get chills. Would you mind, if I take a few sips? No. it’s fine. Thanks. Actually, earlier when I used to watch such videos, I used to think the girls appearing in these videos, must be very different, from other girls. Actually, never even bothered to think that much. Would watch the video and simply press next. But last night changed my perspective completely It must have been really difficult for you. First an unfortunate break-up on webcam, and then, a new relationship on the webcam itself. Let me tell you something. As far as our engagement is concerned, it’s too late to cancel that. And let me tell you the reason. I have started liking you a lot in these few weeks. And I am not doing any favour to you. Like you said, there is more to you then that damn video. Right? I feel, if you were in my place, You would have done the same. I still need a return favour from you. I will take some time to get over this incident. This whole thing, is not easy for me as well. You have already stayed strong for yourself. Now, you have to stay strong, for me. At least for some time. Okay? Hm… I will. Let’s move on together. Let’s move on together. Okay? I need another favour from you. Don’t tell your dad that I drink. Not until we get married, or else he would ask you to break up with me. Understand?

  • In true life I dont know if a sensible man like this exist or not.. but cheater like her ex boyfriend exist in real life. And they have a good mask on face. Today in pron websites there are so many private videos and most of them r uploaded by boyfriends. Cause a girl can share her private videos (nude) with lover but not with the world. Dont know why the hell boys do that! So bad.. frustrating! !

  • Hard to express but harder to accept …… Really very great story. Hats off to script writer. This must be filmed on a big screen to aware girls and boys to think different something better…… be honest, Please excuse me for my English 😋.. and one thing more… everything is possible …. aise ladke bhi hote hai…. definitely hote hai….agar Dhokha dene wale hote hai to sambhalne wale bhi hote hai……..bure logo Ko sabhi bure lagte hai aur achhe logo Ko sabhi achhe. So girls, you are good, but don't trust on boys because they are bad….and boys please don't play with these innocent girls because they are good… Always Respect Girls

  • 🙂 Guyss like that exists but you will probably leave him for a more attractive and wanna be guitarist boy then say all boys r same all shit lol.

  • Trust me if someone is telling word truth of their life they are the purest among all …never let them go

  • I am requesting to all the boys please don't make videos of your private moments and never defame any girl's character.

  • Aise ldke reality mein bhi hote aa…. Mera ek boyfriend tha.. Hmare physical relation v the… Baad mein hmara break up ho gya… Or fr meri zindagi mein ek ldka aaya maine use kuchh ni btaya tha.. Ek din mere x ne sb kuchh bta diya usko fn krke.. Usne mujhe fr v accept kiya.. Hm dono bahut khush hai or hmari shaadi bhi ho gyi haai..Mere husband ne aj tk mere saath us baat ka zikr tk ni kiya… I m very lucky

  • Hypocrisy revisited.. If you are matured enough to accept a person's past,in this case, the girl's, then why would you go and search her clip again?? And secondly, the guy needs time to accept the girl's past, but the girl has to accept his drinking habit??
    Personally I don't understand why should a guy have problem accepting if a girl has had sex with someone before or she has a leaked mms online..I personally will not have a problem in accepting a girl even if she was raped, because that's her past. What is important is whether both people are happy or not in the present. But then again, hypocrisy never ends in India. 😒

  • Trust in love is the most important thing and forgot the past and live in future

  • it takes a lot of courage to tell someone about your past. it happened to me once my call recording was leaked by by ex I was so depressed and had suecide attempt after some days I met another guy and he proposed me. I also wanted to move on but couldn't tell him about my past it took me so long to tell him. he smiled and said that it's not a big deal just forget about it and now we are together. he didn't even think for a second

  • Real story arounding whole life.. doesn't mean to safe somebody who like to be possibility man kind of them…so be carefully

  • Nise tales n talkies, agar ladkiya two things ke bare me inesheially husband se bat kare to it will be perfect solution for both… Actor Sanjay m waghule

  • She says she got the webcam when she was immature and this "immaturity" was at 19 years of age. Going by this logic, how can a person be considered a "responsible and mature adult" at the age of 18 ? One who is allowed to make major decisions in their lives !!

  • This video is proof in itself that even after crossing the so-called "legal" age of adulthood, people are still immature and hence vulnerable. They still need parental guidance which, sadly, is thrown in trash because of legalities. I think it's high time the legal age for "adulthood" should be revised.

  • A heart touching love story and one of the best I have seen in a while. Stories like these has a great impact on audience.

  • Present time me logon ki life me infinite things hoti h bt wo secret hi ban kr rh jati h…Itni honestly ab bahut hi rarest case me dekhne ko milti h…Log apne past ko future me involve kbhi ni krna chahte h

  • Thanks for such movies … Atleast video dekha k log feel kar sakte hai understand kar sakte hai … N jise k sath yesa hua hai usko support kar sakte hai .. great movie ❤️❤️👍

  • This is what is known as modernity……just coming out from all those conservative perspectives :)…..its truely said that an open minded conversation can make out anything 🙂

  • "Let's move on together"That was lit#Humble respect for boy to accept her and applause to her courage to tell the bitter truth ❤️

  • Very nice video.. its really difficult to understand the painful guilt and embarrassment that people go through whose videos are made either knowingly or unknowingly…and the worst part is as said in the video.." dekhtey waqt video paar kr dete he next video ke liye " lekin jb koi apna ho us video me toh kitna bura lagta he..aaj porn ek bahut bada business he ..humara agar koi apna na vi ho usme toh vi socho wo kisi ka toh family member hoga ya hogi…

  • Good story concept. Indian people and society is very narrow minded. A boy can have many girlfriends before marriage but if a girl had a boyfriend they will not forgive her for that. Even if they marry her but keep taunting about it when ever they have an argument. Hope this film open our society!s mind.

  • Correct. There is much more to life than those damn video/wordly gossips. Good/successful marriage is thy name of moving together without looking at past.

  • Lucky girl…infact every person shud understand the message…in the society we live, everybody would not behave the same way as the boy did…

  • Jab koi relationship mein padtaa hai aur uss couple ke beech mein kaisa relationship hota hai phyisical yaa emotional or both toh woh uss time kaa decision uss couple kaa mutual hota hai ….aisa hote samay woh couple nahin sochte ke agle ek minute aur uske aage unki kiswmat unhe kahan le jaayegee … in future if and when the relatiohship breaks and the girl and the guy move on individually… the gurl gets connnected to someone who is goinng to be her life partner, then the new guy in the girl's life should not be objecting to what has happened in HER past as HE (the new partner) was not there to stop what happened in the past and whatever happened in the previous relatiohship….Jo Ho gaya so Ho gaya you cannot UNDO what has happened therefore guys whould be positive and support the Girl….this situation is very very common these days therefore the guy objecting to anything what the girl has done in the past will be completely pointless…the guy will be at the losing end to be letting a good girl (good girl in the sense that girls more mature and understand from theiir mistakes … mostly) go away inspite of what ever has happened in her past……

  • appreciated what the guy did…but if the guy would have cancelled the engagement…that would have been also fine…this is absolutely his choice whether he wants to get engaged with that girl or not… every body has rights to choose their partners and whether they are okay with their flaws and mistakes or not..

  • Just lovely….all guys r not bad…. nowadays corporate working world has changed men for good…..

  • Big thanx to Tales N' Talkies to make such a beautifull short film.It's a mindblowing concept and we all have to spread this news to all the girls and boys and the social media lovers that don't cheat anyone,don't take advantage of anyone's emotions,keep yourself secure and be a MAN , not a boy!!!!!

  • I have seen it many times….and always wondering i want life partner like this man..(.i hope yr ) Every girl needed the guy who can understand her..

  • 6:50 "Aqal anay se pehlay webcam a gaya"….great point, we youngsters think that our seniors didn't have sense of living. So, we start experimenting……adopting western lifestyle….just think we want to learn family system from those(west) who doesn't have their own.

  • dont trust any man even your boy friends dont send any pics or even you dont take any pics when u both are together coz just imagine if your friends uses ur mobile nd sees ur pic nd they might share the image to their phone nd u wont know it or if ur phone gets lost they might post it even dont trust your boyfriends even they can post or share it ik every one are not the same but some are different so be safe

  • Ye achi story thi…
    Jab meri galti nahi to burden kyu lena…
    Har ek ladki me more than that damm video
    …..agar kisi k sath kuch galat ho jaye to uski life nahi khtm hoti

  • Boys hv become more matured enough to tk such things lightly nwadays …bt girls be smart and dont act like the girl. Use the technology in ryt way.

  • Everybody can like this but nobody accept it…….better to accept than like it

  • i dont get why people want to make nude video or photo , software companies can use our data with one click so why risk it

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