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Two SMTD Professors Receive Grammy Nominations (and then won!): Inside Michigan Basketball Feature

>>Bringing cool stories to our audience each
week that focus on the University of Michigan have taken us to some special places. Today we take a musical journey. [Music] Two School of Music, Theatre & Dance faculty
members received Grammy Award nominations. Our Leaders & Best series is brought to you
by Gardner-White Furniture.>>Each day that goes by this week, I get more and more excited about Sunday. My group, Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma,
we’re up for two Grammy’s this year, Best World Music Album and Best Music Film.>>There’s about 3,000 entries into the Classical
Music division for example. And there’s only a handful of people that
are nominated, so it’s a great pleasure and an honor to represent
the University of Michigan at the Grammy’s.>>Professor Daugherty’s Tales of Hemingway
is up for three Grammy Awards. Both men are at the top of their games, producing award-winning music while teaching
the next generation of artists.>>There are some challenges in balancing a
performing career and a teaching career, and that’s one of the amazing things about
being here at U-M. It is a research university, and performance
is my research. So it infuses my teaching. It actually helps me become a better teacher
to continue to perform.>>The students learn from me, I learn from
the students. It’s a great collaboration. I think I view teaching as a collaboration, and all the things that I’m learning being
a professional composer out in the field, working with some of the greatest orchestras
in America, I can bring that back to the students.>>If we win this weekend at the Grammy’s, Michigan is right there with me.>>I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a chat
with Beyoncé or Adele while I’m there, but it’s just a great experience to go to
Los Angeles and represent the University of Michigan, at really what is the crème de la crème
of the people in the recording industry today.>>Good luck to Michigan’s two nominees. The Grammy’s are Sunday night at 8.

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